'Terminator Salvation'FROM MTV.COM: After a half-decade of hope, fans can finally lay their eyes again upon the red-eyed machines of the "Terminator" franchise, as "Terminator Salvation" storms into theaters with a post-apocalyptic update on the adventures of John Connor. But when you go and watch the movie this weekend, will you see the whole picture?

Christian Bale, director McG and the other behind-the-scenes "Salvation" stars have packed the new film full of winks to the franchise's past — some subtle, some more deliberate. Below, we present five spoiler-free nuggets to keep an eye out for while watching the blockbuster.

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'Lost'Season Five of “Lost” went out with a bang (or lack thereof) last night, leaving many fans wondering where they’re going to get their fix of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke and the rest of the mysterious island’s inhabitants between now and the 2010 season. With a cast and filmmakers that have never shied away from projects close to comics fans’ hearts (and in the case of Brian K. Vaughan, began their careers in comics), the series has carved out a niche for itself in the geek scene that will be sorely missed in the months until its sixth (and final) season kicks off.

But fear not, folks. Here’s a breakdown of some other places you can find your favorite people from the island in and around the world of comics-related fare, from starring roles to blink-and-you-miss-it cameos.

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To no one’s surprise, “Star Trek” opened huge this weekend, beaming in more than $72 million at the box office since it hit theaters on Thursday evening. Now a second “Trek” courtesy of director J.J. Abrams—what would be the twelfth film in the sci-fi franchise—seems all but assured. Where do we go from here? For devoted Trekkers, the hands-down #1 film of all-time in the canon is 1982’s “The Wrath of Khan,” starring Ricardo Montalbán (who passed away in January) as the superhuman title villain. Indeed, even before this newest “Trek” came out, speculation was rampant about the possibility of a new Khan making an appearance in a future "Trek."

“The honest answer is if you're a ‘Trek’ fan, there's no way Khan isn't at the top of the list of things you want to play with, right?” co-screenwriter Roberto Orci told Ain’t It Cool News earlier this month. With that idea in mind, MTV News has taken on the role of casting director to select five people we think would make worthy successors to Montalbán’s Khan. Read More...

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Movies To Skip On Mother's DayMother’s Day. Of our many Hallmark holidays, this is the one that's easiest to get on board with. Mothers are the unsung superheroes of this world. They raise us and they feed us. Their love is unconditional. Even the troublemaker who leaked that workprint of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" online has a mother who loves him. Probably.

So we all agree: moms rock. That doesn’t mean they’re always welcome though. You probably don’t want to bring her to the bar or to some friend’s house party. You definitely don’t want to bring her along on a date. And unless you get a thrill from squirming around in embarrassment, there are at least a few movies that are best left for occasions other than Mother’s Day. Movies like these… Read More...

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Five Kirk-Era Star Trek Episodes That Shouldn't Be MissedDirector/producer J.J. Abrams' franchise reboot of "Star Trek" beams into theaters this week, and it ought to serve as a good introduction to the universe for folks who have never seen any of the shows. Hopefully they'll walk out of theaters curious to see what other "Trek" is out there. Which episodes should they look for? How will they know which ones truly deal with the background and characterization of Kirk and his enterprising crew (see what we did there)?

Don’t worry, soon-to-be-"Trek" fans. Cast your eyes downward for a breakdown of choice episodes from the original "Star Trek" series, which is now available in full on DVD. Read More...

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As the home of such icons as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, you'd think DC Comics would rule the superhero universe. But no. In fact, rival Marvel Comics is kicking DC's butt. How can this be?

Movies are where the real superhero action is these days, and Marvel, having scored major hits with the current "Iron Man" and "Hulk" films (and with "Thor," "Captain America" and the all-star team-up "Avengers" already in the pipeline), is cleaning up at the box office. Meanwhile, DC and its corporate parent, Warner Bros., haven't quite exploited their own stable of stars -- not just Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but also the Justice League of which all three of those characters are a part, along with Flash and Green Lantern. Turning these revered comics properties into money-minting movie franchises should have been a no-brainer. If the process has been mishandled, DC's numbers are down, and fanboys are in revolt, what can be done about it? Plenty.

-- Observe Neil Gaiman's "Law of Superhero Movies," which is that "the closer the film is to the look and feel of what people like about the comic, the more successful it is." This, Gaiman says, is "something that Warners tends singularly to miss, and Marvel tends singularly to get right." Warners may prove Gaiman wrong here with the forthcoming "Watchmen." Read More...

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TO: Kiernan and Michele Mulroney
CC: Warner Bros.
FROM: Shawn Adler, MTV News
RE: JLA Flick

Congratulations. Word yesterday in "The Hollywood Reporter" is that you two just handed in the first draft for "Justice League of America," which, according to the trade mag, has been met with an enthusiastic thumbs up.

So was the original "Fantastic Four," if you catch our meaning.

See, comic books fans are a lot like Captain Marvel. Half the time we're excitable children, the Billy Batsons of the world. We demand geeky entertainment, lots of whiz-bangs, ooohs and ahhhs. Say the magic word, though, and we turn into our alter-egos -- big, fearsomely powerful adults. We crave gritty drama, realistic situations.

You? You'll have to entertain both sides. It's never to late to learn how. Read More...

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With the announcement of DC Comics' young supergroup Teen Titans coming to the big screen, we thought we'd put forth our unsolicited advice on which characters they should use and who might fit into the rubber and spandex. Agree or disagree, speak forth in our comments section below.


We hear that the leader of the team is going to be Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, the first person to wear the mantle of Batman's sidekick Robin. Playing the slightly older Nightwing is good news for the actor who won't have to worry about that stupid Robin costume. We could see William Moseley from "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" or "Lords of Dogtown" star Emile Hirsch?


The superpowered, flying alien princess with the golden skin and the flaming hair might strain believability, but she's a key presence to separate the Titans from the grittier X-Men. Hayden Panettierre, the indestructible cheerleader from "Heroes," might fill out the costume, but we like the idea of Kate Mara. Read More...


Word today from Variety that a new series of "Terminator" films is in the offing. As usual I receive news of a revival of a beloved franchise with a mixture of excitement and raw searing dread. Here I focus on the dread.


1. Arnold Schwarzenegger shirtless. Frankly I never really enjoyed seeing him in that state in the first place, but now the passage of time and whoever's catering at the Governor's mansion has just made it a horrible horrible thing to behold. People, children can get into R-rated films! Be kind.


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