Eliza DushkuThis was a banner year for Twitter-Wood Halloween costume photos. In fact, that's about all that anyone was posting in our feed last night, with Shaq showing up in drag, "Eclipse" actor BooBoo Stewart punching his mom and his co-star Jodelle Ferland getting suited up as Katniss Everdeen from Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games" books.

There were all kinds of couples costumes in the feed, too. Eliza Dushku played Lois Lane for Rick Fox, who went as Superman; Seth Green let his inner Harry Potter geek shine, and Ice-T got a little mad. Check out links to all the TwitPic posts after the jump.

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Alyssa MilanoThe cast of "Community" kept their tweet feeds lively last night with a few behind-the-scenes shots from their Halloween episode. It butted heads schedule-wise with Game 2 of the World Series, though, where Rose McGowan returned once again to support the Giants, prompting Alyssa Milano to ask why she wasn't a baseball fan when they worked together on "Charmed."

Elsewhere, Eli Roth was amused by the Charlie Chaplin time traveler theories that have been floating around. You'll find his thoughts along with pics of 50 Cent with Robert Redford and Sarah Silverman having a good time with Kathy Griffin after the jump.

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The Dark Knight RisesFrom the looks of her Yfrog posts, Rose McGowan nabbed a nice seat for Game 1 of the World Series to watch the Giants take on the Rangers. She doesn't think she looked very good, but she still shared a view that may make you jealous.

Ice-T, meanwhile, has been gunning through "Fallout: New Vegas." Like many reviewers, he pointed out how buggy the game is, but also like many reviewers, he said it's been a pretty engaging experience thus far. You'll find his words along with Judd Apatow's Halloween costume plans straight out of "Kick-Ass" after the jump. His conversation with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Rainn Wilson's feelings about Christopher Nolan's next Batman film and your potential shot at dating Shannon Elizabeth have been cataloged below.

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Glee Rocky HorrorMichael Ian Black refuses to perform at John Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity this week, but he's got a good reason, and if you've been following his Twitter account you know what that is.

Meanwhile, the NBA tweets have been in full swing with the new season officially kicked off. Danny Pudi was all about it yesterday, while Marlon Wayans sounded worried about the Miami Heat. While the NBA is a popular topic in Twitter-Wood, it still may not have been as popular as AMC's "The Walking Dead"; Carlton Cuse and Eric Appel checked out the premiere last night and posted their thoughts. You'll find them after the jump along with Brian Lynch's concerns about last night's "Glee" episode.

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Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen attracted some attention in Twitter-Wood today after police reportedly found him in a poor state of affairs in a New York hotel room, possibly under the influence of some foreign substances. Michael Ian Black spoke up about him today, while Seth Meyers took a moment to remember Paul the psychic octopus and Michael McKean discussed what he wished the epilogue from "The Social Network" would have addressed.

Elsewhere, Paris Hilton took a shot of herself on the "Hard Times of RJ Berger" set, while Frankie Muniz cheered on the beginning of a new NBA season and Aziz Ansari pondered an unlikely Halloween costume. Find out if you think he can pull it off down below.

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Justin BieberThe fact that Sylvester Stallone has an opinion about Brock Lesnar's UFC match against Cain Velasquez shouldn't surprise you, which is more than can be said about the one man he said would be capable of taking Velasquez down.

Meanwhile, the younger faces in Twitter-Wood were all about their photos today and last night. Ariana Grande nabbed the elusive Justin Bieber for a pic, while BooBoo Stewart ran into someone you'll be seeing very soon for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1," and Conan O'Brien expressed some solidarity with Kristen Stewart. Find out more about that after the jump along with who got confused during the Packers/Vikings game last night.

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John StamosSooner or later, Fridays are going to require an all-image spinoff column if Twitter-Wood keeps up its current weekly output. Not only did Carlton Cuse get a rare shot of Bill Murray in the wild; a "Twilight" actor expressed fears that he looks too much like Will Smith, and John Stamos snuck another shot off of the "Glee" set.

In addition to Edgar Wright's reaction to "Paranormal Activity 2" today, you'll also find a confession from someone who impersonated Tom Hanks during the "Night of Too Many Stars" fundraiser last night and a "Jackass 3D" micro-review from Eli Roth. If that's still not enough for you, Jerry Bruckheimer revealed another few actors appearing in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides."

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Glee cast in GQSome "Glee" cast members made a big splash this week on the Internet and with Doug Benson, thanks to a GQ photo shoot. Other pics of note in the feed showed off meetings between Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron, Seth Green and Jar Jar Binks, and Ludacris with a motorcycle.

Elsewhere, Rose McGowan chastised Omar Doom for his Blu-ray watching choices, while Damon Lindelof assessed Jean-Claude Van Damme's heart attack denial and Rich Sommer backed one of his "Mad Men" co-stars to play Superman. Their tweets all appear after the jump, along with a backstage view of Broken Social Scene.

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Megan FoxEven if you don't like 3-D glasses, you still may be able to enjoy "Jackass 3D," at least that's what David Spade thinks. He seemed to have had a bad experience getting his glasses to agree with his nose, but in the end he still gave the movie high marks.

In other critical assessments, James Gunn believes "Piranha 3D" belongs on "best of the year" lists rather than "worst of the year" shout-outs, and Richard Kelly sounds like he has lower expectations for the world after seeing the documentary "Inside Job." Feel free to agree or disagree with them after the jump, where you'll also see what Jesse Tyler Ferguson did instead of wearing purple today and who said they almost hit Megan Fox with their car.

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Jessica AlbaWord that Tom Bosley passed away at the age of 83 hit Twitter-Wood this afternoon. TV's father from "Happy Days," Father Dowling of "Father Dowling Mysteries" and the voice of David the Gnome, Bosley showed up in the tweets of Neil Patrick Harris, James Gunn and Michael McKean today.

In other posting, the feed got hit with a rush of photos in the last 24 hours. Jessica Alba showed herself getting ready for some "Spy Kids 4" action, while Steve Agee was palling around with Brody Stevens and Aasif Mandvi got in the shower with his clothes on. You'll find them all retweeted after the jump along with evidence that Jim Carrey's face muscles are in the best shape of his life and an idea for a new "Star Wars" film fomr the producer of "Fanboys."

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