Arnold Schwarzenegger

The teaming of Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron is a pretty formidable one. In three films together, they made two bona fide classics, the first two "Terminator" movies, and one more highly respected action movie, "True Lies." With both men still working, it seemed like only a matter of time before we saw the credits back on screen together.

Cameron has publicly aired his intention to only make "Avatar" movies in order to fund his adventures to the ocean floor, and plans for the next three looked to tie him up even further down the road, but if Latino-Review has the story right, the Cameron-Schwarzenegger reteam might be sooner than we expected.

El Mayimbe over at Latino-Review is reporting that Schwarzenegger is in line to play the next big human bad guy for the fantasy-action series.


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Super 8

"The Host" stood no chance against Godzilla, who took the first round of MTV's Great, Big Movie Monster Brawl, but today, we're heading back to the States for a more homegrown kind of terror.

Our tournament to crown a true king of all movie monsters thrashes on today with what we're calling the Neville Page Division. He's the creature designer behind both of today's giants, the "Cloverfield" monster and the "Super 8" alien.

Pick which monster you think should come out on top after the jump!


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By Amelia Mularz

Singing "Kokomo," arguing with the paparazzi, and brandishing fingernails painted in wild colors, Macaulay Caulkin has found his way back into our lives. And we're so happy to have him here.

We haven't seen him on the big screen since 2007's "Sex and Breakfast," which was a film (awkwardly tugging on imaginary shirt collar). Okay fine, we missed that one. But according to IMDB, it was a sexy romp-of-a-flick with doc-prescribed couple swapping. Oh Thomas J!




By Hannah Soo Park

The Muppets may finally be getting their female cohort in Tina Fey!

The former "SNL" star is reportedly looking to round out the human cast that will appear alongside our favorite puppets in Disney's "The Muppets" sequel.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter> that Fey is this close to finalizing her appearance as the third human star in the film, which /Film claims is now going by the title "The Muppets…again." The other two spots currently belong to Ricky Gervais and Ty Burrell, who is said to have replaced Christoph Waltz.


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Director Edgar Wright turns 38 today! The man who brought you "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," "Hot Fuzz," and "Shaun of the Dead" will always be celebrated by countless fans, but today the stars who admire him and have worked with him are celebrating even more than usual!

Simon Pegg worked with Wright on "Hot Fuzz" and "Shaun of the Dead," where Pegg played title character Shaun—a complete slacker who finds himself called to action after a zombie epidemic. Comedian Doug Benson also announced the special day, writing on Twitter, "It's @edgarwright's birthday today! But I don't do b-day shout outs, so... here we are. #WhatElseIsInTheNews" Click the cut to see more birthday wishes for Wright from Jon Favreau, Chris Mintz-Plasse, and Eli Roth.

Also in April 18, 2012's Twitter-Wood Paris Hilton gives her thoughts on "The Cabin in the Woods" and Clark Gregg threatens fans who spoil "Avengers" with a Hulk beating.


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Beasts of the Southern Wild

By Kevin Kelly
Sundance has long been known for its artsy films. That's all fine and dandy, but what about the geek side of movies? Where is the spirit of independent filmmaking when it comes to our world?

Thankfully, Sundance has been slowing addressing that problem. Over the years they have premiered films like "Primer," "Moon," "Splice," and "Another Earth," that scratched a bit of that itch. The demanding film buff wants more genre out of this snowbound film festival, and Sundance is finally starting to deliver. The 2012 Sundance Film Festival has a lot to offer in science fiction, horror, and beyond.

Check out our genre highlights.


If you aren't too confident with a crab and a mallet, don't worry. Common will show you the way.

In this exclusive clip from "LUV," Common plays a man with a troubled past who forms an unlikely bond with his nephew over the course of one day in Baltimore. Here, he shows the boy how to crack a crab.

Director and co-writer Sheldon Candis based the film on his experiences growing up with his uncle who, unbeknownst to Candis at the time, was a notorious drug dealer.

"LUV" will premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

What did you think of the clip? Let us know in the comment section and on Twitter!

Kevin Smith has never been one to hide his views and opinions, especially on hot-button topics, so it couldn't come as a surprise that after the "Red State" director stopped by MTV News, he planned to head downtown to check out the Occupy Wall Street protests and perhaps finally get a straight answer about what the demonstrations were all about.

"You hear people online go, 'It's this. It's that.' You never know unless you go down there," Smith told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "So I'm going to go down there and talk to some cats."

The movement intrigued Smith for both it's uniqueness and the way it seemingly hearkens back to some of the civil unrest of previous decades. "There's no Hyrda head, so you want to talk to a bunch of people to find out what is this," Smith said. "It sounds kind of cool. You haven't seen any sort of spontaneous civil disobedience like this in a long f---ing time."

Smith encouraged everyone to go visit the protests just to be a part of history and to find out what it was all about for themselves. "Something like that bears looking at. We live in history every day of our lives," Smith said. "Jump in and touch it. Don't just read about it online."

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Tom HanksBy Sterling Wong

As ambitious big-budget projects get shut down or postponed indefinitely, one high-concept movie will finally begin shooting in less than a month’s time...but only with a reduced budget.

The Wachowski brothers and German director Tom Tykwer start work on "Cloud Atlas," the adaptation of David Mitchell’s prodigious novel, in mid-to-late September in Germany after a delay in financing negotiations. The film’s budget had been touted as somewhere around $100 million to $120 million in the past, but producer Stefan Ardnt confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that it will be "definitely lower" than that.

'Cloud,' which stars Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Hugo Weaving, spans several centuries, from 19th century Australia to a post-apocalyptic Hawaii, and follows six distinct yet ultimately interlocking storylines. The expansiveness of the saga undoubtedly presents the directing trio with the complicated challenge of bringing it all onto the big screen in coherent fashion (and with less than a 14-hour running time).

Ardnt is confident the trio has worked out a solution, saying, “"Many have called the novel unfilmable, but Tom [Tykwer] and the Wachowskis have found a way to tell these stories in an amazing, linear and very cinematic way."

The Wachowskis and Tykwer have come up with a savvy method to split directing duties: They will shoot this sci-fi epic in parallel with two separate teams. We’re guessing the Wachowskis will be bringing their forward-looking "Matrix" vision to the futuristic parts of the film, while Tykwer will take charge of the period storylines.

With the reality of a weak global economy and lofty, big-budget fare like "Cowboys & Aliens" underperforming at the box office, it seems like the way to go forward for high-concept projects is to reign in the spending and go creative, as the Wachowskis and Tykwer will be doing. We'll find out how this project ends up looking next year, as the trio is aiming for a Summer 2012 release.

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