'Eddie Murphy'FROM SPLASH PAGE: Sure, we all had a good laugh at the expense of the U.K.-based tabloid The Sun after they announced that Eddie Murphy and Shia LaBeouf would portray The Riddler and Robin, respectively, in "Gotham" (what The Sun claimed to be the title of the follow-up to this summer's "The Dark Knight"). After all -- as we've made perfectly clear -- Warner Bros., director Christopher Nolan and various high-level execs attached to the franchise have all gone on record saying that there's been absolutely no movement on the film, let alone a script or preliminary casting.

However, the source of the speculation -- Sun reporter Gordon Smart -- has come forward in the face of the fanboy firing squad to defend his reporting, saying that he stands by his story based on "a reliable contact" close to the film. And while it's still safe to shrug and smirk this rumor off, it might be worth noting that Smart claims that the same anonymous source who kick-started the recent "Batman 3” casting rumors was responsible for another rumor back in 2005 that proved true in a big way: the casting of Daniel Craig as the new (at the time) James Bond.

Read more about the response to the "Batman 3” casting rumors at SplashPage.MTV.com.

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'Unknown Sender'Ask celebrated "Die Hard" and "48 Hours" screenwriter Steven de Souza about the theme of his new, episodic online series "Unknown Sender," and he'll tell you it's simply an old favorite -- but with a modern-day twist and some familiar faces.

"Back in the day, we had a show called 'The Twilight Zone,' where strange stories took place in that conceptual domain called 'The Twilight Zone,'" de Souza told MTV. "We also had another domain called 'The Outer Limits' -- which was maybe two freeway exits past Twilight Zone. But what is the domain where strange, weird things come to us in the Internet age? You already know the answer: 'Unknown Sender.'"

The sixth episode of "Unknown Sender" goes live today, and like many of the other series sharing a home on Strike.TV -- the online "channel" conceived during the '07-'08 strike by members of the Writers Guild of America -- it features a cast of notables from the television and film industries. After the jump, check out a new image from the latest episode, "Spin Cycle," featuring Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina in the "Austin Powers" films) and comedian Jay Davis ("Tourgasm"). Read More...

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Chris Evans in 'Push'FROM SPLASH PAGE: Paul McGuigan's new film "Push" -- starring Chris Evans, Camilla Belle and Dakota Fanning -- hits theaters in February, and even though the plot isn't pulled from the pages of a comic book, it sure feels like it is.

Starring Evans ("Fantastic Four") and Fanning ("Coraline") as a Mover and Watcher, respectively, the film is directed by "Lucky Number Slevin" filmmaker Paul McGuigan. After the jump, read what McGuigan had to say to MTV News about doing a "different" type of superhero movie and the potential for a sequel, and preview a new image from the film.

For more on our exclusive interview with "Push" director Paul McGuigan, head over to Splashpage.MTV.com.

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Olivia WildeOne of the most buzzed about movies at this year's Comic-Con was Joseph Kosinski's "Tron 2.0” (then titled "Tr2n"), Disney's sequel to their 1982 technology classic. It's hard to believe that a sequel to a twenty-six year old movie could create such a frenzy -- but hey, I was there, and the footage was pretty darn cool.

As it turned out, none of the revealed footage was from the film, but test scenes cooked up to test the special effects and wind up the geek audience at Comic-Con. The film has vanished off the radar a bit, but you can expect the buzz to pick up again now that casting has begun.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Turistas" stars Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett are the first to sign on for "Tron 2.0." Read More...

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Josh BrolinIt's hard to imagine how 2009 could be a bigger year for Josh Brolin than his awesome '08. Between "W." and "Milk" he's banged out two performances that could very conceivably earn his Oscar's attention. So how do you follow it up? Well you probably strap on some guns for "Jonah Hex" as Brolin told us the other day. And you very nearly star in the latest "Terminator" movie apparently.

Way back in February "Terminator Salvation" director McG made an interesting aside in an interview about the casting of his new flick that got a lot of us talking here and around the web. When asked who would make his ideal Terminator in the new film, McG said "Josh Brolin is a very exciting actor - we'll see." Brolin of course wasn't cast but now it's clear from my recent conversation with Josh that it did indeed almost come to be.

"Yeah. I talked to Christian [Bale] for a couple hours," he said. "I really liked the script though I hear that’s not what they filmed. The one I read was very interesting and dark. Ultimately though I didn’t think it felt right." Read More...

