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If "Dollhouse" has one defining weakness, it comes in the form of Echo, the show's central character played by Eliza Dushku. The problem isn't necessarily in the acting -- though that could be argued -- but more in the fact that, as a character who literally changes personalities from week to week, it's nearly impossible to fully latch onto her plight.

When your show's central conceit focuses on a veritable brothel specializing in the sales of attractive, impressionable human beings, the lack of an accessible main character is a tremendous problem. I think that even the staunchest of Joss Whedon's fans would agree that they've stuck with "Dollhouse" not because it's a particularly riveting television experience, but because there's enough promise for it to eventually become worthwhile.

Thankfully, season two is looking to deliver on that promise. Read More...

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Joss WhedonOK, so we know Joss Whedon is busy with Buffy (as a comic book) -- but what about all his other projects? We asked the man himself for an update.

"Goners" -- Whedon once told us that he was writing a script for a movie, which he called a "very personal thing about human connection and questioning whether there is such a thing at all." It was to be an original story, a horror fantasy, "a little darker than I'm used to," about a young woman who gains some powers. "Not something I've written about before," he joked, "but I'm excited to try some new territory." Universal, however, has not been quite as excited just yet, as "Goners" "has gotten backburnered," Whedon said, meaning it's still in development. "I still have hope for it, though."

"Cabin in the Woods" -- Instead, Whedon moved on to a new movie project, which he co-wrote with "Buffy" alum and "Cloverfield" scribe Drew Goddard. "It's genius, it's funny," Goddard said. "It's got a harder and darker edge, but it's also got classic Whedon qualities. It'll rip your heart out and be heartfelt at the same time." Enough with the hype, what's it about? "There's a reason the title is so straightforward," Goddard teased. "It's its own sub-genre, the cabin in the woods, and this is sort of our take on it. It's fresh and new." Read More...

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