Breaking DawnIf you don't follow comedian Neil Hamburger's (alter ego of Gregg Turkington) Twitter account you've missed a golden month in the age of tweet humor. He's currently coming off a marathon of arbitrarily ripping into Axe body spray for insufficiently observing Tom Bosley's death, and yesterday he and Tim Heidecker launched a nuclear barrage of fake allegations against "Yogi Bear."

In other realms of the Twittersphere, NASA's press conference about a new form of life captured many posters' imaginations, including those of Michael Ian Black and John August, who each reacted to the announcement differently. Find out what they said and who's about to get down to work on "Breaking Dawn."

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Spider-Man MusicalWorld AIDS Day didn't escape Russell Brand's attention today, and although he didn't sign off of Twitter to show his support, he did offer some advice to his followers.

In other tweets, David Slade dismayed over the technical problems that plagued the Spider-Man musical in New York, though he didn't sound all that broken up over what the show's fate might mean for a Hulk musical down the road. Check out his perspective after the jump, where you'll also find David Spade's reactions to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Tom Felton's recent golf excursion and a height comparison between Autumn Reeser and Magic Johnson.

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Leslie NielsenLeslie Nielsen's death prompted a full day's worth of reactions in Twitter-Wood today, both from fans respectful enough not to call him "Shirley" and those who thought he would prefer to be remembered by that name. Dane Cook dedicated a show to him, while Brian Posehn shared his favorite Nielsen anecdote, and Olivia Wilde just plain misses him.

The "Star Wars" community experienced a loss as well, though, with the passing of "Empire Strikes Back" director Irvin Kershner. John Hodgman, Brian Lynch and Kyle Newman all contributed perspectives on their accounts, and Nathan Fillion shared some Christmas tree ornaments that Kershner might have appreciated.

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BurlesqueHolidays never come without a few grievances, and Nina Dobrev, Mindy Kaling and Ice-T all sounded off with frustrations today, from Christmas music being played too early to NPR stories about traffic and notions of what Thanksgiving is or isn't about in general.

Edgar Wright, meanwhile, shared a quick memorial note about about the passing of actress Ingrid Pitt, who you may know from her work in "The Vampire Lovers," "Doctor Who" or the original "Wicker Man." His thoughts, as well as Felicia Day's reaction to Azeroth getting blitzed in "World of Warcraft" and Patton Oswalt's gut reaction to "Burlesque" await you below.

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Buffy the Vampire SlayerJoss Whedon isn't the only one out there with an opinion on the new "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" reboot from Warner Bros. Former "Buffy" actress Amber Benson contributed some perspective yesterday with a possible explanation for the current situation.

On a more serious note, tension between North Korea and South Korea has been on a lot of minds today after the North shelled the island of Yeonpyeong, killing two soldiers. John Cho was among those hoping for a peaceful outcome, while elsewhere Damon Lindelof shared his own thoughts on resolving disputes. He's retweeted below, along with fears about Thanksgiving and a thank-you note to Jessica Simpson's surprise chicken-soup benefactor.

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Justin BieberAmerican Music Awards tweets consumed most of the Twitter-Wood feed Sunday night, with Justin Bieber pulling in the most celebrity endorsements by far. Personally, however, I'd like to endorse Nathan Fillion's perspective on the evening, as he remained focused on what really matters.

Airports, however, weren't nearly as luxurious as the AMAs this weekend, and if you were flying you were probably worried about whether the TSA was going to scan you or give you a pat-down. Samm Levine proposed a trick to beating the system, while Judd Apatow pondered parenting decisions. Find out if you agree with either of them after the jump, right beneath John Hodgman's expectations for "Mad Men" Season 5.

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Green LanternThis week's "Green Lantern" trailer has been out in the world long enough to attract a range of reactions for the comics and mainstream crowds alike. Read what you will into James Gunn's assessment of the film, but he seems to think it would be better suited for Syfy.

As for the big theatrical release of the week, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" continues to be a hot topic in the Twitter-Wood feed. Brian Lynch and Andy Milonakis engaged in a deep exchange about the film's earnings, while Ben Stiller's been working on top of a building and Penn Jillette got up close and personal with a jacket that belonged to Harry Houdini. Those posts and more await you down below.

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Morning GloryStill undecided about whether or not to got see "Morning Glory"? Richard Kelly's micro-review today may help you make up your mind. As for whether or not you should check out the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade next week, Miranda Cosgrove's been encouraging her followers to watch; but she is a little biased.

In other tweets, if you've been learning more about Prince William than you ever wanted to know during the past few days since he announced his engagement, you aren't alone. Check out how "Harold and Kumar" creator Jon Hurwitz feels about British Royalty after the jump, where you'll also see where Toby Wilkins is at with filming MTV's new "Teen Wolf" series and what Alison Brie's Wu-Tang name is.

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Eva LongoriaSeth Green has been a prolific tweeter of photography this year, and I wish we had some kind of award to give him. Instead, he gave us all something marvelous yesterday in the form of a picture full of ninjas. Jon Favreau, meanwhile, gave us a trailer from his new movie "Cowboys & Aliens," which succeeded in achieving trending status today.

Between "Cowboys & Aliens" and "Green Lantern," there's a lot of movie hype flying around this week. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" should still be fine, though, even if it does give Seth MacFarlane some wild ideas about Joaquin Phoenix. Find out what he's been contemplating after the jump, along with who thinks he might have a shot at dating Eva Longoria now that she's filed for divorce.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsReactions were bouncing around Twitter-Wood all day regarding The Beatles finally appearing on iTunes. Alyssa Milano offered a rebuttal to apathetic critics, while the creator of the "Scott Pilgrim" books unearthed a surprise.

Feeling about the TSA body scanners showing up at airports have prompted considerably stronger responses, meanwhile. Duncan Jones and Stephen Colbert sounded off with their thoughts, and Edgar Wright discussed what he could and could not mention regarding his opinion on "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1." Get a taste of what's in store when it comes out next week down below; you'll also find out who ran into the Rock and who's been hanging out with NPH on the "HIMYM" set.

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