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Melonie Diaz, Jack Black and Mos Def in 'Be Kind Rewind'If you thought "Be Kind, Rewind" was off-beat or eccentric, wait'll you get a load of director Michel Gondry's proposed sequel, which could be called "Rewound" if I didn't already dub it "The Weirdest Friggin Thing I Have Ever Heard of In My Life."

"The sequel would happen this way: Mia [Farrow] and Danny Glover are together, Alma [Melonie Diaz] and Mos Def are together, Jack [Black] is left alone and so he's kind of depressed," Gondry explained. "But one day he finds a little dog and gets very attached to it." Read More...

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All the great masters crib ideas from others: "Casablanca" was adapted from a failed play, "Hamlet" from a Norse work called "Ur-Hamlet" (subtle work with the title there, Shakespeare), but could Michel Gondry have stolen the idea for "Be Kind, Rewind" from…Amanda Bynes?

That's the rumor going around today after an 8-year-old clip from her eponymous Nickelodeon comedy show began circulating around the interwebs. The two-minute clip basically shows Amanda working behind a video store counter, repeatedly telling customers that their versions of rented movies (which she has sweded with her brother) are "better" than the originals. So yeah, it's got a video store, shabby looking remade movies by the staff, and some complaining customers.

Which all adds up to…nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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Jack Black has been outed! Like all of Hollywood's A-list, it appears that Mr. Black is on all the good Sundance swag suite guest lists. Friends of the actor can probably look forward to some pretty excellent birthday presents this year, wouldn't you say?

Want more? Check out the rest of our interview with Jack, including his relationship with 50 Cent, right here.

See our complete coverage of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival -- including breaking news, celebrity interviews, red carpet photos, movie clips and tons more.

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Michel GondryIf any other writer/director hit you with this plotline, you might be inclined to glance around the room for his crack pipe. With Michel Gondry, however, it somehow makes sense.

"I'm writing a story about kids who invent a water that makes you hear music when you drink it," explained the director of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and next month's trippy Jack Black flick "Be Kind Rewind". "It's going to be a scientific story, but completely unrealistic." Read More...

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Daniel RadcliffeSit back and enjoy a hot steaming cup of our links of the day, back again in the new year with news on Daniel Radcliffe, Frank Darabont, and possibly the greatest trailer mash-up ever.

- Daniel Radcliffe to play photo-journalist Dan Eldon in "Journey." 22-year-old photographer was stoned to death in 1993. (The Observer)

- "Back to the Future," "Dances With Wolves," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" all among flicks added to National Film Registry by Library of Congress. (Library of Congress)

- "Be Kind, Rewind" director Michel Gondry opening video store in NYC. Will give people the opportunity to create their own short films. (/film)

- Frank Darabont prepping movie about "Tokyo Rose," famed Japanese-American broadcaster convicted of treason. (Collider)

- "Why so serious?" This trailer mash-up of "The Dark Knight" and Adam West's "Batman" television series might be the funniest thing we've seen in a while. (YouTube)

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Michel GondryHow's this for ironic? Brilliant French director Michel Gondry didn’t contribute to "Paris, je t'aime," a compendium of shorts that all centered around his native City of Lights, but after recently speaking with our very own Josh Horowitz about "Be Kind Rewind" the visionary 44-year-old said he was immediately boarding a plane to contribute to a similar film anthology on Tokyo, called, appropriately enough, "Tokyo."

"We're each doing a 30-minute segment," he said of himself and collaborators Joon-ho Bong and Leos Carax. "It's all connected with Tokyo. [My segment] is a story about a girl who tries to move into Tokyo with her boyfriend and, she can’t find an apartment or a job. She eventually turns into a chair." Read More...

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Kevin SmithThere's news today regarding Jessica Alba, and boy is it contagious! Spread the word about her, Kevin Smith, Russell Crowe, Christopher Walken, and Jack Black in our links of the day.

- Mr. Smith goes to MTV. Red Bank's favorite son responds to our reportage on Rosario Dawson. (Silent Bob Speaks)

- Jessica Alba joins cast of "The Love Guru" alongside Mike Meyers. (Variety)

- Russell Crowe boldly going where Richardo Montalban went before? Oscar winner wanted as "Star Trek" baddie. (IGN)

- Edgar Wright interviews Michael Cera and Jonah Hill in this hilarious clip. (Collider)

- Colin Hanks is a "House Bunny." Joins cast of Anna Farris comedy. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Welcome Back Frank! Punisher sequel gets a title. (Superhero Hype)

- Trailer for Jack Black/Michel Gondry comedy "Be Kind, Rewind" (Yahoo)

- Christopher Walken worth "Five Dollars a Day"? Veteran thesp hops on Nic Cage road movie. (Variety)

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