Pacific Rim

When the first trailer for "Pacific Rim" hit, there were essentially two kinds of reactions. There was the response from those familiar with Guillermo del Toro's work in movies like "Hellboy" and "Pan's Labyrith" who were looking forward to a new movie from the Mexican director after a number of false starts. Then there were those who thought "Pacific Rim" looked like a "Transformers" rip-off. (This group may or may not have included Michael Bay.)

But now the all-important second preview have debuted, coming in the form of the footage screened last month at WonderCon in Anaheim, and it leaves little doubt that "Pacific Rim" is anything but a "Transformers" clone.

There's so much awesomeness packed into two-and-a-half minute preview that we've listed the top five most badass moments.


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Only God Forgives

The footage and images from Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling's second collaboration "Only God Forgives" that have started to trickle out ahead of a July 19 release in the U.S. have painted a picture in a much darker shade of neon than their first work together, "Drive."

Yes, Gosling will be back as the silent, violent type in a film shot in Refn's impeccable style, but as the first three clips (via The Playlist) from "Only God Forgives" demonstrate, this is a more violent, more psychosexual movie than "Drive" ever was.

Watch all three NSFW clips after the jump!


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Over the weekend, the White House Correspondents Dinner took place in Washington, D.C., and as is the tradition, it tends to be one of the more light-hearted events in the nation's capitol. Even the Presidents gets loose and cracks a few jokes.

Two of the evening's special guests were the men behind "Lincoln," Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis, and it just so happened that President Obama had seen a behind-the-scenes featurette on the Academy Award-winning director's next film, starring Day-Lewis.

Check out the segment after the jump!


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It's the end of the world as we know it, and Danny McBride has fallen off of the wagon a little. At least, that was the case when MTV News' Josh Horowitz visited the set of "This Is The End," the new apocalypse comedy starring McBride, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, James Franco, and Jonah Hill.

Rogen, who also co-directs with "Superbad" co-writer Evan Goldberg, said that an MTV show served as the inspiration for the intervention. "It's something that's actually inspired by a lot of 'Real World' episodes that we've seen," he said. "It's all of the roommates gathered around Danny, telling him that he either has to stop acting like a lunatic or they're kicking him out of the house."

Be sure to check out our entire set visit above. "This Is the End" opens in theaters on June 12.

Yesterday, MTV News exclusively debuted the alternate ending to "Silver Linings Playbook," the movie that earned Jennifer Lawrence her Academy Awards, for which we will be eternally grateful. If you're just catching it now, you are in for a real treat.

The alternate ending is essentially an extended cut of the theatrical version's original conclusion, so don't expect any crazy twist or anything. (The whole movie didn't take place in someone's head, but we'd watch that.) Pat and Tiffany still win the dance contest and find love, before heading back to the Solitano's for another Eagles game.

It's an interesting look at the ending that could have been, but more importantly, we get new Tiffany moments from Jennifer Lawrence, who is still in top form in the alternate cut.

"Silver Linings Playbook" hits Blu-ray and DVD on April 30.

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If you're familiar with the work of Michael Shannon at all, you know him as an actor who can go very, very dark when he needs to. The same cannot be said for Chris Evans, who's best known for donning the red, white, and blue for Captain America.

But if you have seen "The Iceman," the new true-life story of the country's most notorious hit man, you know a much different version of Evans.

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming movie, Shannon and Evans discuss different ways of killing targets and disposing of bodies. Evans, who plays the partner of Shannon's Richard Kuklinski, suggests using a powder that will be mistaken as a heart ache. "I don't have any friends, so it makes it easy," he says in the clip.

"The Iceman" opens in limited release on May 3.

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Robert De Niro has made a reputation out of being one of the toughest on-screen actors to ever work in Hollywood. The list of rough characters he has played throughout his career extends far beyond almost any other actor. That's why it's so weird to see him cry.

The folks over at Next Movie have put together this super cut of all the times that Robert De Niro gets really, really sad in movies and the video itself ends up being really, really sad.

Check it out above at the risk of feeling bad for Robert De Niro.


Only a handful of actors have ever had a writer craft a role with them in mind. That's what happened with Matthew McConaughey when "Take Shelter" director Jeff Nichols approached him about the title character, an outlaw with a heart of gold, in his new film "Mud."

When MTV News' Josh Horowitz spoke with McConaughey, he asked him how you approach a role that was made for you, and according to the actor, you try not to think about it too much.

Read more after the jump!


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In case you missed it yesterday, the first domestic trailer for Sofia Coppola's tale of teenage theft and L.A. excess debuted yesterday over at Yahoo! Movies.

The trailer for "The Bling Ring" drives home everything that looked fun and interested about the earlier previews, but there's a new element worth discussing and that is Emma Watson's accent.


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When filming "Jack Reacher," Tom Cruise presented director Christopher McQuarrie with a unique problem. Most actors do not do their own stunt driving and therefore require stand-ins and crafty camera work to create the illusion that they do.

As we see in this exclusive featurette from the Best Buy edition of the "Jack Reacher" Blu-ray, Cruise required the opposite. Since the actor would be doing his own stunts, McQuarrie needed to create shots that would show off his actor behind the wheel.

The resulting chase sequence ended up looking like something we don't see a lot in movie anymore, where the shot hammers home the realness of the situation.

Learn all about it in the video above, and look for "Jack Reacher" on Blu-ray and DVD on May 7 and for digital download now!

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