At this January's Sundance Film Festival, those heading to the fest with a close eye on the schedule noted one movie in particular that they would have to check out in Park City, Utah because there may not be a chance to ever see it again.

"Escape From Tomorrow," a horror fantsy shot guerilla-style in Disneyland and Disney World, might have never seen the light of day outside Sundance. It was simply too twisted and involved way too much of the beloved family vacation destinations to ever avoid the myriad of lawsuits that would keep a film from seeing distribution.

Well, after reportedly editing the movie only slightly, director Randy Moore's bizarre creation will get a limited release in theaters and on VOD on October 11, and there's now a trailer (via The Film Stage) for you to preview the madness.



For her follow-up to the first "Twilight" movie, director Catherine Hardwicke didn't stray too far from the paranormal romance genre with "Red Riding Hood." Since that movie was — let's call it — less than successful, it comes as no surprising that Hardwicke is going in a different direction for her next movie. But she's hanging onto the love triangle.

"Plush," her new film starring Emily Browning and "Twilight" baddie Cam Gigandet, just debuted its first trailer, giving us a look at Hardwicke's twisted take on the world of rock and roll.

In the film, which hits theaters this week and debuts on DVD next month, Browning plays a rocker that faces the challenges of producing another hit. Things get even more complicated when she hires a sexy new guitarist and begins to get mysterious packages from an apparently obsessed fan.

Check out the trailer after the jump!


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Here's the thing about "Gravity."

Alfonso Cuarón's new movie, by all accounts, is phenomenal. Crowds at Telluride ate it up this week. Raves keep coming in. There will be even more from the Toronto International Film Festival. James Cameron said that it was the best space movie ever made, for Pete's sake.

And now there's a new, full-length trailer to convince you even further that Cuarón has made something truly special with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

But isn't anyone concerned that if the movie is too good that it might convince a future generation of astronauts to never get up there and space walk, in hopes of avoiding the very circumstance that Bullock's character finds herself in? Won't someone think of the future astronauts! (Oh, that's right. NASA funding isn't a thing. Never mind.)

Check out the latest, fantastic, and slightly spoiler-y trailer for "Gravity" after the jump!


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The recent casting of Ben Affleck in "Batman Vs. Superman" has turned the trailers for "Runner Runner," a seemingly standard crime drama with pop star-turned-actually-good-actor Justin Timberlake, into bizarrely fun watches, where you get to pretend that JT is squaring off against a corrupt Bruce Wayne.

Our own day dreams aside, the new preview for "Runner Runner," which comes to us from the director of "The Lincoln Lawyer" and the writer of "Rounders," gives a better idea of the mess that Timberlake's online gambler Richie Furst finds himself in.

After losing a huge online poker game that he thinks was rigged, Richie travels to the Caribbean to find the man who he believes wronged him. That's when he finds Ivan Block (Affleck), a dangerous gambling boss that enlists and then ensnares Richie in his scheme.

Click past the jump to see the latest trailer for "Runner Runner."


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Zac Efron has left his innocent, more musical days as an East High Wildcat and joined up with the wild frat boys of Delta Psi Beta in the NSFW trailer for the new comedy, "Neighbors."

In "Neighbors," the boys of Delta Psi have moved into a brand new frat house, right next door to Mac and Kelly Radner, played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. The two parents extend a welcoming hand to the boys, but a wild party kicks off a prank war of epic proportions.

Check out the brand news red band trailer for "Neighbors" above. You'll be able to see the whole thing when it hits theaters on May 9.

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In the years since jokes about James Franco's many interests were actually funny, he has done very little to fight back against that public image.

Take the movie "Palo Alto," for example. The movie, directed by Gia Coppola (Francis' granddaughter), is based on the collection of short stories by Franco, and he also has a starring role in the movie as a soccer coach that takes inappropriate interest in one of his teenage players (Emma Roberts).

The first trailer for "Palo Alto" (via Vulture) gives the impression that Franco's short stories have been altered to fit into the format of an ensemble drama with interweaving narratives.

"Palo Alto" premieres at the Telluride Film Festival today, and considering the star power involved, this should see a domestic release sooner or later.

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For horror fans, if a movie in their preferred genre comes out of both Cannes and Sundance with positive reviews, it's certainly worth paying attention to. That was the case with Jim Mickle's "We Are What We Are," and now we're starting to see what the critics were talking about.

"We Are What We Are" is a remake of a 2010 Mexico film of the same title. It tells the story of the Parker family, who after their mother passes away from a rare disease, turns to the eldest daughter to carry on the traditions.

Unfortunately, those traditions include the slaughter and preparation of a human being as food.

What sets "We Are What We Are" apart, even visible in a short trailer (via IGN), is the look and atmosphere of the film, which appears to be more contemplative and polished than you would expect from a cannibal movie.

"We Are What We Are" opens in limited release on September 27.


Ethan Hawke is racing to get his wife back, and Selena Gomez is the only one who can help him. This is the premise of "Getaway," the duo's new chase thriller, which just released a brand new trailer via Warner Bros.' YouTube channel.

In "Getaway," Gomez plays "The Kid," a young thief who gets unwittingly dragged into Brett Magna's life and problems. Magna (Hawke) has a short amount of time to complete the tasks set before him by a mysterious voice on the other end of a cell phone call.

Gomez, who is up for two VMAs this year, gets to show off another side of her acting chops that didn't get as much practice while strutting around in a bikini and robbing people in "Spring Breakers."

"Getaway" opens on August 30.


A new international trailer for Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy's "The Counselor" should give you a better idea about the specifics of all the bad stuff that this beautiful group of people have been up to. But it's not just any group of beautiful people. This is one that includes Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, and Brad Pitt.

And that's not to mention the first appearance in trailer by Hank Schrader himself, Dean Norris. That's what we're talking about.

Watch the trailer and learn more about the plot after the jump!


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There's something undeniably great about seeing a bunch of likable actors on-screen at one time, and "A.C.O.D." might be breaking some kind of record here.

The Sundance critic darling, which just released a trailer (via Yahoo! Movies), counts Adam Scott, Amy Poehler, Catherine O'Hara, Richard Jenkins, Clark Duke, and Jane Lynch among its incredibly affable cast.

Watch the first trailer above and check out the official synopsis after the jump!


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