The Conjuring

"The Conjuring," James Wan's follow-up to his popular and critically acclaimed "Insidious," was all set to become another throwaway, early year horror movie until a sizzle reel at New York Comic-Con drove the audience crazy. The ecstatic reaction prompted Warner Bros to push the film back to the more lucrative summer season, and now the first trailer gives us an idea why.

The trailer is unusual in that it focused on two sequences, closely tied together, instead of showing bits and pieces from the entire movie. The result is an unsettling slow burn that pays off with a great scare and you handing over your money to go see "The Conjuring."

Check out the full trailer and a plot synopsis after the jump!


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Spring Breakers

A new, NSFW, red band, 17+, trailer for Harmony Korine's "Spring Breakers" just popped up over at Yahoo! Movies, and this thing continues to look darker and darker.

This preview focuses more heavily on James Franco's character, Alien, than any other before it. It looks like the girls, played by Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine, will eventually turn the tables on the man who just wanted to be bad.

Check out the full trailer after the jump, but you should absolutely not do that if you are younger than 17 years old.



After a few fairly disturbing teases, the first trailer for the A&E original series, "Bates Motel," has given us our best look yet at the boy who would "Psycho," and he likes his Apple products.

The trailer (via Twitch) features Freddie Highmore as a modern-age Norman Bates, and while there are small flourishes that remind us of the classic Anthony Perkins performance, this reinterpretation of the Alfred Hitchcock classic does look like its interested in creating a unique world and vision for the myth.

"Bates Motel" premieres on March 18. Let's hope we don't have another Gus Van Sant debacle.

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Fast and Furious

We're still a little less than three months away from "Fast and Furious 6" — trust us, we're counting — and there is already a utterly fantastic rumor on the web about the sequel, specifically who will be the villain.

The rumor comes from Ain't It Cool News, who claim to know about a Marvel-style stinger at the end of "Fast and Furious 6." You should probably stop reading if you don't want to know the secret.

So, here it goes...




Thus far Tom Cruise's "Oblivion" has seemed like a curious proposition. Cruise in it, so he'll probably do his yell voice thing. John Kosinski of "Tron Legacy" directed the thing, so it will probably be purrttty. But it's kind of like "WALL-E"? And Morpheus Freeman is there? You lost me.

But a new trailer, which premiered over on MSN UK, is giving us the feeling that they may have underestimated "Oblivion" from the start.

The preview focuses more on the set-up of the actual story, instead of trying to lure us in with the Mystery of It All. We get more of Morgan Freeman doing his best "Welcome to the Matrix" speech, but the backstory for Olga Kurylenko's character seems like something we could invest in when "Oblivion" hits theaters on April 19.

Check out the trailer after the jump!


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Fast and Furious 6

Oh, you thought that little plane trick during the Super Bowl commercial was cool? That's nothing.

After salivating over the ridiculousness of that first 30-second teaser for the sixth movie in the bolts-for-brains car series "Fast and Furious," we now have longer trailer that gives us even more to get our adrenaline pumping.

The follow-up to the franchise's rebirth of sorts in "Fast Five" is the "Ocean's 12" to the previous' "Ocean's 11." Dom and the crew are now living it up abroad with more cash than they know what to do with, but the heist burned their bridge back home. But when Luke Evans knocks off a military convoy, The Rock needs his former enemies to help him out of a pickle.

Thrilling, right? Check out the trailer after the jump!



Iron Man 3

Super Bowl XLVII, we're told, is an upcoming sports game that lots of people are looking forward to, and while we're just as excited about this Sunday, our anticipation lies between the whistles, during the commercial breaks.

The major studios have shelled out $4 million per 30-second spot, so they'll be doing their best to make their line-up of movies look as thrilling as possible.

We've broken down what will premiere during the game below and put down our predictions for what we'll see and what we hope to see.


Rupert Grint

By Tara Fowler

Daniel Radcliffe made a splash at Sundance this past month with the Allen Ginsberg biopic "Kill Your Darlings," and Emma Watson earned rave reviews for September's "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," playing the flirtatious Sam, a character who is pretty much as anti-Hermione as they come.

But what about the third member of the Harry Potter trio, Rupert Grint? Is he ready to leave one Ronald Bilius Weasley behind as well? Sure looks like it, if the trailer for his new movie "Into the White" is anything to go by.

Previously known as "Comrade," the WWII actioner centers on a group of British and German soldiers, who are forced to band together for survival after being shot down in the bitter winter wilderness of Norway. The movie, which was first released abroad last March, is based on the true story of real pilots who eventually became lifelong friends.

Hmm... An unlikely friendship, the fight for survival, and gorgeous snow scenes? Maybe it's not so different from Harry Potter after all! Check out the trailer for Into the White after the jump!


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Upside Down

We're still trying to figure out what to make of "Upside Down." The film comes from Argentinian director Juan Diego Solanas, stars Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess, and seems to have a visual premise that would put visionary directors like Christopher Nolan or the Wachowskis to shame. But is it too much to handle? That's still left to be determined.

The movie, which Solanas also wrote, tells the story of two twin planets that have polar gravity and hang opposite one another. Judging by this trailer, the planets come so close at points that people can interact between them—though, unfortunately, that's forbidden. "Upside Down" follows a love story between Dunst and Sturgess' characters, who come from different planets. The visual effects look stunning and the premise is intriguing, but with a style and story this risky, "Upside Down" could be only a step away from being a complete disaster.


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Inside Llewyn Davis

After a four-year run of producing a film a year, the Coen Brothers have taken their precious time with "Inside Llewyn Davis," the story of a folk musician wandering around the Greenwich Village in the 1960s. After the duo's follow-up to "True Grit" failed to show up on the 2012 festival circuit, we were left guessing about when we might see it. Now a little site,, has popped up with our very first look at "Inside Llewyn Davis." In short, the movie looks gorgeous, the dialogue is hilarious, and it's shaping up to be another classic Coen Brothers picture.

Watch the first trailer for "Inside Llewyn Davis" after the jump!


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