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Well, our quest for details about a "Beetlejuice" sequel continues, with the most recent stop taking us to Wionna Ryder at the Toronto International Film Festival, where she's promoting her new crime film, "The Iceman" with Michael Shannon.

Unfortunately, the former Lydia Deetz didn't exactly have the deetz on the sequel from Tim Burton and writer Seth Grahame-Smith.

"You tell me — I don't know!" Ryder said. "I've heard from journalists, that's how I found out, but I'm seeing Tim next week, and I will let you know."


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Tim Burton

Tim Burton is busy, as he always is. There's the Johnny Depp-ledadaptation of the soap opera "Dark Shadows," his long-running update of his "Frankenweenie" animated project, and his producing work on the live screen "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" (in case you forgot about that one, not that you could). All of those projects look exciting, and we're sure his legions of fans will flock to them in the theaters. But it's another project that would get more casual moviegoers jazzed beyond jazzed -- a sequel to "Beetlejuice," his horror-comedy classic from the '80s.

Talking to MTV News, Burton divulged a little about his thought process regarding any potential work on "Beetlejuice 2."


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Russell BrandRussell Brand is already bringing back the '80s in his remake of the 1981 comedy "Arthur," but he isn't stopping there. Deadline has the news that he's signed on to a film remake of the British television comedy "RentaGhost," which ran from 1976 to 1984. The feature comedy is already being described as being in the vein of Tim Burton's 1988 comedy "Beetlejuice."

Brand will star as Fred Mumford, a recently deceased man who's determined to be more productive in the afterlife than he was during his mortal one. He meets up with some other ghosts and attempts to start a temp agency for the dead where they can rent themselves out for the living. Unsurprisingly, things go a bit awry. Read More...

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J.K. Rowling announced on Thursday (July 31) that "Tales of Beedle the Bard," her brief fictional stories about wizarding within her longer, fictional stories about wizarding, would finally go on sale this Christmas. Here at MTV there was, of course, much rejoicing at this news.

It also got us thinking. Turns out a lot of us here are suckers for the kind of meta-fiction "Tales of Beedle the Bard" represents, what with it being a pretend work getting a real release. But why stop there? We came up with a list of the top five fictional books we'd like to really read next.

"Old Custer" by Eli Cash ( "The Royal Tenenbaums" )

Everyone knows Custer died at Little Bighorn. What this revolutionary book presupposes is ... maybe he didn't? Brilliant. And, besides, book openings don't get better than this: "The crickets and the rust-beetles scuttled among the nettles of the sage thicket. 'Vámonos, amigos,' he whispered, and threw the busted leather flintcraw over the loose weave of the saddlecock. And they rode on in the friscalating dusklight."

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