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"We got the best job in the world," Adam Brody as Harry Reems tells Amanda Seyfried's Linda Lovelace in a clip from the new biopic. "We just tune everybody out. Live in the moment like we're the only two people on the planet."

"Lovelace," a retelling of the famous porn star's rise to infamy, hits theaters in a limited release and VOD starting on August 9, but MTV News has this exclusive clip to get you in the mood.

Both the film and Seyfried have already received some high praise for their work recreating the porn industry of the '70s, as well as the lives of the some of its most famous and troubled stars.

Check out the exclusive clip from "Lovelace" featuring Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody above!

"Lovelace" opens in limited release and on Demand on August 9.

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Amanda Seyfried Lovelace

Amanda Seyfried's profile has been growing pretty steadily since her days as Karen Smith in "Mean Girls." Last year, she starred in a Best Picture nominee, "Les Misérables," and this year, she has a head-turning role that some critics at Sundance predicted could earn her some Oscar attention.

In "Lovelace," Seyfriend stars as the woman behind one of the most controversial movies of all time, "Deep Throat." Linda Lovelace rose quickly to stardom but suffered through one terror of a marriage before becoming an anti-porn activist.

The first trailer for "Lovelace" does a great job of setting the 1970s era of the film, as well as showing off what should be strong performances from both Seyfriend and Peter Sarsgaard, who plays Lovelace's husband Chuck Traynor.

Check out the trailer after the jump!


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We're pretty intrigued by Amanda Seyfried's upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic "Lovelace," and the latest poster for the flick leaves a lot about the film to the imagination. The fairly straightforward poster shows Seyfried posing seductively in a lacy red bra with the caption "X marks the legend."

The image comes courtesy of Latino Review, and they also seem pretty unimpressed with the image, calling it "lifeless." The marketing campaign for the movie so far has been pretty PG-rated, which is impressive because the flick is about the career of a porn star. Maybe the folks behind it are trying to have the project seem less risqué because they're trying to appeal to a wider audience, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't like the "Deep Throat" poster created for the film more.


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It's bad enough getting kidnapped by a serial killer. It's even worse when your sister gets kidnapped by the same guy two years later.

In "Gone," Amanda Seyfried plays Jill, the woman who must convince the police that her former kidnapper is responsible for the disappearance of her sister.

As you can see, the cops aren't so willing to believe her. "If my sister dies, it's your fault," she says in this exclusive clip, pointing the pointy finger of blame at Daniel Sunjata, who plays one of the detectives looking for her sister Molly.


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Tim Burton

Tim Burton is at it again, planning to direct a new take on an old classic -- "Pinocchio," in this case -- and this time he wants Robert Downey Jr. to help him. Meanwhile, James Franco is ready to play "The Game," "Oldboy" is in search of a villain and the first image from "Lovelace" has hit the web.

Today is January 9, and you're tuning into today's casting call.


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Noel Clarke

From "Doctor Who" to "Star Trek," actor Noel Clarke is boldly going where he's never gone before. Matthew Fox, meanwhile, lines up a big return to an island (but not the one that you might think), Patricia Arquette is ready to play the mom of a late, great folk singer, "Inferno" sets about acquiring some new acting talent, and Taylor Swift could soon be singing on the big screen.

Today is January 4, and you're tuning into today's casting call.


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TLautTaylor Lautner wasn't able to work with Gus Van Sant on "Breaking Dawn," so now he's created his own project for the director to helm.

MTV News reports that Lautner optioned a nonfiction article from The New Yorker, and has convinced Van Sant to direct it for him. "Milk" scribe Dustin Lance Black will pen the project, with Lautner in the lead role. Little more is known about the film, but it will be Lautner's first dramatic role to date.

Check out the rest of today's casting news after the jump!


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Bruce Campbell"Oz: The Great And Powerful" just got a heck of a lot more exciting now that Bruce Campbell has announced he's been cast in it.

"I. Am. In. Oz. Sam Raimi refuses to tell me what character I will portray. Just know that the role is PIVOTAL," the "Burn Notice" actor tweeted. Considering James Franco has already been cast as the titular wizard-to-be and Campbell likely isn't playing one of the female witches, our guess is he plays some sort of mentor to Oz. Or we could be totally surprised and he'll end up playing a Munchkin or flying monkey. Regardless, we're thrilled by this casting news.

Check out the rest of Hollywood's casting updates after the jump!


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Ever since Comic-Con, we've been seeing a heck of a lot of footage of Justin Timberlake's latest flick "In Time," but the latest trailer to hit the web is definitely its best.

First off, it's a good minute and a half shorter than the previous trailer released. In this case that's a good thing, because it gives a much more concise look at the plot while still keeping us intrigued. And we certainly are intrigued.

Second reason? It gives us our first look at Olivia Wilde as Timberlake's mom, which is something we have been looking forward to for a while.


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FROM MTV SPLASH PAGE: Forget booth babes, could it be that the celebrities are the real posers at Comic-Con? MTV News decided to get to the bottom of this curious dilemma in the special SDCC installment of After Hours: "Geeks or Posers?"

With nerdy stars like Patrick Stewart and Jon Favreau flocking to the convention center, we figured that the five-question quiz would be easy picking for actors of their caliber. Little did we know how few Hollywood leading men and ladies had any idea what manga was, or how most of the world has forgotten the full title of "Superman IV."

Read the full story at MTV Splash Page!

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