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'American Teen'Contributed by Jem Aswad

We're fans of movies and we're fans of music -- but perhaps not to the same degree as Rodrigo Perez, whose excellent blog The Playlist explores, as he puts it, "that sweet spot where music and movies meet." Well, dude has assembled a whopping 3,500-word survey of his favorite soundtracks, scores and movie music moments of 2008, with photos and clips GALORE, and he's come up with some pretty genius categories as well, like "Best Song From A Crappy Mainstream Movie That Went On To Become An Unexpected Hit," "Film Score That Was Actually Better Than The Movie," "Best Winning Wimpy Moment With Dignity," "Best Atonal Score To A Gigantically Budgeted Superhero Blockbuster," "The Most Spectacularly Retarded/Awesome Music Moment In A Movie," and so many more that our eyes are crossed from reading it.

And just in case you're not sold yet, and he's got a special place in his liver (or wherever bile is created) for the "Twilight" soundtrack! Enjoy ...

Read The Playlist's favorite soundtracks, scores and movie music moments of 2008 here!


'Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart'

It was a big night for Twilighters everywhere, as Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and surprise addition Cam Gigandet presented at this year's VMAs! We want to hear what you thought about it.

Here's what you do: After watching the VMAs, record your reaction to your favorite stars' time on the VMA stage. Then visit our YouRHere site, register for a free account (if you haven't already) and upload your video response by clicking on "Create an Upload." Remember to tag it as "Twilight" and "VMAs" so we can find it.

Geek out and be as crazy, excited and truthful about it as you like! We want to know if you loved it, hated it or just wished it would have lasted at least half an hour longer. (But please watch the language; we can't run any vids that have swearing!) We'll be selecting some of the best to air on MTV and appear on the MTV Movies blog.

Watch the Twilight cast with Russell Brand after the jump!

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Colin FarrellWelcome to Sundance 2008, where your MTV News movie team is once again on the ground, and Colin Farrell is already on the red carpet professing his plans to party.

More about that later, but to whet your appetite for the days ahead, here are a few fast facts about the latest edition of Robert Redford's annual party:

- Saturday’s highly-anticipated premiere of “U2 3D” will be the first of the slick, new-school three-dimensional films (think 'Beowulf') to ever screen at Sundance. A special projector had to be installed in the Eccles Theater, but with names like Cameron, Zemeckis and Lucas developing films for the medium, the timing is right.

- The darlings of Sundance this year? 23-year-old Melonie Diaz has no fewer than four films in Park City. More shockingly, Tom Arnold is engineering a comeback with three of his own. Read More...

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globe.jpgThe stars stayed home this year, but that didn't stop the Hollywood Foreign Press Association from handing out a bunch of Golden Globes. So when all is said and done, who was the night's biggest winner?

Me. That's right, me. With the WGA strike and the stripped down ceremony keeping all of Hollywood's elite away, the Beverly Hilton opened its doors to yours truly among others - meaning us journalists get to say that we actually went to the Globes in 08. Take that Johnny Depp. Read More...

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We've already given you our picks for most anticipated sequels of 2008, and our faves for most anticipated comedies. Well, we're now making it a trifecta with our list of the '08 re-imaginings that have us a-twitter, including "Star Trek," "Hulk" and "Mamma Mia!". Watch our video report below and then chime in with your own thoughts below.


Yesterday, we told you our picks for the most anticipated sequels of this new year. Today we're announcing our picks for the hottest comedies of 2008. Watch our video below for the run-down, and then click here for more detail.


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