ThorThe day of the norseman is nigh! The release of "Thor" is just two weeks away and if you're like us, you're seeing advertisements everywhere. We thought the poster was just plain ol' intense, but one actor had a different interpretation of Thor's icy gaze.

Meanwhile, if you follow anyone under 60 on Twitter, you're already well-aware that yesterday was 4/20. National Weed Day has drifted away from us like a puff of smoke in the breeze, but at least the internet lasts forever -- and as actors toked up, they also tweeted out. Plus, a "G.I. Joe" cast member is officially back for the sequel.

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 21st, 2011.


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JGLWe reported on it weeks ago, but it was made official yesterday: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotilliard will be joining the cast of "The Dark Knight Rises." And if it wasn't for Twitter, we'd have no idea how meta this casting really was.

According to the James Cameron blockbuster "The Terminator," the artificial intelligence in the Skynet program went live yesterday, which means that our inevitable destruction is just hours away! Since we're all about to die, you might as well read a few predictions for what might be in store for the robot apocalypse.

And a beautiful actress talks about filming love scenes! We won't give it away, but it involves lots and lots of high fives.

I'm @TravisHelwig and this Twitter-Wood for April 20th, 2011.


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ThorThe summer blockbuster season is rapidly approaching and the tweets are alive with excitement. Arguably, the first big film opens May 6th and comes in the form of a hammer-wielding warrior named "Thor." Leave it to Seth MacFarlane to point out the most exciting thing about the Norse God.

For us, summer blockbuster season usually means obnoxiously-excited-for-new-Pixar-movies season. We're counting down the days until "Cars 2," but one "Finding Nemo" star is upset that a sequel is not in her future.

Meanwhile, "Rio" slayed "Scream 4" at the box office this weekend and star Tracy Morgan finally gets his promotional groove on. And another comedian is celebrating Passover this year, albeit under a new name.

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 19th, 2011.


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ScreamDespite a vaguely disappointing opening box office, most die hard horror fans rushed into theaters to catch "Scream 4" this weekend, and the reviews were mostly positive. The litany of plot twists and meta-jokes were enough to satisfy one of Earth's biggest pop singers and even lead one "Scream" alumnus to wish she hadn't been killed off so soon.

Many people who saw "Scream 4" this weekend were also treated to a brand new trailer for the summer comedy "Bridesmaids." All the hubbub is making the film's director refreshingly excited, so he took to the tweets to make some odd requests. And then apologize.

And unless you spent the weekend in isolation, you know that everyone was talking about Nic Cage's bizarre run in with the law and the reality TV star who bailed him out of prison. Sometimes Hollywood makes it too easy for comedians.

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 18th, 2011.


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Cowboys and AliensA new trailer for "Cowboys & Aliens" was released on "American Idol" last night and it sent Twitter all atwitter. While we're not sure the title implies a singular champion, we've got some celebrity predictions for which side comes out on top.

"Game of Thrones" premieres Sunday and we keep forgetting that it's not a movie. But there's something about it that makes us love it. We're guessing it's the brooding and the violence (Just like in the movies!). We've got some early reviews fresh off the Internet Website. Meanwhile, "Scream 4" lands in theaters and it's Emma Watson's 21st birthday today. See what Voldemort had to say!

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 15th, 2011.


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Rise of the Planet of the ApesThe trailer for the succinctly named "Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes" dropped today, sending the movie world into an ape-like frenzy. But it's not just the trailer itself that's catching some attention -- some are taking issue with the film's new title. While certain fans are upset with the name, one Hollywood director got the inside scoop on the film's "original working title."

As if that wasn't enough, the "Rock of Ages" director announced some huge casting news for the musical through his Twitter account. We won't give it away yet (okay, maybe we already did), but he's British, you know his name, and he's married to Katy Perry. Any guesses?

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 14th, 2011.


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Scream 4With the premiere of "Scream 4" only two days away, fans are already snatching up tickets. Moviegoers are buzzing about the horror film's place in the franchise. Will it live up to the "Scream" legacy? Lucky for us, a few celebrities got a sneak peek and they're tweeting all about it.

Meanwhile, love is in the tweets for "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlene, who was propositioned online by a household name. He plays it cool and responds with the only surefire way to win a girl’s heart: A Star Trek reference.

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 13th, 2011.


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LostAfter six seasons and one heck of a divisive ending, we're still not entirely positive that we get the meaning of "Lost." But if you're hoping for some clarification from series co-creator Damon Lindelof, well, you're in luck.

"Damaged people crash on damaged island. People fix each other, then island. All consumed in bright light. Yay! (or Boo!)" Lindelof wrote on Twitter, in response to a challenge to summarize "Lost" in a single tweet. We'd say he lived up to the occasion, wouldn't you?

In other Twitter-Wood news, Lindelof had more to say on a very different subject, and we're also shedding some light on James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent trip to Brazil past the jump!


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Jackie ChanReports of Jackie Chan's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Despite the fact that "RIP Jackie Chan" has been a trending topic on Twitter all day, the coast is thankfully clear for one of our favorite martial arts action stars of all time.

"He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports," reports Chan's official Twitter feed. "Jackie is fine and is busy preparing for the filming of his next movie."

With that bit of business out of the way, it's time to see what else is going on in Twitter-Wood. After the jump, Steve Martin's quest against the Bronx Zoo Cobra continues while Jon Favreau offers a tantalizing tease at his WonderCon plans!


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Amy AdamsIf you're traveling through or near the Bronx Zoo in New York today, keep an eye out for the poisonous Egyptian cobra that has gone missing. News of such a reptilian menace on the loose would send most even-tempered individuals into a frenzy, but not Steve Martin — no, the "Father of the Bride" funny man is ready to make his move if necessary.

"An Egyptian cobra has escaped and is hiding in the Bronx zoo," Martin wrote today on Twitter. "I’m sitting in my King Tut hat by the phone awaiting their call for help."

Martin's willingness to combat poisonous snakes isn't the only interesting thing going on in the Twitter-verse today. After the jump, find out who didn't audition for Lois Lane in "Superman," which movie stars are celebrating birthdays and much more!


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