Everyone knows that Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, best known for "Reno 911," know funny when they see it, and now thanks to their first feature film as directors, "Hell Baby," they know a thing or two about scary.

So now that they're familiar with both genres, we figured we would get their input on which scary movies were the funniest. Freddy tells more jokes than Jason, but is he trying too hard? What is it about "The Poltergeist" makes it so much funnier than "The Exorcist"? (Hint: It involves lots of off-screen tragedy.)

See what Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant have to say about these scary movies and more in the clip above!

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Star Trek

Simon Pegg is one of the too-rare comedic actors that can be just as funny off-screen as he is on it. His Twitter feed is a must-follow, and now a special feature from the "Star Trek Into Darkness" Blu-ray (via /Film) fills us in on what kind of high jinks the "World's End" actor was up to during his time on the Starship Enterprise.

The prank that Pegg played on just about every main cast member involved something called "neutron cream."

The story of neutron cream, or at least the one Pegg told the others on set, was that four dots needed to be applied to the face and two to each wrist in order to protect yourself from the potentially harmful sets of "Star Trek Into Darkness." Pegg would then devise creative ways to let them in on the secret, of course, only after they've applied the cream to their face.

Watch the special feature after the jump!


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One of the biggest surprise hits of the year, "Now You See Me," just appeared on Blu-ray today, and to celebrate the release, MTV News is bringing you an exclusive deleted scene from the disc.

The Four Horsemen (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, and Dave Franco) are just your average headline stage magicians/bank robbers that have caught the attention of an FBI agent (Mark Ruffalo), a famous magic debunker (Morgan Freeman), and the man they stole from (Michael Caine).

In the deleted scene, which is exclusive to the Blu-ray, Eisenberg's character believes he has pieced together the mystery at the heart of the movie, thanks to a photograph he remembers from a hook-up gone wrong.

Check out the exclusive deleted scene from the "Now You See Me" Blu-ray, out today.


Transformers 4

Didn't the Windy City go through enough the last time that Michael Bay and his crew of transforming robots visited? Apparently not, because the currently untitled fourth "Transformers" movie has once again set up shot in Chicago, and they seem dead-set on blowing the place to hell again.

As we can see in a new on-set video (via ComingSoon), Bay wasted no time blowing up even more of Chicago, but he has once again brought a mean grew of Autobots — and possibly Dinobots — to help defend the city from whatever forces are attacking.

They're not featured here, but paparazzi photos from the set earlier this week snapped a shot of hat worn by one of the crew member that appears to confirm the long-rumored Dinobot appearance. A new "Transformers" logo is shown on the hat and is ripped up by what looks like claw marks. Interesting!

Check out the set videos after the jump!



Yesterday, we debuted an exclusive clip from "Prisoners" starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a part of our Fall Movie Preview, but it is certainly worth another look.

In "Prisoners," Gyllenhaal plays Detective Loki, the man charged with finding two missing girls, one of whom belongs to the character played by Jackman. When a suspect (Paul Dano, as seen in the clip) is arrested and then released due to a lack of evidence, Jackman's character take the law into his own hands.

As we saw in the first trailer for "Prisoners" and now this clip, the crime drama looks to be a suspenseful trip through the worst nightmare of any parent.

Check out "Prisoners" when it opens in theaters on September 20.


In "The Lifeguard," Kristen Bell plays Leigh, a New York journalist who returns home to Connecticut to find herself. While there, she spends her free time as a lifeguard at the local pool and begins a relationship with teenager from the neighborhood.

In this exclusive clip from the film, Leigh tells Little Jason, the boy she's been seeing, about a story she wrote while working in New York.

There was a man who kept a tiger in his apartment, but the animal got sick and died. The story appears to be inspired by Ming of Harlem, the tiger that was found living in an apartment after he bit his owner. You can read about that story here.

Watch the clip above, and check out "The Lifeguard" when it opens in theaters on August 30.

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It's Bad Robot viral video time once again. A mysterious tease, fashioned in the style of the "Cloverfield" campaign, has popped up over at Entertainment Weekly with essential no information, other than the fact that it comes from J.J. Abrams' mystery box factory.

The video comes with a title, "Stranger," and a score that sounds similar to the piano chords Michael Giacchino provided for "Lost," playing over a mysterious narration.

"He arrived knowing nothing of himself," the narrator says as the camera shifts from the stars to the sea. A scraggly haired man stands up in the surf and pulls at the cut binding around his wrists. "Who is he? Soon he will know, because what begins at the water shall end at there, and what ends there shall once more begin."

"This is what happens. Men become lost." Did he say "lost"?!?!?



If you watched the most recent episode of "Breaking Bad" and are familiar with the rest of the series, you know just how intense and perfect that final scene between Walter and Hank in the garage was. It was pure "Breaking Bad" goodness, and it was all directed by Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston.

The series' lead actor doubled as director for Season 5 Episode 9, "Blood Money," and MTV News spoke with Cranston at San Diego Comic-Con about a month back to find out just went into making that scene a reality.

Being the nice guy that he is, Cranston gave most of the credit to series creator Vince Gilligan, saying that if the writing is good, the camera places itself.

Check out more of our interview with Bryan Cranston about "Breaking Bad" in the video above!

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"Prince Avalanche," the new movie from director David Gordon Green and starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, is not like any other film out this summer. First of all, two characters take up most of the screen time, and they spent the movie painting stripes on a burnt out highway in central Texas. Yet "Prince Avalanche" is one of the funniest and oddly fascinating movies of the year.

When MTV News sat down with Hirsch to discuss the movie, he revealed that the "project," as Green called it originally, came together in an appropriate unique fashion.

"I was working on a script of my own that I was thinking about trying to make micro-budget style, so I called David, and I asked him a couple of questions about it," Hirsch said. "I hadn't talked to David for years. I've known David for eight years. David calls me back the next day and says, 'Hey, by the way, I'm just putting together this random movie at the last minute.' He didn't even call it a movie. He said 'random project.' He goes, 'Would you maybe want to do it?' "


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Tom Hiddleston might be best known for playing the villainous Loki in "The Avengers," but he's taking on an even better known bad guy for an upcoming animated movie.

At D23, the creators of "Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy" revealed that Hiddleston's role in the movie is none other than Captain James Hook, the one-handed scourge of Neverland and arch-nemesis of Peter Pan, and he spoke with MTV News about taking on the role after watching the character and his many iterations for his entire life.

"Yeah, I've been watching them all. I watched the old 'Peter Pan.' I even remember Dustin Hoffman play it in 'Hook,' " Hiddleston said. "I actually saw Sir Ian McKellen play Captain Hook at the National Theatre in London ages ago when I was a child, so I feel like Hook has been in my psyche for a while."



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