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Aliens Composite

Forget all about everything else you have planned today, this "Aliens" poster made entirely out of frames from the James Cameron classic (via io9) is infinitely cooler than that stuff.

The best possible way to spend this February 14 is scrolling through every inch of this poster, which you can do with a helpful zoom tool included with the picture. They even manage to spell "James Cameron" at the bottom of the poster. Game over, man.

Click past the jump to see the whole composite!




Some new art from "Oz: The Great and Powerful" debuted online today, giving us our first full look at the Wicked Witch of the West.

Also, "Stay away from my mommy, you bitch" in today's Dailies!


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Han Greedo

Since tonight's presidential debate will undoubtedly end in frustration, with both camps calling the race for their own team, let's instead reflect on the everyday arguments we have about the movies we love. While they too will never have definitive conclusions or clear victors, at the very least they can remain fun throughout.

So in honor of the debates (which you should, in all seriousness, watch), these are five of the most argued film debates of all time.

Who shot first, Han or Greedo?
This is less of a debate and more of a decades-long insistence that George Lucas sucks. The creator of the holy trilogy and that other unholy trilogy maintains that the confusion of the cantina only makes it appear that Han Solo shoots the bounty hunter Greedo in cold blood. Han, a professional criminal, would never simply kill the man sent to bring him to Jabba, according to Lucas, so the director cleared all of that up in the special edition, making it clear that Greedo shot first. This has never pleased fans, and the war rages on.


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Busey Oz

If nothing you've seen today is the clear winner for "Most Unsettling Thing I've Seen Today," Garey Busey, Photoshop, and the world of L. Frank Baum are about to change that.

Also, Dexter's dad stars in "Aliens," and see Coraline get made in today's Dailies!


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"Prometheus" hits theaters on Friday, and I am beyond excited. Even if it's not a direct prequel, there is simply no film series I care about more than the "Alien" movies. So ahead of Ridley Scott's return to that world, today's Sick Day Stash is going to dive back into the film that changed everything for me... but not quite as far back as you'd think.

I often credit "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" as the movie that changed my life. I saw it in theaters when I was seven — not awesome parenting, Mom and Dad, though I sure think you guys are swell — but not necessarily because of the movie itself. It's because "T2" led my way-too-young action-craving spirit on the path of other, earlier James Cameron efforts.

Like "Aliens," for one.


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Sigourney WeaverSigourney Weaver may have a future on Pandora, but how about a return trip to LV-426? As "Alien" director Ridley Scott prepares to dive into a series of prequel films set before his 1979 space horror masterpiece, there doesn't seem to be a place for Ellen Ripley, the strong-willed heroine at the heart of the science fiction series.

While Weaver's involvement in the untitled "Alien" prequels is unlikely, that doesn't mean the Oscar-nominated actress has washed her hands of the franchise; indeed, she's still hopeful that Ripley could return some day.

"I don't feel her story is quite finished," she told MTV News in a phone interview conducted this past weekend. "It's not because I need the work. I just feel like it would be interesting to see Ripley older, with her wisdom and her history in this world again." Read More...

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M. Night Shyamalan returns to his horror roots with today's release of "Devil," the first film in The Night Chronicles. In "Devil," five strangers find themselves trapped inside of an elevator, with the human personification of the devil secretly posing as one of the members of the group. It's not quite as scary as Shyamalan and Josh Horowitz's "Escalation," but it's pretty darn close.

While "Devil" certainly takes elevator horror to creative new heights, it's not the first film to emerge with some truly iconic elevator scenes. After the jump, check out some of the most memorable elevator scenes in cinema history! Read More...

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There are people in the world who flip through to the end of a book or peruse spoiler blogs in order to learn how a story ends before it's even over. Sometimes in the film world it's a practice that can come in handy — particularly when there's a secret scene after a movie's credits that the viewer didn't know to stick around for.

These scenes — often referred to in the industry as "stingers" — come in varying degrees of importance and brilliance, but more often than not, the scenes are quite memorable. Because the post-credits scene of "Iron Man 2" became public knowledge today (assuming you're interested in reading such things), we got to thinking about some of our own favorite stingers.

After the jump, check out six of the greatest movie stingers of all time! Read More...

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DESCJames Cameron is no stranger to creating new forms of menacing cinematic creatures, though he may have finally topped himself in "Avatar" with the Na'vi.

There is certainly no shortage of dangerous flora and fauna that exists on the mysterious world of Pandora, but it's the Na'vi that pose the biggest threat thanks to their intelligence, speed, size and several other factors. It also doesn't help that human marines can link their brains up with Avatar versions of the alien race, adding a whole new skill set to a certain breed of Na'vi warrior.

Still, it's hard to say whether or not the Na'vi could hold their own against some of Cameron's other creations. Since we aren't likely to ever witness these showdowns, let's settle for the next best thing — hypothetical cage matches! Read More...

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Wow. Have I got one cool eBay Prop-Watch for you today. Fans of James Cameron and "Aliens" will want to pay extra attention, as this concerns you specifically. It's rather expensive -- though not ridiculously so -- and available for local pick-up only in Indiana, but the right fan will jump on this rare offering regardless of expense or distance.

"Aliens" was recently named the number one greatest movie sequel by Empire Online. It was a potent follow-up to Ridley Scott's 1979 original, giving fans more in just about every way, especially when it came to the titular aliens. The item up for auction in today's Prop-Watch is actually a promotional item more than it is a prop... but what a promotional item it is for you alien lovers. Read More...

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