FROM SPLASH PAGE: From comedian Dane Cook to the fans themselves, it seems that everybody is crossing their fingers that The Riddler will show up in the eventual sequel to "The Dark Knight."

While the villain's involvement in a third "Batman" film is far from confirmed — heck, the actual existence of "Batman 3" is speculative at this point — it's worth wondering who could play Edward Nigma should he wind up in Christopher Nolan's return to Gotham City.

Given Nolan's proclivity towards a darker, more realistic tone than his live-action "Batman" predecessors, it's important to steer clear of actors that would take a hammy, parody-riddled approach to The Riddler. This is a character that should have wit and humor, sure, but also pose a threat. With those qualities in mind, I think that these five actors would do an excellent job at confounding the citizens of Gotham in an eventual "Batman 3."

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If you've been keeping up with Twitter-Wood for the past few days, then you know that "Twilight" stars Edi Gathegi and Christian Serratos have been getting up to something. Together that is. It's not really clear what, but there's been talk of gummi bears, jelly beans, rubber gloves and casual nudity.

Whatever they've been doing, they seem to be enjoying it. In today's Daily TwitPic, the duo unleash their Blue Steel look on the world. As anyone who has seen the movie "Zoolander" knows, Blue Steel is one of superstar model Derek Zoolander's trademark looks. So whatever Gathegi and Serratos have been up to together, their pose-striking allows us to infer that its taken them to some pretty weird places. Hit the jump to see for yourself. Read More...

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FROM MTV.COM: "Twilight" fans are notoriously fickle when it comes to the actors chosen to bring their favorite Stephenie Meyer character to life. In fact, it's now the stuff of "Twilight" legend that following the announcement that Robert Pattinson's would be portraying brooding vampire Edward Cullen, online petitions circled feverishly, decrying the British actor's participation in the saga. A similar uproar occurred last July, when just weeks before production was to begin on the third "Twilight" installment "Eclipse," Bryce Dallas Howard replaced Rachelle Lefevre as villainous vampire Victoria due to scheduling conflicts. Howard revealed to MTV News that the prospect of taking over the role Lefevre originated in both "Twilight" and "New Moon" was a bit daunting.

"It was actually a really unfortunate circumstance where the actress who everyone really cared deeply about, who has done an amazing job in this role, was unavailable," Howard said, explaining her last-minute casting. "They were looking for someone to fill that slot. It was right before production actually happened, so of course there was intimidation there and feeling a huge responsibility to do my best."

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Okay. Calm. My... let's call it my appreciation for "Star Wars" is well-documented on this blog. In addition to my weekly "Clone Wars" recaps, I generally try to grab every single bit of content I can that's in any way related to the classic sci-fi franchise conceived by George Lucas. It's just how I roll.

Never, not in a million years or in a galaxy far, far away, would I ever have dreamed that we might one day see another "Star Wars" movie. Not in Lucas' lifetime, anyway. (see also: "Star Trek") And yet that possibility now exists in this world, thanks to some sleuthing by our pals at Ain't It Cool News. Read More...

FROM SPLASH PAGE: It's that time of year again, folks. Special holiday-themed issues of comics will start appearing on shelves, and Santa Claus will start making cameos in every story you read. Heck, even the Ghostbusters are getting in on the Christmas action.

In IDW Publishing's "Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Past, Present, and Future" (hitting shelves next week), Peter Venkman and the rest of the gang will face off against some familiar spirits as they skip out on holiday parties for a chance to do some very lucrative ghost-busting. Yes, the team will be taking on the spirits of Christmas past, present and future at the behest of a grumpy (but insanely wealthy) client who's had enough of being shown the error of his ways.

Written by Rob Williams with art from Diego Jourdan and Nick Runge, the one-shot story will arrive on shelves December 9. IDW Publishing has provided Splash Page readers with the first exclusive look at "Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Past, Present and Future."

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I've been fortunate enough to attend Sundance Film Festival for the past two years, and it's quite an experience. I tend to spend my time there gorging on as many movies as possible. In my two trips and 10 cumulative days spent in Park City, UT, I've seen roughly 50 screenings. Not even as press really; writing would consume too much time.

Sundance 2010 is going to be different: either I'll be here manning the blog or out in Utah seeing only the occasional movie while participating in MTV's ongoing coverage. And manning the blog, of course. After looking at the competition lineup, just released today, I'm very much hoping that I'll be able to attend. There are some cool-looking movies in contention, and many more yet to be announced that aren't competing. Hit the jump to check out some of the highlights and then head over to the Sundance website for the full list. Read More...


For the second time this week, the morning's Daily TwitPic showcases Brett Ratner's special relationship with pop legend Michael Jackson. Like the posting from earlier this week, today's pic comes courtesy of Twitter user @MJJalways.

As tragic as the circumstances are, I've been enjoying the flood of candid Jackson photos we've been seeing in the past months. In life, he was notoriously withdrawn from the public eye. It's easy to refer to him now as a "legend" because he was so untouchable and set apart even when he was still with us. So candid photos like the one from earlier this week and the one seen after the break give us a better picture of who Jackson was as a person. He gets pretty silly in today's pic too, wearing a giant afro wig that harkens back to his younger performance days with the Jackson 5. Read More...

Veteran's Day brought no shortage of veteran appreciation today in Twitter-Wood, prompting thanks and memories from across the board, as well as a personal note from "Twilight" actor Gil Birmingham.

Meanwhile, Jason Schwartzman's on his way to the NYC debut of "Fantastic Mr. Fox," which as a Wes Anderson follower, I am anxious to see myself this weekend. Another new release, "Precious," really got a hold of Tyrese Gibson, who said the film's been keeping him awake. Check out their thoughts along with pictures from Peter Facinelli and John Stamos and a Henry Winkler autograph to be jealous of after the jump. It's all in the Twitter-Wood report for November 11, 2009. Read More...

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Episode Title: "Landing at Point Rain"

Written By: Brian Larsen

Tagline: "Believe in yourself or no one else will."

The Story: It's like a return to "Attack of the Clones," but in a good way. Ever since the opening shots of the Clone Wars were fired on Geonosis in the rescue of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, the Separatist forces there have been shoring up their military assets with help from a newly established planetside robot factory. The key to the Republic's assault on the planet rests in the hands of three Jedi generals -- Skywalker, along with Masters Kenobi and Ki-Adi Mundi -- who are charged with leading an advance force to take out the facility's shields, allowing walker tanks to bring it down with their heavier guns. Read More...


1. "A Christmas Carol" ($8.9 million)
2. "The Fourth Kind" ($5 million)
3. "The Men Who Stare At Goats" ($4.6 million)
4. "Michael Jackson's This Is It" ($4.1 million)
5. "Paranormal Activity" ($2.8 million)

The opening day for Robert Zemeckis' "A Christmas Carol" wasn't exactly worthy of a "bah humbug" reaction, though the folks at Disney might be lacking some Christmas spirit this morning. The 3-D holiday film, which stars Jim Carrey as the infamous grouch Ebenezer Scrooge and a whole slew of other characters, opened to $8.9 million on Friday with a projected $31 million weekend, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily's Nikki Finke. Read More...

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