Ryan ReynoldsHistory was made on Friday when Ryan Reynolds officially became the first actor to star as both a Marvel and DC Comics character. Fresh off of his spin-off spinning turn as Deadpool in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," Reynolds is now getting to headline a “Green Lantern” film.

The "Van Wilder" star is just one of many actors who have made the smart –- and profitable –- choice to double-dip in the biggest and the best film franchises. Here is a look at a few of Hollywood's other famous double-dippers. Read More...

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The CrowFROM SPLASH PAGE: The announcement that “Blade” director Stephen Norrington was planning to helm a remake of 1994’s “The Crow” met with a cold response from both fans and the director of the 1994 film. But how will those same detractors feel when they hear that the remake isn’t a remake at all?

An undisclosed source tells Comics2Film that Norrington’s upcoming installment in the “Crow” franchise will not be a remake, but an entirely new concept altogether. In other words, the iconic role of Eric Draven will not be revisited in the new movie.

“[It's] very different from the original,” the source claims. “A whole new story about a whole new character.”

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Christian Bale & BatmanFROM SPLASH PAGE: Ever since the first moment “The Dark Knight” showed signs of being one of last year’s hit films, rumors have surrounded the next potential project in the reinvented Batman franchise. From casting and characters to the return of the director responsible for the first two films, Christopher Nolan, there’s been no shortage of predictions regarding the project informally known as “Batman 3” — even without official notice that there will be another film.

While some of the rumors been flat-out crazy, others seem to have at least some small amount of support. And some rumors, well… let’s just say there are a few out there that Batman fans certainly wish were true, no matter how unlikely they seem.

Those are the rumors we’re interested in for this week’s poll, folks.

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Tom FeltonIt's a chatty week in Hollywood with "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" premiering and Independence Day party-goers relating their experiences at P. Diddy's White Party over the weekend. Still, with Michael Jackson's funeral on Tuesday, the late King of Pop's name is still fresh on the fingertips of many Tweeters, including Elizabeth Taylor and Tyrese Gibson. Yet another high-profile death sparked reactions in the Twitter-Wood feed as well today, however, with the passing of former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Errol Morris, who directed the Oscar-winning 2003 film "The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara" offered his thoughts.

Elsewhere, Tom Felton continued his own dedicated Twitter coverage leading up the "Half-Blood Prince" premiere tomorrow night, and actor Gil Birmingham tweeted a public RSVP saying that he won't be able to make Comic-Con in San Diego this year. Check out all of this and much more below in the Twitter-Wood report for July 6, 2009. Read More...

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Transformers1. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" ($11.5 million)
2. "Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" ($11.1 million)
3. "Public Enemies" ($6.6 million)
4. "The Proposal" ($5.2 million)
5. "The Hangover" ($4.4 million)

Box office watchers have been predicting an easy weekend win for "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," but never underestimate the cute critters of the "Ice Age" saga. Their latest adventure, "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs," nearly put a freeze on the ongoing rampage of "Transformers" but fell short for Friday audiences by a few million. Read More...

Roberto Orci and Alex KurtzmanThe rascally writing/producing duo Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are at it again. Those dudes must be vampires or something; they certainly don't sleep, not with the rate at which they drop joy bombs in TV and film. Before diving in with their new hotness, let's rattle off a list: "ransformers: Revenge of the Fallen"; "The Proposal"; "Star Trek"; "Mission: Impossible III"; "The Island"; TV's "Fringe" and "Alias."

Yeah, they're busy. That's not even counting the dozen or so projects they have currently in various stages of development/production. And they've just added one more to the mix: "License to Steal," an action-comedy loosely based on a Salon.com article. Kurtzman and Orci will produce for Paramount. Read More...

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MoonwalkerWith the world still reeling at the sudden loss of pop sensation Michael Jackson, I figure a little fan service is in order for today's eBay Prop-Watch. A caveat first though: although this item comes from a certified eBay Power Seller, the auction description does not include any mention of a certificate of authenticity. Still, it's a fun piece of movie ephemera to gawk at. You just might not want to shell out the $749.99 opening bid price.

What bit of Jackson history demands such a high price, you ask? Captain EO's jumpsuit perhaps? Scarecrow's hat from "The Wiz"? Nope. If you recognize where the above image comes from, then you've already narrowed down today's pick at least a little bit. Keep reading to find out what it is. Read More...

The Proposal Ryan Reynolds
1. "The Proposal" ($34.1 million)
2. "The Hangover" ($26.8 million)
4. "Up" ($21.3 million)
3. "Year One" ($20 million)
5. "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" ($11.3 million)

As the weekend progresses, audiences continue to fall hard for "The Proposal," which stayed strong at #1 by bringing in $34.1 million, finally knocking "The Hangover" down from its two week reign at the top. After weeks of explosions and CG, people were clearly in the mood for a little love... and perhaps all the pre-release publicity that focused on the nude scene between "Proposal" stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds helped a little. Read More...

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Are those wedding bells or screams? Universal and Imagine Entertainment are getting set to resurrect the 1935 horror film “Bride of Frankenstein.” The original Mrs. F was played by Elsa Lanchester, a British character actress who first appeared in silent shorts by H.G. Wells. More than eighty years later, word is that filmmakers are gunning for an actress high on sex appeal. Of course, she’s also got to be able to invite audiences into her convincing, hair-raising Crazytown—population, one fiery bridezilla.

While there’s neither a writer nor a director officially attached to the project—Neil Burger (“The Illusionist”) is in talks for both jobs—it’s never to early too speculate about which Hollywood starlet is best fit to take on the title role.

Helen Hunt: The loveable spouse from “Mad About You”? The harried, vulnerable waitress from “As Good as It Gets”? Well, yes and no. Hunt may have graduated to everywoman parts, but in the early ‘80s she appeared in an after-school special—a cheesetastic performance in which she snorts PCP, goes insane, hurls herself out a window and starts screaming like a banshee, “I’m invincible,” as she slices her arm with glass shards. Hunt can bring the crazy, and Hollywood is always in need of a reminder that women in their 40s can also bring the sexy.


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'Sorority Row'FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: We gave you a sneak-peek at the stars of the upcoming horror flick “Sorority Row” earlier today with an exclusive video from MTV’s visit to the set, and now we’re bringing you two steamy images from the movie itself. Above, “Hills” starlet Audrina Patridge, who’s making her theatrical debut, and her boy toy in the movie, Matt O’Leary, are in the middle of a make-out session. Only this spit-swapping scene takes a turn for the worse when Audrina and her sisters decide to go in on a vicious prank.

Check out our EXCLUSIVE pictures from the set of "Sorority Row" at Hollywood Crush!

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