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A few months ago, we learned that a name change for director Kevin Smith's upcoming "A Couple of Dicks" was imminent due to studio pressures. Apparently that title is just a little too suggestively racy; the "Dicks" in this case is a reference to the detectives at the center of the story, played by Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

Well Willis and Morgan may be playing a couple of dicks, but that's no longer the title that will greet you in theaters when you see the movie. The fine folks at The Film Stage noticed the name change while browsing the Warner Bros.' website (via The Playlist); a trailer will run attached to "Sherlock Holmes" for a movie called "Cop Out." Smith has already said that the "Dicks" trailer would run in front of "Holmes," so "Cop Out" is apparently the new title. Read More...

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Could Hollywood really be making a movie that will be marketed on billboards and marquees nationwide as “A Couple of Dicks”? The answer is yes… and, well… no.

“That was everyone’s intention, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen,” Adam Brody told MTV recently, echoing Kevin Smith’s statements that he may have to change the name of his now-wrapped Bruce Willis-Tracy Morgan buddy cop comedy. “We were talking about [changing the name]; you can’t really advertise that before 9[pm on TV] if that’s the case, so that really hampers [the studio].” Read More...

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Kevin SmithConsidering the amount of hockey tweeting Kevin Smith has been doing lately, it should come as little surprise that he's setting up a match for his 39th birthday on Sunday. It sounds like he'll need to get some extra rest hours in on Saturday, though, because his new film "A Couple of Dicks" is pulling some a late shoot tonight, according to Kevin Pollak.

Other gems in today's rundown include Tom Felton's warm welcome to one of his Hogwarts professors, as well as a blast from the past for "Full House" fans via John Stamos, who uploaded a photo taken during a BBQ at Bob Saget's place. You can check out all of these and find out which "Twilight" actress recently got a tattoo in the Twitter-Wood report for July 31, 2009. Read More...

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Tom FeltonIt's a chatty week in Hollywood with "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" premiering and Independence Day party-goers relating their experiences at P. Diddy's White Party over the weekend. Still, with Michael Jackson's funeral on Tuesday, the late King of Pop's name is still fresh on the fingertips of many Tweeters, including Elizabeth Taylor and Tyrese Gibson. Yet another high-profile death sparked reactions in the Twitter-Wood feed as well today, however, with the passing of former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Errol Morris, who directed the Oscar-winning 2003 film "The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara" offered his thoughts.

Elsewhere, Tom Felton continued his own dedicated Twitter coverage leading up the "Half-Blood Prince" premiere tomorrow night, and actor Gil Birmingham tweeted a public RSVP saying that he won't be able to make Comic-Con in San Diego this year. Check out all of this and much more below in the Twitter-Wood report for July 6, 2009. Read More...

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At times like this, there's really only one response I can offer: sweet. "A Couple of Dicks" director Kevin Smith has confirmed that "My Name is Earl" star Jason Lee will join the already loaded ensemble cast. The report comes via a /Film reader, who tipped the site that Smith shared the news in an appearance on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show yesterday.

Lee and Smith have quite the history together. The actor has appeared in almost every one of Smith's films since "Mallrats." He was Brodie in that one -- a role he reprised in "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" -- and many would argue that his hilariously funny performance there informed all of the work that he's done since.


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Seann William ScottIf you had called Seann William Scott and Adam Brody a couple of d---s a few days ago, it would've been a mere matter of harsh opinion. Today, it is a matter of fact.

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that the "Role Models" actor and the former "The O.C." star have both signed on for Kevin Smith's latest project, "A Couple of Dicks." The film, which begins shooting on Monday, is a buddy cop action-comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as two detectives trying to track down a valuable stolen baseball card. From the sound of it, Scott and Brody's roles are directly linked to the film's central plot. Read More...

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So Kevin Smith has never once directed a film not based on his own script, but when you consider some of the films he’s been offered in the past and rejected—including two fantasy/comedy hybrids, Matthew McConaughey’s “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” and Eddie Murphy’s upcoming “Imagine That”—the I-only-direct-my-own-stuff stance was probably a wise decision on Mr. Smith’s part.

Yet with his Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan buddy cop flick, “A Couple of Dicks,” Smith has finally taken the leap into someone else’s script. Why this film, and why now? His rationale is rooted in his formative movie-going experiences, when his dad would take him out of school to go to a matinee at the theater. Read More...

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