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VladOh vampires! They are everywhere these days and with at least one more vampire-esque flick in the works, "Vlad," it doesn't seem like they're going away soon.

MTV News recently chatted with director Anthony Mandler, the man helming the origin story about Vlad The Impaler — better known as Dracula, though the blood-sucking angle won't make the final cut of this film — and he seemed enthusiastic that there will be some big announcements on the movie's front very shortly. What kind of announcements, you ask? Well, like who is going to be in the movie!

"And I'm also deep into 'Vlad,' the origin story of Dracula," he told us last week. "I think kind of shortly things are going to start unfolding."


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Zac EfronZac Efron doesn't have a hard time making the ladies swoon, but it seems that one of his upcoming projects will certify his status as a box office babe: "Die in a Gunfight," an action flick that shares common themes with Shakespeare's classic "Romeo and Juliet."

Last week, we spoke with "Gunfight" director Anthony Mandler, who very recently signed on to helm the project. He gave us the scoop on working with the former "High School Musical" sensation on this latest film and helping him bridge the difficult road from kid star to adult actor.

"I just signed on to a movie 'Die in a Gunfight' that Zac Efron's starring in," Mandler told MTV News. "It’s a 'Fight Club,' 'Romeo and Juliet'–esque, dystopian, another world [type of story] that's really exciting."


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Okay, so we know that this is Shockwave, but… who the frak is this guy?!

Some more new photos from Michael Bay's "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" have arrived online courtesy of Apple, including a good look at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Carly and… well, this guy. Perhaps I need to brush up my "Transformers" Shakespeare, but I can't place this new villain. He sort of looks like the floating Megatron head-fortress from "Beast Machines," but that would be a pretty obscure reference. Who or whatever this new machine is, one thing is pretty clear: he's not on our side.

There's more news after the jump, including brand-new trailers for "X-Men: First Class" and "Bridesmaids," plus a new take on "Zorro" that sends the masked swordsman into… the future?!


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