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The next piece of "Breaking Bad" art has debuted with one incredibly beautiful look at the life of Jesse Pinkman. Is this show back on yet? WHY NOT?

Also, "Mrs. Doubtfire" becomes a horror movie and Tom Hiddleston does some impression in today's Dailies!


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Fernando Meirelles's "360" tells a complex story of interweaving characters and plots, but what makes the tale so unique is that the connection between all the characters is sex. The intimate encounters of the film bring together an impressive ensemble that includes Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law and Ben Foster.

In "360," Foster plays Tyler, a sex offender who was recently released from prison. The events of the film find Tyler in an airport and chronicle his encounter with a young woman played by Maria Flor. Foster talks about all of that and more in the exclusive interview below, all part of our continuing Summer Movie Preview week.


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Rachel Weisz has signed up to star in a new take on Austrian dramtist Arthur Schnitzler's play "Reigen." "360" will be a psychosexual drama about a chain of partners (which only bears a metaphorical resemblance to "Human Centipede" when you describe it in exactly the wrong way) and re-team Weisz with director Fernando Meirelles, who she previously worked with in "The Constant Gardner," according to a Deadline report.

If "360" follows in the footsteps of "Reigen" and other previous adaptations, Weisz will be a part of a story about couples whose stories are edited together in sequence as the film swaps one partner for another until a full circle of relationships emerges. Read More...

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