"Upside Down" is a new romantic adventure film with an unusual conceit. Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst play star-crossed lovers who live in two separate worlds, each with their own gravitational pulls in opposite directions. The complication makes for some romantic struggles and more than a few stunning action sequences.

An exclusive clip from the film, which opens in theaters on March 15, comes a little later in the film, as Sturgess' and Dunst's characters attempt to flee the guards from the latter's world, since crossover between the two planes is strictly forbidden.

What makes the clip particularly interesting is a detail of the world. These are not two gravitational fields where the inhabitants of one can cross over into the other. No matter which world you're on, you get pulled in the direction of your home, so when the two gravitationally-challenged love birds try to flee, they have to contend with those opposing forces.

"Upside Down" opens on March 15.

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The internet made a lot of the last time James Franco appeared on the "Colbert Report" and challenged Stephen Colbert to a test of Tolkien knowledge. The results were definitive. Lesson learned.

Or was it?!?!

Now promoting his new film "Oz the Great and Powerful," Franco came back to "The Report," but this time, he came prepared. He had a question that he thought would stump the master. Currently rereading "The Silmarillion," the more mythological text of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, asked Colbert about the Valar, the gods of the world.

Oh, Franco, you naive, naive boy. You underestimate the Tolkien knowledge of Stephen Colbert.

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GI Joe

"G.I. Joe: Retaliation" has a complicated relationship with its fans and perhaps former fans. Last spring, we were all set to go on a high-flying, Joetastic adventure with Roadblock, Original Joe, and Snake Eyes. There was going to be a 10-minute, dialogue-free, ninja fight. What more could we ask for?

Then came the delay. Fans would have to wait a year to see "G.I. Joe Retaliation," and now that the year's almost expired, will audiences still embrace the ninja fights they were looking forward to a year ago?

Well, the first clip from "G.I. Joe" has hit the web (via Latino Review), so fans can test the waters and see if they know what to do when the movie hits theaters on March 28. And knowing is half the battle.

Watch the clip after the jump!



Evil Dead

By now, you've probably (hopefully) seen the ultra-gross red band trailers for Fede Alvarez's reimagining of the Sam Raimi horror classic, "Evil Dead," but if you haven't let us quickly summarize: orange vomit, tree rape, limb removal with electric carving knife, orange vomit makeout, close-up on tongue splitting.

Good, now you're caught up. It helps to be familiar with the red band trailers that have come before so you can fully enjoy the latest TV spot for "Evil Dead," which is mostly made up of webcam reaction videos to those previews.

Watch the new TV spot for "Evil Dead" (via STYD) after the jump!


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Promotional interviews for a film, especially big-budget stuff, like "Oz the Great and Powerful," tend to cover fairly safe, publicist-vetted topics instead of breaking new ground, typically to the boredom of the interviewee.

But occasionally, like in this BBC Radio 1 interview with Mila Kunis and "petrified" newby Chris Stark, a star can take control of the chat and reveal a bit of themselves with the help of a nervous first timer.

As soon as Kunis realizes that Stark couldn't be more nervous, she decides to have some fun and engage him in a way that not only made him more comfortable and allowed him to show just how funny he is, but also elevates her to a level of cool that makes us remember that she's probably the original Jennifer Lawrence.

Check out the interview with Mila Kunis above and get ready to feel some feelings.

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Someone at the Audrey Hepburn estate is playing fast and loose with the late actress' image. First, there was that Gap commercial that repurposed Hepburn's dance sequence from "Funny Face," and that caused a surprising amount of backlash. Oh, if those angry few could have known what the Galaxy chocolate company were about to do.

The chocolate company, which mostly operates in the UK, the Middle East, and India, has released a new ad that literally reanimates Hepburn and casts her as a romantic, candy-loving protagonist. With a combination of live-action footage and "Benjamin Button" face graffing, the ad achieves some serious uncanny valley action that impresses and horrifies in equal proportion.

Check out the ad after the jump!



For the animated film "Rise of the Guardians," the creators and star Hugh Jackman had a unique challenge on their hands. How do you take the most cuddly of all mythological holiday creatures, the Easter Bunny, and turn him into something believably tough? The answer ended up being "Let Jackman be Jackman."

In an exclusive clip from the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of "Rise of the Guardians," the recent Academy Award nominee explains how he wanted to bring a bit of himself to the Easter Bunny, keeping his manly edge and the rarely heard Australian accent.

"Rise of the Guardians" hits Blu-ray and DVD on March 12.

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Today marks the release of "The Last Exorcism: Part II," a continuation of the story of Nell Sweetzer that looks completely different from the found footage original. To get a sense of the new perspective, you can check out the first scene from the sequel, which just went up over at Yahoo! Movies.

The scene begins with a simple, scary premise. A couple lies in bed, and when the wife gets up, someone (or something) replaces her next to the husband. It's an unsettling set-up that pays off with a creepy search through the house for the chilly invader.

Check out the clip above and head over to MTV News to read our interview with producer Eli Roth about "The Last Exorcism: Part II."


For those of you how aren't the most music savvy, things like key changes might not be of interest, but a growing trend on the internet is starting to show music noobs so drastic a transposition can be.

One YouTube user, MajorVsMinor, has made a series of videos altering iconic songs recorded in a minor key to the brighter, happier major key.

Now his take on the theme from "The Godfather" is making the rounds. The version demonstrates the idea of changing from minor to major pretty well, and it's interesting from a fan's point of view, to hear a familiar song sound so different, yet the same.


From the trailers and TV ads, "21 and Over" might seem like a run-of-the-mill college party movie, but what you might not have been able to pick up on from the previews is the talent of the actors behind the three lead characters, Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, and Justin Chon.

In anticipation of the release of "21 and Over" on March 1, we're bringing you an exclusive look at Teller's character Miller, the wise-ass motor mouth that encourages the drunken night of 21-year-old festivities at the center of the movie.

Teller gives Miller a lovable smart ass spin that's absolutely necessary for a movie like this. Check out some of his more outrageous insults and one-liners in the video above!

"21 and Over" opens on March 1.

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