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Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal will be playing Zorro in Fox's reboot of the classic masked vigilante strory, except his Spanish swordsman will live in the future. Meanwhile, Oprah Winfrey is considering a return to casting in Lee Daniels' new movie, "300: Battle of Artemisia" found its co-lead and the casting continues to come together for "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters."

It's February 17, and you're tuning in for today's casting call.


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"Immortals" arrived in theaters this weekend and stole the box office's thunder, proving that fall season moviegoers were indeed craving some hard R-rated action. Of course, the comparisons to "300" couldn't have hurt Tarsem Singh's latest picture's box office performance. Over on Splash Page, we measured out the similarities and differences between "Immortals" and "300" and decided which one we like better. It was a close call, but there was a winner.

Check out more comic book movie news beyond the jump!


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Zack SnyderIt’s the bold news that all of Hollywood is still buzzing about, as well as weighing its implications: 10 movies will be nominated for Best Picture at the next Oscars, double the usual amount. But when I caught up with Zack Snyder this week, he had yet to hear the news.

“10?” marveled the “Watchmen” and “300” director, who had been tied up all day doing interviews for those films’ upcoming Blu-Ray releases. “No way!”

Yes way. And, since we had the unique opportunity to break the news to one of Hollywood’s top filmmakers, we were also able to get his unfiltered thoughts as he processed the Academy’s bold decision – and what it meant for his profession. Read More...

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Vanessa HudgensLast week, MTV's Matt Harper paid a visit to the set of "Beastly," opening July 2010, where he got a chance to sit down and chat with "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens. She happily discussed a range of topics, including her recent decision to pull back from the music a bit so she can focus on her acting. I can't say I blame her, given the upcoming gig she's got with "300" director Zack Snyder: "Sucker Punch."

"I'm extremely excited," Hudgens said. "When I read about the project I was like, ‘that’d be great, but its not going to happen’…and now it actually is!" The big draw for Hudgens is really the director himself. "It's an honor, I'm such a big fan of his work." Read More...

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'300'FROM SPLASH PAGE: Three years ago, “300” Spartans dined in hell -- and judging by the more than $200 million the film grossed domestically, a lot of fans found their meal to be quite delicious. But -- spoiler alert! -- since almost everyone died at the end, can there ever be a sequel? And if so, would director Zack Snyder be interested in getting behind the camera?

With one simple word, Snyder addressed all of the above: “Sure,” he grinned.

About a year ago, news broke that Frank Miller was developing a “300” quasi-sequel. Snyder, who was in Las Vegas this week to pick up a Director of the Year award at ShoWest, revealed that he has indeed heard Miller’s idea for a graphic novel about the events that followed the key battle of “300” -- and he likes it.

Read more about Zack Snyder's plans for a "300" follow-up over at

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Sam RaimiIt's day four of Comic-Con which means yes, sadly the end is near. But our coverage is just beginning today. Before the sun sets on San Diego tonight we'll have talked to everyone from Jason Statham and Wes Craven to the cast of the new "Friday the 13th."

Not a bad lineup and it all comes after a Saturday chock full of scoops. If you weren't with us yesterday you missed McG and Anton Yelchin talking "Terminator Salvation," Frank Miller talking about the "300" prequel, and the latest on "The Clone Wars."

Today the news keeps flying fast and furious. Coming up soon right here you'll find the latest on "The Wolfman," breaking news on James Franco's role as a world famous writer, and Sam Raimi with an "Evil Dead" update. And that's only what we know right now. More big surprises are surely on the way as this crazy Comic-Con wraps up.

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FROM SPLASH PAGE: By the end of "300," the Persians had won, the Hot Gates were passed, and King Leonidas and his men, each and every one save Dilios the Storyteller, were killed. So, of course, they’re all coming back for the seemingly-confirmed sequel, right? Well maybe someone should tell Frank Miller, who seemed perplexed when we posed the question to him. Read More...

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Frank MillerBy Yasmine Richard

Back in the day, I caught an episode or two of "The X-Files." So when I got the call to cover the red carpet for the "X-Files: I Want to Believe" premiere, I was down to catch a sneak peek of the fabulous Gillian Anderson, a.k.a. Agent Scully.

I knew it was gonna be an interesting night when I pulled into the parking structure, got out of my car, headed to the elevator and was followed by the Joker. Good ol' Hollywood impersonators. Needless to say, I was taking the stairs.

Once I made it to the blocked-off streets of Hollywood, I was reminded of how popular the show is. There were legions of fans out there supporting those alien-chasing agents. Sometime later, the stars and makers of the film hit the red carpet, including David Duchovny, Anderson, Xzibit, director/writer Chris Carter and even the guy who made the creepy "X-Files" theme song! I hummed it for him, and he asked if he could sample my voice. I kid you not!

By far my favorite interview was with the man behind "300" and "Sin City": Frank Miller. He was gracious enough to give me some details about his upcoming movie, "The Spirit." And when I asked him how he comes up with all these crazy films he said, "To scare people like you." Yikes!

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After co-directing "Sin City" and fueling the story behind "300," does comic book creator Frank Miller have the helming chops to shepherd a project to the big screen on his own? That's the big question as Miller works to adapt Will Eisner's legendary character The Spirit. Recently, MTV News was invited to the film's set where we spoke to Miller and his cast and crew. Below, see an image from the production, and then click here to read the full report from our visit to "The Spirit."

Frank Miller on set of 'The Spirit'

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Sylvester Stallone as John RamboWith an eye towards the door, we wrap up the week with news on Zack Snyder, Nicholas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker, and more below.

- Sly Stallone changes title as Rambo goes "To Hell and Back"? Whoa, whoa. Not so fast. (ComingSoon and AICN)

- Zack Snyder eyeing "The Last Photograph" from "300" scribe Kurt Johnstad. Story will center on a picture which inspires two men to head to Afghanistan. (Variety)

- Steel 'Cage' Match: Nicolas Cage in talks to star in "The Wrestler," about a washed up former grappler. (Hollywood Reporter)

- "Black Book" indeed! Carice Van Houten joins "Body of Lies" opposite Leonardo DiCaprio and "Repossession Mambo" opposite Jude Law. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Sarah Jessica Parker joins "The Late Bloomer's Revolution," about a father and his daughter both entering the dating world at the same time. (Variety)

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