Blake EdwardsWriter-director Blake Edwards' death was felt in Twitter-Wood today. His films such as "Breakfast at Tiffany"'s and "The Pink Panther" influenced generations of Hollywood talent, and a few such actors and directors, including Edgar Wright, Steve Martin and William Shatner paid their respects with posts.

The sports world was sad as well, with Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller passing away; Brody Stevens honored his legacy, while yet even more distraught tweets reacted to news that "Stargate Universe" has been canceled on Syfy. Check out who's going to miss it down below.

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Scarlett Johansson and Ryan ReynoldsI try to keep Twitter-Wood chiefly focused on movies-related tweets, but today Quinton Aaron of "The Blind Side" post a pic from his first week shooting on "One Tree Hill" and Gillian Jacobs got up close and personal with her favorite bathroom door on the "Community" set, so certain allowances had to be made.

Outside of TV Land, Rose McGowan reacted to insinuations that people out there are dying from attempting to strap guns to their legs, while Danny DeVito offered advice about weed and pets, and Brian Lynch polled his followers with an important question related to Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson's breakup. See what he asked down below, along with what Kat Dennings has been dreaming about lately.

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The FighterYou definitely haven't seen Christian Serratos in the "Twilight" series wearing the kind of makeup she put on for a Black Keys video in her feed this week. She and Danny Masterson both sported some new looks and posted pics.

The big trending topic in international news today, though, was WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange getting granted bail in London, where Michael Moore stepped in and got personally involved. His reaction to the situation and a roundup of Golden Globe nomination chatter have been retweeted for you after the jump.

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Miley CyrusJust in case you wanted a color pic to go with your shot of John Cusack in "The Raven" from earlier today, he tweeted a creepy accompaniment that you may wish to check out.

Elsewhere, Miley Cyrus is still grabbing attention with that bong video from last week, and Seth MacFarlane suggested how she might have avoided being identified. And speaking of uncomfortable moments, an alternate "Yogi Bear" ending that you're not likely to see in theaters has been making the tweet rounds and was passed along by Paul Scheer to his followers today. You'll understand what I'm talking about down below, where you'll also find Jessica Alba sharing a special moment with MTV News' own Joshua Horowitz.

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Miley CyrusElizabeth Edwards showed up in numerous memorial tweets earlier this week, but even more posts surfaced today to express disgust over the Westboro Baptist Church's decision to picket her funeral. The announcement did inspire Michael Ian Black to declare a new item to scratch off of his life's bucket list, though.

In other topics, Denis Leary applauded Miley Cyrus for video of the singer-actress smoking a bong. His commentary, along with Ice-T's reaction to Wesley Snipes going to jail and Damon Lindelof on the "Community" Christmas special's "Lost" jab has been retweeted after the jump.

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Howard SternSo who in Twitter-Wood is thankful for Howard Stern sticking it out for another five years with Sirius Radio? Well, John Stamos, Neil Patrick Harris and Brent Spiner for starters. Much of our feed breathed a collective sigh of relief this morning when news of Stern's renewed deal broke.

As for Seth Meyers, I don't know how he felt about the Stern announcement, but he was appreciative of Mindy Kaling's congratulatory tweet today after he made headlines as the next White House Correspondents' Association Dinner host. His reaction, along with Greg Mottola on "Superbad 2," Jon Favreau on doing the Soulja Boy dance and David Slade on "Eclipse" await you after the jump

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Elizabeth EdwardsBetween Elizabeth Edwards' death and the anniversary of John Lennon's passing this week, the Twitter-Wood feed has been filled with condolences and memorial posts. Simon Pegg noted Lennon's legacy today, while Michael Moore, Alyssa Milano and Paris Hilton all shared their thoughts on Edwards' life.

Elsewhere, Eli Roth finally made it around to seeing the "Simpsons" "Inglourious Basterds" parody he was itching to find earlier this week, while Jeremy Piven hung out with some people in crazy masks. It's all documented along with Damon Lindelof's reaction to "Tron: Legacy."

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Men In Black 3WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's arrest in London kicked up some tweet commentary in the feed today. Amid all of the critics and supporters, though, James Urbaniak thinks Assange would be a fine "Law and Order" character.

Wil Wheaton, meanwhile, attempted to leak the secrets of creating paper Darth Vader snowflakes on his account, and the pictures show that he came very close. Elsewhere, Tyrese Gibson didn't divulge anything new from the set of "Men in Black 3," but he did hang out with Will Smith and try on some shoes. You'll find his comments, along with Dax Shepard and a monkey, Bret Easton Ellis' praise for Susan Boyle and Seth MacFarlane on his relationship with the U.K. down below.

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Tron: Legacy premiereThere was a lot of honesty floating around in the Twitter-Wood feed today, as Jeremy Piven shared some bizarre details about a dream he had involving Seth Rogen, and Jessica Alba laid out her feelings about Barbie in a post.

Elsewhere, Olivia Wilde was living it up in London celebrating the "Tron: Legacy" premiere, while Eli Roth missed out on "The Simpsons" because he was in Chile and Damon Lindelof declared that he believes "Terriers" will live on even though FX has canceled it. Find out how after the jump, along with Christopher Mintz-Plasse's query about "Black Swan."

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Black SwanToday marked a sad day of remembrance for Chicago Cubs fans with the passing of former third baseman Ron Santo. Unless you're an avid Twitter reader, however, you may not have known that the Major League Baseball legend played a big role in actor Gary Sinise's life. You can read about that among the retweets below.

Other posts in our mix for today include a David Slade revelation about how Florence and the Machine were almost used in "Eclipse," as well as how he feels about the "Eclipse" soundtrack's Grammy nomination. It's all detailed after the jump along with Mary Elizabeth Winstead's micro-review of "Black Swan" and Matthew Broderick with a puppy.

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