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Karen Allen in 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'- Mon Dieu! New pictures from "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" pop up in a French magazine. (/film)

- Alison Lohman replaces Ellen Page in Sam Raimi's "Drag Me to Hell." (Variety)

- Could "Rosemary's Baby" be born again? Roman Polanski classic may be heading for a remake. (ShockTillYouDrop)

- Rose Byrne hops on board "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage. Story centers on a mysterious time capsule which may actually tell the future. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Just for fun: The opening credits of "Star Wars" as done in the style on Saul Bass. (Hollywood-Elsewhere)

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Alison LohmanLast year's high-adrenaline Jason Statham action flick "Crank" wasn't exactly "Citizen Kane" (hell, it wasn't even "Citizen Ruth"), but even the haters have to give debut writer/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor credit for trying really, really hard. If that enthusiasm could eventually translate into expertise, the stylish duo will be worth watching - and their currently-filming, high-concept thriller boasts another promising gimmick.

"It's a sci-fi thriller set in the future," "Matchstick Men" star Allison Lohman explained of "Game", a new flick that features the actress alongside Gerard Butler, John Leguizamo and Kyra Sedgwick. "It's similar to 'SimCity'; I think we've all played that." Read More...

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Alison LohmanArticle by Jessica Goebel

As Nicolas Cage's meddling teenage daughter in "Matchstick Men," Ewan McGregor's puerile love interest in "Big Fish," or a budding pop star in the mold of Britney Spears in "Delirious," 28-year-old Alison Lohman has made a habit of playing adolescent.

In her next movie, our little girl is about to get all grown up.

"It's an Iraq War story but it's not about the war, it's about what our soldiers are going through right now and just having the compassion to see how horrible war is," Lohman revealed of next year's "Under the Blue Sky." "I hardly ever cry when I read scripts and I was in tears by the end."

With "The Kingdom," "In the Valley of Elah," and "Renditon," all hitting theaters within the last two months, the only thing apparently hotter than movies about our current global war on terror is Lohman's upcoming co-star, the Human Torch Chris Evans. Read More...

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The story's been around for nearly 1,300 years and is familiar to almost anyone who had to read it in high school or college English class, but put "Beowulf" into the hands of Robert Zemeckis and it suddenly becomes "all kinds of strange," Alison Lohman chuckled. "I didn't know what I was getting into!"

Lohman's anxiety doesn't come from the story itself, obviously, but from the revolutionary techniques Zemeckis is pioneering to bring it to the big screen, a motion-capture process the Oscar-winning director first utilized on "The Polar Express."

There's a method to his madness, but also some madness in the method, Lohman revealed.

"It's kind of a foreign idea to most actors to put dots on your face and wear a bodysuit and pretend that you have a beautiful gown on," she said of the motion-capture process, which uses the dots as reference points for animation. "I have many scenes with Robin Wright Penn. We're in a black-box studio kind of sound stage, acting with real actors and real horses. But they all have dots on them! It's kind of strange." Read More...

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