FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Hungry yet? In just four days, MTV will reward your appetite for all things "Hunger Games" by debuting the very first footage from the highly anticipated March 23, 2012 release! It all goes down at this year's Video Music Awards airing Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Star Jennifer Lawrence, who plays bow-and-arrow-wielding heroine Katniss Everdeen, will introduce the exclusive clip, which will be available online at following its on-air debut.

As an appetizer to the main course, we're serving up a fresh batch of "Hunger Games" goodies throughout the week, starting today with a look back at some of our favorite "Hunger Games" quotes courtesy of stars Jennifer, Josh Hutcherson and more.

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FROM MTV MOVIES: Katniss Everdeen is stepping out of the Hunger Games arena and into the Moonman-filled madness of the MTV Video Music Awards. At the VMAs on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET, MTV will debut the very first look at "The Hunger Games," the Jennifer Lawrence-starring adaptation of the best-selling dystopian novel.

Up until now, we've seen photos of Lawrence as the arrow-wielding Katniss, plus glimpses of Josh Hutcherson as Peeta and Liam Hemsworth as Gale. But we haven't yet seen "Hunger Games" in action. All that will change during the 28th annual VMAs, when Lawrence herself introduces the exclusive look, which will then be available exclusively on

If you don't already know all there is to know about "Hunger Games," now's your chance to study up. Set in a future in which the United States has crumbled and 12 districts are overseen by a brutal Capitol, Katniss and Peeta find themselves forced to participate in an annual ritual called the Hunger Games

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The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards happened this past Sunday, and it was a wildly successful event. Last year's show was almost entirely dominated by the infamous Kanye West/Taylor Swift showdown. This one was almost entirely drama-free, leaving fans time to focus on what really matters: the spectacle inherent in a large gathering of celebrities and the dynamite musical performances from a handful of the honored attendees.

Also on hand were Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake, who were there to present an award and promote their upcoming film collaboration, Facebook founder biopic "The Social Network." Garfield told MTV's Rick Marshall in an interview yesterday that he and Eisenberg were completely floored when they were faced with the fact that their group's third, Timberlake, is in fact pop music royalty.

"Me and Jesse had known Justin from doing the movie with him, and we had known him as the actor, Justin Timberlake, one of us," Garfield said. "We were all in the same bandwagon together doing our thing, and then suddenly we were on stage. [Jesse and I] both had this moment where we were like, 'Oh, that's Justin Timberlake... right!'" Read More...

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The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards kicked off in fine fashion last night with an opening performance that ranks among -- if not at the top of -- the night's highlights. Eminem took to the stage in a much-publicized performance, starting the festivities off with the one-two punch of "Not Afraid" and "Love the Way You Lie," complete with a surprise appearance by "Lie" collaborator Rihanna. The overall production was stellar, but the appearance kicked off with Em in the tight confines of a club-like space not which bore a striking resemblance to the one featured in his big screen debut, "8 Mile." It was a nice nod to the superstar rapper's roots, and led to a pretty brilliant reveal of the show's main stage. Check it out below.

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Last night, just prior to the airing of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards we premiered a clip from "Runaway," a "companion film" that will reportedly be included as a DVD with the special edition version of Kanye West's next, as-yet-untitled album. The clip is a jarring collection of visuals: there's a deer, a ballet dancer, a woman decked out in feathers and an explosion, complete with slow-mo walkaway. The imagery became a bit clearer later in the evening when Kanye took to the stage for his show-closing performance, which you can check out here right now.

I still don't know what to make of this thing, but I'm curious as hell to see it in full. You can find the "Runaway" clip that we premiered after the jump. Read More...

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That headline pretty much says it all. You've already enjoyed an exclusive new clip from "Jackass 3D" this evening. Now I've got a cherry on top for you, in the form of a shiny, new poster.

After the jump you can see a dude who I'm guessing is Johnny Knoxville setting off into the wild, blue yonder from the back of a star-spangled jetski (it's red, white and blue anyway). I'm not sure what landed him in this predicament, but I AM sure of two things:

(1) Something unconventional launched that thing into the air.
(2) This will not end well for either the jetski or its rider.

You'll have to wait until October 15, when "Jackass 3D" hits theaters, to see the before and after. For now, enjoy the moment in poster form. Read More...

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Here's something that has me scratching my head. Tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards, we premiered this mysterious sneak peek from Kanye West for something called "Runaway." Is it for a music video? A movie? Is that Kanye I see walking away from an explosion in slow motion? Is that a CG deer? Watch the clip and see if you can figure it out for yourself...

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The below video isn't just a "Jackass 3D" clip, it's also a cautionary tale that illustrates why you should never try to get a job with Johnny Knoxville. Never.

You actually get a glimpse of the below hilarity in the debut trailer for "Jackass 3D." The side perspective we get here though, seeing how quickly Bam Margera is knocked off his feet...


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Yes, yes... I know. This is a movies blog. But remember, kids: some of your favorite directors working today got their start helming music videos. So make sure you tune in, if only to get a taste of what the next wave of kickass young film directors might be.

And hey, since you're watching, why not compete with the masses to own a piece of history? Head over to our MTV News Facebook page for details on your chance to win one of ten squares of the white carpet, which every celebrity in attendance will be strolling across on their way into Sunday night's show. And of course make sure you tune in to MTV starting at 8pm for pre-show coverage; the awards show starts at 9pm. We'll have some movies-related treats for you here on the blog, but you'll also be able to catch presenters from the "Glee" and "Easy A" casts, as well as performances from Mary J. Blige, Swizz Beats and more during the show.


As you Twilighters already know, Ashley Greene helped us out at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards by working the red carpet as our guest celebrity fashion reporter. She spoke to a bunch of folks, including Green Day, Best Female Video winner Taylor Swift and "Twilight" co-star Taylor Lautner. We've now collected all of those video clips into a convenient show -- a code word here at MTV News for a collection of related clips -- for you to peruse. Check out the video below for Greene's chat with Swift, or head over to the main show page for the full collection.

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