Arnold Schwarzenegger

The teaming of Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron is a pretty formidable one. In three films together, they made two bona fide classics, the first two "Terminator" movies, and one more highly respected action movie, "True Lies." With both men still working, it seemed like only a matter of time before we saw the credits back on screen together.

Cameron has publicly aired his intention to only make "Avatar" movies in order to fund his adventures to the ocean floor, and plans for the next three looked to tie him up even further down the road, but if Latino-Review has the story right, the Cameron-Schwarzenegger reteam might be sooner than we expected.

El Mayimbe over at Latino-Review is reporting that Schwarzenegger is in line to play the next big human bad guy for the fantasy-action series.


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Super 8

"The Host" stood no chance against Godzilla, who took the first round of MTV's Great, Big Movie Monster Brawl, but today, we're heading back to the States for a more homegrown kind of terror.

Our tournament to crown a true king of all movie monsters thrashes on today with what we're calling the Neville Page Division. He's the creature designer behind both of today's giants, the "Cloverfield" monster and the "Super 8" alien.

Pick which monster you think should come out on top after the jump!


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By Amelia Mularz

Singing "Kokomo," arguing with the paparazzi, and brandishing fingernails painted in wild colors, Macaulay Caulkin has found his way back into our lives. And we're so happy to have him here.

We haven't seen him on the big screen since 2007's "Sex and Breakfast," which was a film (awkwardly tugging on imaginary shirt collar). Okay fine, we missed that one. But according to IMDB, it was a sexy romp-of-a-flick with doc-prescribed couple swapping. Oh Thomas J!



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