Jackass 3DThe end of "Mad Men" Season 4 threw a few viewers for a loop Sunday night. Damon Lindelof attempted to contribute to that confusion, which sounds like it was shared by Elizabeth Banks.

In theater reaction tweets from the weekend, Paris Hilton and Gillian Jacobs both showed some love to "Jackass 3D," even if their affection came accompanied by shock. You can read what they thought down below where it's retweeted along with director Toby Wilkins' outlook on directing MTV's new "Teen Wolf" series, Ludacris' motivation for getting up early and Jon Favreau's favorite part of filmmaking.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for October 18, 2010. Read More...

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I'm not sure I can handle the awesome that is the just-announced "Havana Heat." Joey Lawrence (whoa!), Wesley Snipes (always bet on black...) and Michael Dudikoff (the one and only American Ninja) will come together (finally!) to star in the indie action flick, which Dean Hamilton will direct. The story revolves around an undercover Homeland Security agent who is murdered in Havana, Cuba.

It doesn't matter, really. Anything that brings this trio together on screen is fine with me. I haven't seen Lawrence in a long time, but who can forget "Blossom"? He also stars in the new ABC comedy "Melissa & Joey" with former "Clarissa Explains It All" star Melissa Joan Hart which launched this week. Snipes has been doing a lot of direct-to-video work in recent years, though he turned in a strong performance in last year's cop drama "Brooklyn's Finest." Dudikoff has been off the acting grid since 2002's "Quicksand"; fans of "American Ninja" will be pleased to see him in action again.

Variety reports that producer Tayrona Entertainment Group is angling for a summer 2011 release.

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It's been awhile since we've had any news of the Jack Ryan reboot, for which Paramount tapped "Star Trek" star Chris Pine to take over the Ryan role last year. Now, according to New York Magazine's "Vulture" blog, the new film is apparently close to officially locking in a director: "Lost" executive producer and frequent director Jack Bender.

The film's plot reportedly revolves around a fresh-from-the-Marines Jack Ryan as he goes to work as an analyst for a Russian billionaire, only to be implicated in a U.S. economy-crippling terrorist plot that sends him on the run and on a mission to clear his name.

As Vulture points out, Bender is an interesting choice to direct given that his last feature was "Child's Play 3" and his other directing credits were on the J.J. Abrams/Bad Robot TV productions: "Alias," "Felicity" and "Lost." He's also got a one-year gig with Bad Robot to develop a TV pilot for WB TV. However if Abrams has given Bender his blessing, it's likely Paramount will do the same. Read More...

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I'll make you a bet. Pick up Stieg Larsson's "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," make it about 50 pages in, and I promise you'll never want to put the book down again. You'll be pissed when it's over, in fact, even if you're thankful there are two more installments of the Swedish crime thrillers already available at your local bookstore.

"Dragon Tattoo" introduces us to two unforgettable characters: Mikael Blomkvist, a disgraced journalist hired to solve a 40-year-old missing person case, and Lisbeth Salander, a dark and damaged hacker who joins the investigation. Sony is deep into preproduction on an American film adaptation set to open on December 21st, 2011 — following the successful Swedish version — and seems to have located its preferred Blomkvist in Daniel Craig (no decision has been made, and there are reportedly potential scheduling conflicts for the actor involving the next James Bond flick and Jon Favreau's "Cowboys and Aliens").

A wider net is being cast for Salander, a role that has become one of the most sought after in Hollywood. Actresses such as Carey Mulligan, Ellen Page, Mia Wasikowska and Kristen Stewart have been mentioned as possible candidates. But now Thompson on Hollywood is reporting Sony and director David Fincher have focused on five mostly unknown names: Rooney Mara ("The Social Network"), Emily Browning ("Sucker Punch"), new Australian faces Sophie Lowe and Sarah Snook (interview), and an unnamed Frenchwoman.

Who would make the best Lisbeth Salander? After the jump, let's hop on the casting couch and evaluate the candidates. Read More...

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I can't speak for the rest of you, but "Mission: Impossible 3" was my favorite movie in that franchise. Star Tom Cruise and director J.J. Abrams make a good team, especially with Philip Seymour Hoffman backing them up as the villain.

Another newcomer in "M:I3" was Simon Pegg, who played lab tech Benji Dunn in a subtle sort of homage to James Bond gadgetsmith Q. While the fourth impossible mission isn't formally greenlit yet, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Pegg is "in negotiations" to reprise his role. I'm fine with it. THR further reports that director Brad Bird is meeting with actors this week for a potential September start to the production. How excited are you for "M:I4"? Where would you like to see the story go?

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"Dinner for Schmucks" hits theaters on July 30. Paul Rudd stars as an up-and-coming executive who needs to find a guest for his boss's monthly party which offers a tantalizing prize to the employee who can bring with them the biggest putz.

Enter Steve Carell. I'm not really sure where things go from there, and I don't want to know. But the cast for this thing is crazy, and Jay Roach directing only adds to the awesome. Just click the image below to check out our gallery of exclusive stills!

Prince of Persia1. "Shrek Forever After" ($55.7 million)
2. "Prince of Persia" ($37.8 million)
3. "Sex and the City 2" ($37.1 million)
4. "Iron Man 2" ($20.6 million)
5. "Robin Hood" ($13.6 million)

Carrie Bradshaw got off to a solid start at the weekend box office with a $13 million first place finish on Friday, but her success ended there as a refueled "Shrek Forever After" tapped into its inner ogre to beat "Sex and the City 2" and "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" at the Memorial Day weekend box office. Read More...

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This December, the family Focker returns to big screens after a few years away. Info has been slowly dribbling out about "Little Fockers" over the past bunch of months, but its mostly been casting. Very little in the way of plot details. That all changed at ShoWest, when MTV's Larry Carroll spoke with producer (and director of the first two movies) Jay Roach.

"It's Owen Wilson coming back with a new passion for Ben [Stiller's] wife, Teri Polo," Roach said of the "Little Fockers" story. "And of course it's hidden and it's all under the surface, but it causes a lot of new wrinkles in the relationship between all of them." Read More...

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"Elektra Luxx" is the second entry in a planned trilogy from filmmaker Sebastian Gutierrez. "Women in Trouble," the first in the trilogy, premiered at South By Southwest last year and "Elektra" followed suit this year. The first movie followed a large group of women in Los Angeles who were either hiding or discovering secrets in their lives. The follow-up narrows the focus somewhat, to the titular porn actress (played by Carla Gugino) and how an unexpected pregnancy brings complications into her life.

MTV's Josh Horowitz sat down with stars Malin Akerman and Emmanuelle Chriqui in Austin during SXSW and he asked them about the experience of shooting a movie with such a strong cast of female performers.

"[It's] exciting on so many levels," Chriqui said. "Exciting because, yes it's empowering, it's all us women. But we're also really close friends that have sort of met along the years in the business. So with all our crazy schedules, to come together and to be able to do something that you can really sink your teeth into and celebrate each other is, to me, one of the best parts of doing what we do." Read More...

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What an exciting day. For many, many moons now, there's been this curious IMDb entry for "Untitled James L. Brooks Comedy." There's quite a bit known about it, actually. The movie stars Reese Witherspoon, a professional softball player and two-time Olympian, who is caught in a love triangle between a white collar corporate executive (Paul Rudd) and a professional baseball pitcher (Owen Wilson). Jack Nicholson is also in there, as the father of Rudd's character.

Witherspoon told MTV in early November that the movie had just wrapped, though it still didn't have a title. Now it does, along with a release date and a few new details. Read More...

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