Lots of newscasters got into the Halloween spirit yesterday by dressing up for their broadcasts, but no one did it quite as well as Paul Gerke from KIVI in Boise, Idaho. Gerke did one hell of a Ron Burgundy, but dressing up wasn't enough for him.

The sports correspondent delivered his entire report in-character, and simply wowed us with his dedication to the bit.

Check out Gerke's full Halloween report above, and marvel at his luscious mustache and manly bravado. And feel small in comparison, little man. This is what a true hero looks like.


It was never released in mainstream theaters, but Michael Dougherty's "Trick 'r Treat" has become a Halloween classic since its discovery in 2007.

The buzz spread after the film's festival debut, and audiences fell in love with the pint-sized character named Sam, whose burlap sack hood and button eyes were ghoulishly delightful (for a brief moment, anyway … ). Sam appears in the film's four different stories, a throwback to the horror anthologies many audiences devoured as children ("Creepshow" and "Tales from the Crypt" amongst them), to make sure people follow the ancient traditions of Halloween.

Dylan Baker, Anna Paquin, Leslie Bibb, and Brian Cox quickly find out what happens when they don't. "Trick 'r Treat" fans were just alerted to the best news a Halloween junkie could ask for: there's going to be a sequel to Dougherty's film.



"Back to the Future" is just one of those movies that lots of people love. It's probably up there with "Star Wars" as one of the most universally referenced nostalgia movies in pop culture, but we're still suckers for talking about the flaws in Marty McFly's plan to get his parents back together or how time travel actually works.

That's why it's such a joy to listen to Justin Long completely geek out on the 1985 classic. He sat down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz to put his knowledge to the test.

Bonus: Justin Long does one of the best Michael J. Fox impressions you've ever heard.

Check out Justin's killer "Back to the Future" knowledge on the latest episode of After Hours.

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Fast Furious 7

Oh, Vin Diesel's Facebook! You magnificent internet joy portal! You truly do spoil us.

Anyone who follows Vin Diesel's art on Facebook knows that today is Tuesday, but on VD's FB, it's never just Tuesday. It's Toretto Tuesday. And Toretto Tuesday brings us goodies from the set of "Fast and Furious 7."

This week's Toretto Tuesday brings us a picture from the set featuring Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, back for a third go. Except this time, they're hanging out in a hospital room. What is going on?!?!

Diesel offered this: "When brother Dwayne steps into the Hobbs role... you can't tell where he ends, or the character begins. Our third consecutive chapter in the saga, and the short hand we've established makes the film that much better each time."

Truth, man. Truth.

"Fast and Furious 7" opens in theaters on July 11, 2014.

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Wolf of Wall Street

No need to worry, Leonardo DiCaprio/Martin Scorsese fans! "The Wolf of Wall Street," a movie that was poised to make a run at the awards circuit next year before delay rumors cropped up, will come out this year afterall, just a little later than we were expecting.

Scorsese's story of 90s-era stock market greed will debut on Christmas Day, just barely making the 2013 cut-off, something that seemed to be up in the air thanks to a reported 3-hour-plus first cut. The movie is now a lean 165 minutes, so thank goodness for those edits.

From the one trailer we've been lucky enough to see, we're thrilled to see everyone involved (McCONAUGHEY!) go completely over the top with the excesses of the era.

Count us in for December 25!

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Ben Skywalker

By Ryan Rigley

While there may not have been any official "Star Wars VII" casting announcements as of yet, we now have a breakdown of the official "Star Wars VII" production crew. Joining J. J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan, who are currently in the process of writing the screenplay, are director of photography Dan Mindel, sound designer Ben Burtt, production designers Rick Carter and Darren Gilford, special effects supervisor Chris Corbould and, of course, composer John Williams and producer Kathleen Kennedy.

Hopefully, now that this list of crew members is out it won't be long before we get some updates as far as "Star Wars VII" cast members go. Until then, we here at MTV News will just keep speculating as to which Star Wars Expanded Universe characters might be popping up in the new trilogy. Take Ben Skywalker for example, the son of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker.


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By Amelia Mularz

So Kim Kardashian got engaged this week, which ignited an epidemic of déjà vu across the globe. Our DVD pick (a throwback to 1989) will also take you back. But first, here's what's brand spanking new at the theater:

On the Big Screen: "The Counselor"
Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, and Cameron Diaz star in a film that opens today. The movie is a prequel to "Weekend at Bernie's." Can't wait!

Ok...fine. That's not true at all. But with such an all-star cast, does it even matter what the movie's about? In reality, Michael Fassbender plays a corrupt lawyer (aka "the counselor") who signs on for a lil' freelance drug trafficking with Javier Bardem's character, Reiner. And by "lil'" we mean moving a truckload of cocaine from Colombia to Chicago.



From the "Splat Pack" school of horror comes Greg McLean and this trailer for part two of his terror-in-the-Australian-outback favorite, "Wolf Creek."

The sequel picks up with a different set of tourists who are hunted by serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarrat). The sadistic outdoorsman doesn't take kindly to foreigners and treats them like the pigs he shoots.


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There are certain celebrity voices that just ask to be impersonated. Christopher Walken, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman have been trendy impressions, but the voice coming from every hot mimic today is that of "Harry Potter" star Alan Rickman.

But the iconic British actors knows what the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston are up to. When MTV News' Josh Horowitz spoke with Rickman for "CBGB," he said that he hasn't been keeping up with his status on the internet, but the impersonations from the two up-and-coming British actors have not gone unnoticed.

Check out the video above to see what Alan Rickman has to say about other people stealing his voice.

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By Dana Brawer

Some highly anticipated Oscar contenders will not be making the cut this year, and last night, another joined that list. The release of George Clooney's World War II drama, "The Monuments Men," has been pushed from its original December release to a February 2014 opening, according to the LA Times, making it ineligible for a nomination.

Clooney's picture does not stand alone in a widespread trend of delayed Oscar prospects. Leonardo DiCaprio's "Wolf of Wall Street" has been delayed, though it will barely make the 2013 deadline with a new late December release. Nicole Kidman's "Grace of Monaco," originally anticipated as a huge competitor due to Kidman's past success at the Oscars, will now be released in 2014, however.

Historical drama, 'The Immigrant" and sports drama "The Foxcatcher" have also been pushed into 2014 releases.


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