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I don't get you people. Not at all. We've got the enormously hyped "District 9" dropping today. We've also got a shiny, new "New Moon" trailer, with the added bonus of a feature-length movie starring Vanessa Hudgens -- "Bandslam" -- playing right after. And yet the majority of you enjoyed those delectable morsels -- at 25% and 22% of your votes, respectively -- in favor of "The Time Traveler's Wife," which stole 40% of your votes and hearts. Wacky.

The rest of the weekend options, including "he Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard" -- which looks quite funny -- didn't turn out with numbers worth reporting; all of them in the sub-5% range. I've given plenty of coverage to both "District 9" and the "New Moon" trailer here. Since "The Time Traveler's Wife" doesn't seem to need any boost, I'm going to devote the rest of this space to pimping Jeremy Piven and his first-class sales team in "The Goods." Behold the funny...

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See what I did up there? With the "New Moon" trailer? All due respect to "Bandslam," the release this week which will exclusively feature the latest trailer from the next adaptation in the "Twilight" series, but we've got a little bit of a "Meet Joe Black" situation going on here. For those who don't remember: "Meet Joe Black" hit theaters in 1998 along with the very first trailer for "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace." People went nuts over it, with many freely admitting that they bought their ticket just for the trailer.

Granted, this is the second "New Moon" trailer. And according to all reports, "Bandslam" is a far better movie than "Meet Joe Black" was. But Twilighters rival "Star Wars" fans with their fervor. Before we dive in with the rest of the week's releases, why not take one more peek at that first "New Moon" trailer?


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FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: “Bandslam” finds an assortment of high school kids from different cliques coming together for one purpose…to rock the hell out for the annual Battle of the Bands contest. The film stars “High School Musical” cutie Vanessa Hudgens, and while she isn’t in the clip below, pretty much everyone else in the flick is, including rising star and blonde bombshell Alyson Michalka.

Check out the group’s first big rehearsal in the video below, and then click here to send your own “Bandslam” questions to Vanessa Hudgens, who you can peep in a different exclusive clip here. We’ll be posing some of the best to her and posting her video responses right here on Hollywood Crush! “Bandslam” hits theaters August 14.

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