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'Twilight'FROM SPLASH PAGE: It's not just Barack Obama's kids who love "Twilight" -- First Daughter-Elect Malie might bond with her dad over vampire lore, but so do the daughters of comics writers Neil Gaiman and Mike Mignola, and I have a feeling that those conversations might be slightly scarier.

"My daughter Amy is in love with the 'Twilight' books," Mignola told us.

"My daughter Maddie read the 'Twilight' series," Gaiman told us, "but she alternately loved it and got frustrated with it, so I would get alternate reports back from her: 'I love it!' to 'Oh, no, they're doing something wrong!' And then she'd come back triumphantly, 'I knew they were just werewolves! I knew they were a werewolf family!'"

Read more about kids' "Twilight" conversations with their comic book parents over at SplashPage.MTV.com.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme in 'Universal Soldier 2'I report the following with a mixture of sadness and pleasure. After years of rumors and suspect IMDB updates, Jean-Claude Van Damme, hot off an honest to goodness fine piece of acting in "JCVD" (check it out if you want to watch the "Bloodsport" star cry and I mean a lot) just told me he's in for the third "Universal Soldier" movie. Er, or is that DVD?

"I don’t know if they want to make it a video release or theatrical," he said. Actually there are a lot of question marks, like is he really starring in the film or is this a glorified cameo? "I'm just going to do 10 days." Hmm, so what about Dolph Lundgren? He's back, right?!? "I told them, guys bring in Dolph! They said there’s no more value [to cast him]. I said, 'it will have value with me!'"

So much for that reunion. But there will be a familiar Van Damme collaborator joining the franchise on this go round. As has been rumored in the past "Timecop" director Peter Hyams will serve as director of photography for the film. In fact, that confirmation just happened. "Peter Hyams just yesterday called me to say he’s going to DP my film," Van Damme said excitedly. Read More...

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Kellan LutzWith only seventeen days left until “Twilight” hits a theater near you, the actors are already beginning to reap the fringe benefits of their newfound fame. This week’s “Twilight” Tuesday catches up with Kellan Lutz, who freely admits that his recent gig starring in the upcoming video for Hinder’s “Without You” came his way after the band started hearing about his “Twilight” buzz. And much like Cam Gigandet, Robert Pattinson and the others, the man sometimes known as Emmett Cullen is eagerly looking forward to a long Hollywood career.

Now, a new film is part of that future.

“I’m gonna be doing [a movie] in Connecticut in December, it’s called ‘Warrior,’” he revealed to us. “It’s a sports movie about a lacrosse player whose dad dies in the military.”

Although little is currently known about the flick or his co-stars, Lutz said that the role will offer him the chance to stretch some dramatic muscles, while simultaneously dealing with a timely subject. “[My character] has to cope with [the death], and not having a father,” explained the star, who also depicts a lacrosse player in his current recurring “90210” role. “[So he] just goes on a rebellious stage.” Read More...

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He is the clue finder, the web-cutter, the stinging fly. He was chosen for the lucky number. He comes from the end of a bag, but no bag goes over him. He is the Barrel-rider. And, soon, he’ll be the centerpiece of one of the biggest big-screen fantasy epics of all-time.

Bilbo Baggins is many things to many people in “The Hobbit.” But would you believe, director Guillermo Del Toro wondered in an interview with MTV News, that he’s also sort of just a normal guy?

“The most salient virtue of Bilbo is a very relatable, basic decency and honesty - the fact that here's a guy who's going to do the right thing,” Del Toro said of the titular character in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. “Bilbo is a good-hearted man, and the honesty of Bilbo is in direct contrast to the greed of Smaug, which looms large in the entire narrative, but also in the newly acquired greed and pride of Thorin, who becomes intoxicated with power and gold.” Read More...

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Christian SerratosObviously, “Twilight” fans are eager to see next month’s movie mainly because it’s based on a best-selling book that they’ve loved for years. But one facet of the phenomena that has been overlooked by the media is how effectively Catherine Hardwicke and crew have cast virtual-unknown actors who not only have the potential to become big stars but are — gasp! — nice, normal people.

Over the last few months, we’ve discussed the way Michael Welch bonded with his fans over socks, Kellan Lutz’s love for energy drinks and candy, and Robert Pattinson’s playful games with the Twilighters who love him. Well, this week’s “Twilight” Tuesday focuses on 18-year-old actress Christian Serratos, another down-to-earth cast member who balances professionalism and normalcy quite well, thank you. Read More...

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