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For her follow-up to the first "Twilight" movie, director Catherine Hardwicke didn't stray too far from the paranormal romance genre with "Red Riding Hood." Since that movie was — let's call it — less than successful, it comes as no surprising that Hardwicke is going in a different direction for her next movie. But she's hanging onto the love triangle.

"Plush," her new film starring Emily Browning and "Twilight" baddie Cam Gigandet, just debuted its first trailer, giving us a look at Hardwicke's twisted take on the world of rock and roll.

In the film, which hits theaters this week and debuts on DVD next month, Browning plays a rocker that faces the challenges of producing another hit. Things get even more complicated when she hires a sexy new guitarist and begins to get mysterious packages from an apparently obsessed fan.

Check out the trailer after the jump!


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Noomi RapaceAnita Lindblom, prepare to get the "Twilight" treatment under the hands of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."

Director Catherine Hardwicke will direct Noomi Rapace's as-yet-untitled biopic of '60s Swedish pop culture icon Anita Lindblom. To make things even more interesting, Rapace's real-life husband, Ola Rapace, will play boxing champion Bosse Hogberg who ends up marrying Lindblom.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Rapaces have been developing the flick for several years, and it's slated for a Scandinavian release in 2012.

In the news after the jump, "World War Z" loses its leads, a comedian joins Ben Stiller in "Neighborhood Watch," and Chris Rock teaches fathers "What To Expect When You're Expecting."


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I'm pretty stoked to see "Red Riding Hood," director Catherine Hardwicke's gothic take on the "Little Red Riding Hood" fable. But I have to say, Gary Oldman's costume sure is... purple. Like really purple. I'm not sure what that means, if anything... but it's a fact.

Accidental Sexiness got their hands on a bunch of "Red Riding Hood" set photos last week (via JoBlo). In addition to Oldman and his purple number, the website has pics of most, if not all, of the main cast members in costume. Including "Twilight" fan fave Billy Burke! None of the get-ups are quite as unusual as Oldman's, but they're all pretty cool and period. I encourage to hit the link and check them out.

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This summer Amanda Seyfried will begin work on "Red Riding Hood," helmed by "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke. Seyfried admits that when fans come out to theaters on April 22, 2011, they will definitely get a little creeped out by the film's interpretation of the iconic fairytale bad guy, the Big Bad Wolf.

"The wolf is the enemy and it’s a very, very dangerous enemy and nobody knows who the wolf is. So it’s a hunt and it's really cool," Seyfried told MTV News at the junket for "Letters For Juliet," adding that she has an actor in mind to play the pivotal role. Read More...

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The Ring-- Thankfully, you have more than seven days to prepare yourself for "Ring 3D," the third installment in the horror franchise centering on a killer video creature. The 3-D film comes from "Dream House" writer David Loucka and is being billed as "more teen-centric" than the two Naomi Watts-starring outings. [Heat Vision]

-- Jason Statham isn't coming to the small screen, but "The Transporter" is. Luc Besson's EuropaCorp is teaming up with Atlantique Prods. for twelve one-hour episodes of a "Transporter" television series. Production is expected to begin in early 2011. [Variety]

-- "The A-Team" director Joe Carnahan isn't closed off to a Mr. T cameo, though he suggested that such a role might be better left for a sequel. "He'd be a great villain, totally unexpected," Carnahan teased. "Wouldn't that be perfect?" [Empire] Read More...

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Despite what I thought I heard on the TV last night, Zac Efron was not confirming he's the new Spider-Man while making the rounds on the Oscars red carpet (he was merely stating that it'd be a "dream come true"). But another young star did make a similar -- if not as momentous -- revelation. The Playlist caught Amanda Seyfried telling E! that she is indeed the lead in Catherine Hardwicke's "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood."

This is the movie that returns the "Twilight" director to familiar territory, as it involves a werewolf. Last week, Hardwicke told the Los Angeles Times that Seyfried was at the time in discussions for the role based on Little Red Riding Hood of fairy tale legend. Apparently it only took a few days for the actress to say yes. Hardwicke also told the Times that the "super-sexy" film is a murder mystery dealing with a "village plagued by this wolf." Read More...

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Throughout the weekend, Twilighters from all over are gathering in Parsippany, New Jersey, where the first of what is sure to be many Summit/Creation Entertainment co-sponsored fan conventions is happening. Among the gathered celeb attendees is "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke, who is currently juggling a quartet of follow-up projects: "Hamlet," starring Emile Hirsch, "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood," for Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way shingle, "If I Stay," and "Maximum Ride."

Hardwicke's shifted focus away from Stephenie Meyer's teen vampires didn't stop her from sharing some behind-the-scenes facts yesterday during a Q&A. Fans probably weren't surprised that the director had to get creative in stretching "Twilight"'s budget to do what she wanted. The big shock of the day was the original vision of Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen, which included a head of long, flowing locks. Read More...

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While talking to Emile Hirsch this week about his new movie “Taking Woodstock,” got some new details on the actor’s upcoming reunion with “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke. The two previously worked together on “Lords of Dogtown,” and now they’re closely collaborating on a modernized version of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

Hirsch, who helped conceive of the idea of this college-set take on the tragic play, mentioned a film he’s looking to for inspiration. “It’s almost like mixing ‘Hamlet’ with ‘The Shining’ a little bit,” he told, “and making this kind of scary-cool vision of the play.” Read More...

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Catherine HardwickeUPDATE: Just to be thorough, I now know that the Variety info came from a post on The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog. The news is made quite a bit clearer in Steven Zeitchik's post there, stating that Hardwicke is "in early talks with Sony to take on its feature version of '21 Jump Street.'"

If you followed the source link in Chris Campbell's earlier post, on Catherine Hardwicke taking the reins for "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood," you may have noticed that the Variety article also pins the "Twilight" director to "21 Jump Street." That project, adapted from the '80s TV series about undercover cops operating as high school students, already has a script from Jonah Hill. No other announcements have been made however, so it is surprising to see such seemingly big news revealed in such an offhand way.

As it turns out, there was no reveal. Hardwicke's publicist told MTV that "it's too early" to say anything, and that Hardwicke "isn't attached" to the adaptation. While that certainly leaves the possibility open that she could sign on for the project, it might be tough with her plate being so full. Read More...

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Catherine HardwickeWhat do you do when you’re denied the directorial gig of “New Moon”? If you’re “Twilight” helmer Catherine Hardwicke, you apparently find a similar-seeming substitute. According to Variety, Hardwicke is signing on to direct a version of the “Little Red Riding Hood” story -- now titled “The Girl With the Red Riding Hood” -- which will involve its share of werewolves and teenage romance.

When we first reported on this project, it was simply being labeled a “Gothic reimagining.” But MTV Movies Blog speculated that “with all of the 'Twilight' popularity raging across the globe… a werewolf is our likely candidate for the antagonist in Appian's take on the tale.” I guess Hollywood is that predictable these days? The initial report had no foresight into the additional tidbit, that the movie will focus primarily on a teenage love triangle. Read More...

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