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FROM MTV.COM: For seven long years, she was the girl in that failed movie/TV show that you vaguely recognized. In 1994, she took the bus ride from hell with Keanu Reeves and became America's new sweetheart. Now, after a decade and a half as the A-list star of various chick-flick hits, Sandra Bullock has begun a new stage of her career: Oscar nominee.

Oddly enough, Bullock's sweet success was made bitter by another distinction: a Razzie nomination for Worst Actress. Being simultaneously nominated as the best and worst at your job is something truly rare. Yet, for Bullock, such a dichotomy seems oddly appropriate.

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1. "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" ($25 million)
2. "9" ($11 million)
3. "Inglourious Basterds" ($6.6 million)
4. "All About Steve" ($6 million)
5. "The Final Destination" ($5.7 million)

Despite the plethora of R-rated or similarly violent films at the box office this weekend, Tyler Perry's "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" proved the most cunning when it comes to earning theatergoers' hard-earned cash. "I Can Do Bad" took in $25 million over the course of the weekend, capitalizing on the $5 million lead it boasted over the competition going into Saturday morning. Still, Perry's "Bad" was only his third best opening ever, falling short to his earlier 2009 effort "Madea Goes To Jail," which made $41 million in its first weekend. Read More...

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1. "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" ($8.6 million)
2. "9" ($3.3 million)
3. "Sorority Row" ($1.92 million)
4. "Inglourious Basterds" ($1.9 million)
5. "All About Steve" ($1.8 million)

After weeks upon weeks of violent fare dominating the movie scene, most box office watchers -- myself included -- expected a similar result at theaters this weekend. Considering Friday's results, however, there's a new lesson to be learned in Tinsel Town: never underestimate Tyler Perry. Read More...

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1. "The Final Destination" ($12 million three day, $15 million four day)
2. "All About Steve" ($11 million three day, $13 million four day)
3. "Inglourious Basterds" ($10.8 million three day, $13 million four day)
4. "Gamer" ($9 million three day, $11 million four day)
5. "District 9" ($6.2 million three day, $8 million four day)

Come on, did you really expect a guy named Steve to cheat Death? Whatever your expectations, it didn't happen -- the current four day forecast for the Labor Day box office weekend puts "The Final Destination" in first place over "All About Steve," the Bradley Cooper/Sandra Bullock-starring romantic comedy that opened this weekend. Read More...

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1. "The Final Destination" ($3.58 million)
2. "All About Steve" ($3.55 million)
3. "Gamer" ($3.3 million)
4. "Inglourious Basterds" ($3 million)
5. "District 9" ($1.7 million)

Last weekend, "The Final Destination" proved that not even Michael Myers could defeat the almighty Death itself. But this weekend tells the tale of a champion that could steal Death's top box office spot -- and that champion, ladies and gentlemen, is named Steve.

Preliminary estimates of Friday's box office intake show a fierce battle between "The Final Destination," the fourth and potentially final installment of the death-heavy horror franchise, and "All About Steve," the debuting romantic comedy starring Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock. "Destination" is edging the rom-com by such a slim margin that it's difficult to call a clear winner, a fact that is further complicated because "All About Steve" is playing in fewer theaters than the horror flick. All told, "Steve" has the better per screen average thus far. Read More...

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Really, readers? You heart "Gamer" and "Amreeka" this weekend? That's what the box office poll says, with both flicks tied for first at 46% of your votes apiece. "All About Steve" comes next, with 4%, and "Extract" after that, with 2%. The rest isn't even worth talking about. I'm curious to know what the draw is for "Amreeka." No snark here; I know very little about the movie, and I'd like to know why it's so popular with you all.

As far as the week on MTV Movies Blog goes, "Twilight" commands the majority of your views. What's odd is the age of some of the posts you're clicking on. I have to give a shout to for linking us. They're not the only ones of course, but they sent a lot of eyes over to MTV Movies Blog this past week and we all thank them for it. Hit the jump for the week's top five. Read More...

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The coming Labor Day weekend box office isn't marked by a single heavy-hitting blockbuster. Which isn't to say movie-goers don't have options. Even putting aside summer leftovers like "Inglourious Basterds," "District 9" and the past weekend's "Halloween II"/"The Final Destination" two-fer, the weekend brings several new offerings which service a wide cross-section of viewing tastes.

For the hopeless romantics and traditional date night-ers among us, there's "All About Steve," starring summer favorites Sandra Bullock ("The Proposal") and Bradley Cooper ("The Hangover"). When Mary Horowitz (Bullock) falls for her blind date, a news cameraman (Cooper), she sets off on a trip to follow him. Too bad he thinks she's a nutball. Read More...

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