Last night we caught up with Josh Peck at the premiere of one of the most talked about films at Sundance: "The Wackness." Check out what he and his co-stars had to say about the film and their co-star Mary-Kate Olsen.

See our complete coverage of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival -- including breaking news, celebrity interviews, red carpet photos, movie clips and tons more.

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Aaron Yoo in 'Disturbia'In the third and last of his exclusive blog entries for MTV, "Rocket Science" star Aaron Yoo spills the beans on his next project, talks about friendships on the set of "RS," and what made the film so dang special. To read his previous entries, click here.

Okay, another day, same blog. Not really sure this is exactly what MTV was asking for, but there it is. Just wrapped my first day of shooting on "The Wackness," this KILLER indie directed by Jon Levine. Remember the name and be ready, it's hilarious. Sir Ben Kingsley, Famke Janssen, Josh Peck, Olivia Thirlby, Mary-Kate Olsen and Method Man. No they didn't cast this movie with a dartboard. It's genius, trust me.

So apparently, I left off talking about nothing in particular. You'll notice that's a habit... Anyways, I'm back with the "Rocket Science" crew, straight chillin'. Again. What can I say? We're family. When you spend a summer in Baltimore with four of your favorite people, it's a lifetime commitment. It always helps for your lead (Reece) to have a visa issue (he's Canadian; don't hold it against him) that delays production 3 weeks. I kid you not. We rehearsed and basically lived summer camp for three weeks before shooting. Read More...

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Aaron Yoo"Rocket Science" star Aaron Yoo is blogging for MTV. Yesterday he navigated Lower Manhattan in search of a suit for his big premiere and dished on the magic of NYC compared to LA. Today his grand quest continues.

Brutal. Day 2 of suit shoppin'. Somebody stick a fork in my eye. Doesn't help that we were watching "Sunset Boulevard" until 3am last night. Genius flick, that movie, but I'm kinda harrowed this morning. Last night after I gave up on suit shopping, I met back up with Vinnie and Reece Daniel Thompson (Hal Hefner) for dinner at Via Emilia (best Italian in NY and a tiramisu that I dream about in LA). Read More...

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Aaron Yoo in 'Disturbia'You watched Aaron Yoo play Shia LaBeouf's best friend in "Disturbia." Now he's starring in the acclaimed dramedy, "Rocket Science." In this first in a series of blog entries for MTV, Yoo readies for his film's big premiere with a little shopping trip.

So I'm trekkin' through the subway in New York on my way to go suit shoppin' with my "Rocket Science" co-star Vincent Piazza (he plays Hal's OCD kleptomaniac older brother, Earl. You might've also seen him recently on "Rescue Me" gettin punched in the face by Denis Leary. Like, repeatedly. Episode after episode of going UFC with Leary. They don't teach you that in acting school).

So yeah anyways, a suit... This is what I'm told: dress however you want for somebody else's premiere but TRY to look like a good citizen when it's your movie. This means "wear a suit." And take a shower... Fine, whatevs. I'll pony up. But I'll be wearin my convict underpants; ya just won't know it. Read More...

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