The Social NetworkWhile netting a box-office-topping $23 million this weekend, "The Social Network" also got Twitter-Wood talking, both about Facebook and Justin Timberlake. Producer Dana Brunetti shared his happiness with the world, while Damon Lindelof had to reconcile his reaction to the film with his wife's affection for the former 'N Sync singer. His thoughts, as well as those of David Wain and Paris Hilton have been collected below.

In other tweets, an early look at Halloween on the "Modern Family" set showed up on Sofia Vergara's account, and Rainn Wilson addressed his strategy for fighting the Taliban. You can find out more about that after the jump along with Patton Oswalt's take on Christine O'Donnell.

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The Social NetworkIt's been a bad week for entertainment industry deaths, with "A-Team" and "Rockford Files" writer/producer Stephen Cannell joining a list that already included Greg Giraldo, Tony Curtis, Arthur Penn and Sally Menke. Patton Oswalt took note and proposed a tribute on his account.

In other news, a massive storm of photography hit Twitter-Wood over the last 24 hours. It was tough to pick out a winner, but John Travolta fans should enjoy the post from "Weird Al" Yankovic that earned the honor. Check it out along with David Hasselhoff's new "golf cart" and reactions to "The Social Network" and "Catfish" after the jump.

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Shia LaBeoufFrankie Muniz was not amused today about a statement from Shia LaBeouf in which the "Wall Street 2" star said that many of his films could have swapped Muniz into his roles and still been hits. It was an odd comment, but Muniz cleared the air with his own thoughts on the matter.

In other tweets, the deaths of Greg Giraldo and Tony Curtis put dampers on a lot of moods. Steve Martin, James Gunn and others contributed to the collective obituaries for the comedian and actor, though Gunn's memories may be pretty unique in the scheme of things. Find out why after the jump along with one volunteer to take Rahm Emanuel's seat in the White House and why Chloe Moretz had to do some trapeze training.

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Britney Spears on GleeTwitter-Wood mourned the passing of "Bonnie and Clyde" director Arthur Penn today. Penn Jillette, who starred in Penn's "Penn and Teller Get Killed," offered his reactions to the news in a post, as did director Edgar Wright.

In lighter topics, the Britney Spears episode of "Glee" last night generated a lot of buzz; it also generated pictures on John Stamos' account and an intimidated reaction to Jane Lynch's performance from Spears. You'll find those posts and Kirstie Alley's defense of Michael Bolton on "Dancing with the Stars" down below, along with scandalous image from Russell Brand.

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Dead Rising 2The death of Quentin Tarantino's editor Sally Menke sent shockwaves through Twitter-Wood today. Directors, writers and actors alike showed up to share memories on their accounts, including Edgar Wright, Omar Doom and Richard Kelly.

Meanwhile, in Chicago the Bears/Packers game last night resulted in a few exclamation points getting tossed around. John Cusack looked pretty calm in a picture he posted following the Bears' win, though. Check out where you hang out after a game in Chicago when you're John Cusack, as well as what happened to Ice-T's copy of "Dead Rising 2" and which film Ludacris is working on after the jump.

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Some of the tweets were serious and some were less so today, as Stephen Colbert made headlines testifying before a House subcommittee. Pop singer Eddie Fisher's death also resonated in Twitter-Wood, with his daughter Carrie Fisher commemorating him with a post and Alyssa Milano among those sending condolences.

Last night's new episode of "Community" brought some smiles, though, and actress Yvette Nicole Brown shared a look at Donald Glover's Spider-Man duds from her account. Check out what he looked like down below along with David Hasselhoff's words of sympathy for Lindsay Lohan and a shot of Neil Gaiman on the "Doctor Who" set.

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Just a few weeks after Peter Facinelli went in for a "Breaking Dawn" wardrobe fitting, Ashley Greene has done the same, so it looks like things are moving along with the new "Twilight" sequel's production process.

In the news, all sorts of topics were trending today, Snoop Dogg has a business proposition for "The Social Network" subject Mark Zuckerberg, while Stephen Colbert has come concerns about a baby formula recall. Check out what he said below. There, you'll also see shots of the director handling Neil Gaiman's "Doctor Who" episode and Jerry Bruckheimer's birthday cake.

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Damon Lindelof has voiced his opinions on the "American Idol" judge lineup before, and this week's announcement that Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler would be replacing Simon Cowell on the show didn't inspire a flattering comparison from him. One new face on last night's "Glee" season premiere, meanwhile, did draw a compliment from Virginia Madsen.

In other tweets, Milla Jovovich shared a photo of her dress for "The Three Musketeers," while Seth Green had some fierce words for another Twitter user about his wife. All of this drama was accompanied by a goodbye tweet from Paris Hilton addressed to her Asian fans when she was forced to leave Japan prematurely. You can find out who Green was talking, as well as what Wes Craven had to say about wrapping "Scream 4."

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Someone finally stood up in Twitter-Wood Tuesday to counter Brett Ratner's rave reviews of "Catfish." You'll have to read on down to find out who it was, but the Monday-Tuesday window in our feed turned out to be a popular one for the critics to show up.

The first episode of the new "Hawaii Five-0" series caught some attention and at least one comparison to "Con Air," while Bristol Palin had fellow flyers clamoring to watch "Dancing With the Stars" at the airport where Patton Oswalt was hanging out. Check out what he thought about that, who wished Bill Murray a happy birthday and who's been getting prepped in case they ever make a Shake Weight movie after the jump.

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Brett Ratner hasn't been quiet in the past about his enthusiasm for the new film "Catfish," but you probably didn't know how many times he's watched it. I won't tell you whether to believe him or not but you can find out what he claimed yesterday on his Twitter account.

In other topics, Paris Hilton made this news this morning after reaching a plea deal in her Las Vegas cocaine case. Brian Lynch identified who he thinks the lucky ones are in the whole story. His explanation, as well as 50 Cent's story of why he named his dog Oprah Winfrey and some hints about the upcoming Halloween episode of "Community" await you below.

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