The current talk on the internet is that we are weeks, if not days, away from an official "Star Wars" announcement of some kind. It's all very vague, without any named sources, just whispers been bloggers and editors on news sites.

In the meantime, Latino-Review has posted another potential piece of info that could have a big effect on "Episode VII."

According to the site, when George Lucas sold off Lucasfilm to Disney, he included outlines for the new trilogy, which included two working titles for "Episode VII."


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Michael B. Jordan Star Wars

Speaking with the Associated Press, Michael B. Jordan followed the lead from Saoirse Ronan and admitted that he had read for a part in "Star Wars: Episode VII," a rumor started by Latino-Review a few weeks ago.

Also like Ronan, Jordan downplayed the reading, saying that pretty much everyone in Hollywood has audition.

"I mean, everybody's going in on this project. They're trying to figure out what they want," he said. "That's another incredible franchise. It's pretty crazy! ... We'll see how it happens. I don't know how I can do everything."

Jordan also mentioned that he didn't audition for a particular role and that his test didn't involve a lightsaber, as Ronan's had.

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The brilliance of the "Breaking Bad" finale isn't really up for debate. Sure, there are people who had problems with it, but the consensus is that Vince Gilligan stuck the landing in a very smart way.

But how smart?

For evidence, we present this video that edits down the events of "Felina" to fit within the span of the song "El Paso," the Marty Robbins tune that plays as Walter drives to New Mexico.

The song tells the story of a gunfighter who fights for his love but is forced to leave town by another cowboy. He later returns to reclaim his love, but also to knowingly face his likely death.

The similarities certainly aren't coincidence, and it just goes to show you how smart the creators of "Breaking Bad" really were.


The final episode of "Breaking Bad" satisfied many of the shows hardcore fans, but one viewer has been making headlines for her displeasure with the ultimate fate of Walter White.

Spoilers ahead.

Britney Spears recently told Z100 that she didn't like the "Breaking Bad" finale, saying "I thought it was really sad. I didn't like it at all. I don't think [Walt] should have died."

As anyone who has been on the internet knows, criticisms of "Breaking Bad" are never taken lightly, and one from this high up the pop culture chain merited a response from Heisenberg himself.



Daniel Radcliffe's career after Harry Potter has been fascinating to watch for two reasons. First, his choice of roles has been unusual but well picked, and second, his strategy to legitimize himself as an adult actor really seems to be working.

One of the roles that we're especially looking forward to from Radcliffe is his part as Igor in a new version of "Frankenstein" written by "Chronicle" scribe Max Landis. Radcliffe recently sat down with Sirius XM to discuss the part, which will be more complex than other iterations of the character, and the overall idea behind the movie.


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By Charles Webb

Nearly a year and a half after coming on board as director for Columbia's long-in-development "Masters of the Universe" film, director Jon Chu is now off the project, according to THR. Chu's departure represents the loss of one of the film's biggest cheerleaders, even if the public reaction to Chu helming the project hasn't exactly been positive.

While Columbia hasn't yet announced a replacement, writer Terry Rossio is on board to work on the script. Rossio and screenwriting partner Ted Elliot have been around for a while, working on the first four "Pirates of the Caribbean" films together at Disney and being pretty much inseparable since they began working together on the Howie Mandel kid's movie "Little Monsters."


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Zero Charisma

For a culture as prevalent as it is, nerds have never really gotten their due. It's usually all glasses and acne and high-waisted pants left over from "Family Matters" and "Revenge of the Nerds." In a lot of ways, pop culture hasn't updated its image of the ultra geeky in decades.

That's why "Zero Charisma" is such an important movie.

The new indie being released by Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Productions, their first, tells the story of Scott (Sam Eidson), an avid RPG gamemaster, who feels the mainstream world creeping in when a new, hipper player joins his game. It's a touching, often hilarious story that anyone who has ever felt like an outcast will be able to relate to.

With nerd culture moving toward the mainstream, we decided to ask the directors of "Zero Charisma," Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews, how they feel about the current state of the most popular geek staples.


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Lone Ranger

Every year, Quentin Tarantino blesses us with his signature take on the past year's films, and surprises are essentially guaranteed. That's why we're so thrilled to see that he did a "best of 2013 so far" list. It's... interesting.

Also, get scared by a "Carrie" publicity stunt in today's Dailies!


Like his latest film, "A.C.O.D.," Adam Scott is funny, but he can talk about some pretty serious stuff.

Take, for example, his latest interview with MTV News' Josh Horowitz for the newest episode of After Hours.

During an Up Close segment, Adam and Josh work through a bunch of troublesome areas, like how to tell a child that you're getting a divorce and whether Batman could ever really beat Superman. (No, he can't.)

Check it all out in the latest episode of After Hours with Adam Scott.


Enders Game

So far, everything seems to be lining up for Gavin Hood's "Ender's Game" adaptation. Orson Scott Card's book was thought to be unadaptable, but previews hint that Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Harrison Ford, and the rest of the Battle School may have pulled it off.

A new clip from "Ender's Game" may gave us a better idea of what to expect from the film when it hits theaters on November 1. In the clip, Ender (Butterfield) meets with Colonel Hyrum Graff (Ford) about issues he's been having at Battle School, and his superior makes an unexpected offer.

Check out the clip after the jump!



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