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Today, MTV News is premiering a very exclusive, very NSFW, and very gross red band trailer for "Hemlock Grove," the new Netflix-only series from producer Eli Roth.

As you can see in the trailer, when all of the episodes for "Hemlock Grove" debut on Netflix on April 19, there will be plenty of grisly sights to take in before it's all over.



So, the first trailer for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" premiered during the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, and there is just one thing we can't stop thinking about. Yeah, it's cool to see Jennifer Lawrence back in Katniss mode, but what about Philip Seymour Hoffman?

The guy is coming off of another well-earned Oscar nomination for "The Master," and in a few short lines of dialogue, his Plutarch Heavensbee already seems like a villain worth fearing. That is some serious casting.

Check out the trailer after the jump!


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Kellan Lutz is cranking up the heat for his next big project. In "Java Heat," the "Twilight" star will play an American agent who must go on an old-fashioned quest to rescue a kidnapped princess in Indonesia.

The princess in question is being held captive by a terrorist, played by Mickey Rourke.

With Lutz taking his biggest action role since the conclusion of "The Twilight Saga," and Rourke being the go-to Hollywood actor for mad men with funny accents, "Java Heat" should be a lethal concoction.

"Java Heat" starring Kellan Lutz and Mickey Rourke will be in select theaters on May 10 and available on Video On-Demand starting May 13.

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The international trailer for Ron Howard's Formula 1 racing drama "Rush" shows that the movie is going to star much more than just Chris Hemsworth. This movie is going to put audience members right in the midst of what look like some of the most intense racing scenes to hit the big screen, and it looks like it's going to do so beautifully.

The newly released video, which can be found after the jump, focuses primarily on the rivalry between Hemsworth's James Hunt and Daniel Brühl's Niki Lauda, but it's the gorgeous cinematography that really captured our attention. It's clear that Howard wanted to make a movie about Formula 1 racing that made it feel like viewers are a part of that world. Trailers aren't always indicative of a film's final product, but this one certainly has us excited.


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Free Samples

What could be better than ice cream? How about free ice cream? Or how about an exclusive trailer from the indie film "Free Samples"?

"Free Samples" tells the story of Jillian (Jess Weixler) who, after dropping out of law school, spends one eventful day handing out some tasty teases for soft-serve ice cream.

The film also stars Jesse Eisenberg as the guy Jillian can't remember from the night before but who is determined to go on a date with her.

Check out the full poster after the jump!



Chloe Moretz

Well, they certainly aren't worried about spoilers.

And to be fair, director Kimberly Peirce and the makers of "Carrie" don't have to be. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone in a square mile that doesn't know how the tale of the telepathic teen ends. Sadly, the blood-soaked prom is likely the only scene people can recalled from Brian De Palma's original 1976 adaptation of Stephen King's first novel.

The new trailer for the 2013 version (via Yahoo! Movies), starring Chloe Moretz as Carrie White, essentially tells the story from beginning to end, including several memorable scenes from the book and De Palma film like Carrie's run-in with her classmates in the gym showers.

Check out the full trailer after the jump!


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Great Gatsby

Here's the thing: we're totally obsessed with the new "The Great Gatsby" trailer. It doesn't matter that it's a little bit disjointed as it tries to showcase its newly announced and absolutely incredible soundtrack because the visual feast director Baz Luhrmann has provided absolutely makes up for it.

The trailer highlights the complicated relationship between Carey Mulligan's Daisy and Leonardo DiCaprio's Gatsby, but it's really only here to show off the movie's soundtrack. By watching the video, you can hear snippets of Beyonce and Andre 3000's cover of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black," Lana Del Rey's song "Young and Beautiful" and Florence + The Machine's "Over The Love." Check out the trailer and the full track listing after the jump.




Yes, we are still dealing with the crushing blow that we'll have to wait until October to see Kimberly Pierce's adaptation of Stephen King's first book "Carrie," but that doesn't mean we can't still look forward to seeing Chloe Moretz go crazy while covered in blood, does it?

No, of course we can be pumped about "Carrie," especially when there's a new trailer premiering tomorrow. To get us prepped for the preview, Entertainment Tonight aired a short teaser with brand new footage of the teenage telepath testing out her skills.

Check out the teaser after the jump!


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Grown Ups 2

The first trailer for "Grown Ups 2," a sequel to the "Expendables" of 90s comedy stars, debuted online today and wastes no time reminding us of the one scene that played in every commercial for the original.

Once everyone has been reminded of the "chocolate wasted" joke from "Grown Ups," we get to move on to the latest round of slapstick gags, including a deer (yes, a deer) peeing (yes, peeing) on Adam Sandler (you get it).

We will give credit where credit is due however. Some guys from "Saturday Night Live," including Andy Samberg, Taran Killam, and Jorma Taccone, show up as a male cheerleading squad and do their best to freak out Kevin James.

Check out the first full trailer for "Grown Ups 2" after the jump!



This is the end

Yesterday, a new and bloody red band trailer for "This Is the End" premiered, and we saw a lot of our favorite celebrities fall victim to the End of Days.

There were so many good celeb smack downs in the trailer for "This Is the End" that we decided to GIF-itize the best for a top five countdown.

Check it out after the jump!


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