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If it's not enough to watch Anthony Hopkins get all creepy and possessed in the new thriller "The Rite," you should know that the exorcisms and exorcists depicted in the film are based on real events and people!

When MTV News caught up with the film's other stars, newcomers Colin O'Donoghue and Alice Braga, we asked them what the reaction to the film has been from the real-life people on which O'Donoghue's and Hopkins' characters are based.

"Father Gary saw the film, who my character is based on, and he said it was really a great representation of what he does on a daily basis," O'Donoghue said. "I spoke to a lot of exorcists before we did it and I went to see some exorcisms in Rome, and what you realize is that it is a real thing that’s happening daily for millions of people across the world."

The Irish actor went on to say that one of the most interesting aspects of making the film was learning so much about exorcism, and how it actually affects people.

"You don’t think about it, most people don’t go around saying ‘I saw my exorcist today,' " he joked. "It’s not something people talk about. Also you have to slowly understand and appreciate that, to them, it’s a real living thing and to be respectful."

One burning question we had to ask was if O'Donoghue and Braga were told how people become possessed, or if there are commonalities between people who have to be exorcised.

"They say you open yourself up to it by doing stuff like the Ouiji Board or trying to contact spirits," he said. "That’s what you read about and exorcists have told us that, [but] who’s to say? There’s no answer either way as to whether it’s real or not real," O'Donoghue added. "I think that’s what this film is trying to debate."

What's your take on exorcists and those who claim to be possessed? Tell us in the comments!

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Zooey Deschanel-- Zooey Deschanel is Ada Lovelace in "Enchantress of Numbers," a new biopic about the math genius directed by Bruce Beresford. Billy Crudup co-stars as her husband William King, while Toby Jones has been cast as mathematician and philosopher Charles Babbage. [Production Weekly]

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This Friday at South by Southwest in Austin, Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal will debut the first footage from "Predators," their updated take on the classic alien invasion horror franchise. The story takes place on the predators' home planet, as a group of humans — including Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne and Topher Grace — are hunted for sport by the alien baddies.

With just days to go until SXSW, MTV News had a chance to chat with co-star Alice Braga about her role, Brody's commitment to packing on muscle and the possibility that original franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger will make a cameo in the film.

MTV News: So some footage is about to debut in Austin. Have you seen any of it yet?

Alice Braga: I haven't seen. I saw it on set, some of the things. I'm really excited because it was a really cool project. We had a lot of fun on set. By what I've seen, the photography is beautiful. Gyula Pados is the [director of photography]. And Nimrod Antal is the director. But the predators, fans, they look really cool! I was really scared. The guys that play them, they're really tall. Read More...

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