Since we're interviewing a ton of celebrities here at Sundance, we brainstormed what else -- above and beyond the standard interview -- could we do with them.

So what'd we decide? Our very own PHOTO BOOTH! Given MTV's storied past with photo booths, it seemed natural. So keep checking in to get an inside look of celebrities in a way you probably haven't seen before. Some of Hollywood's biggest names will be swinging through our booth, so stay tuned. First up is Spike Lee, in town to promote his new film "Passing Strange." Check out his first photo below and then click here to see all of the growing Sundance photo booth participants. Thanks, Spike!

Spike Lee in the MTV News Photo Booth

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SundanceSundance is up and running and so is your MTV News movies team! Today marks the first full day of screenings and interviews at the fest and sure enough, it looks to be a jam-packed day for us.

How better to kick off the granddaddy of indie film fests than with an interview with Spike Lee? We'll try not to mention how great Clint was in "Gran Torino." Hmm...on second thought maybe we will.

Later on we'll catch up with the brains behind one of the most talked about comedies here this year, "Mystery Team." Judging by the clips we premiered here these guys could be a big story here this week. Read More...

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The snow is blowin' and the ice is turning really slippery, but the MTV News team here in Park City, Utah is ready to do what we do. Over the coming days we'll be bringing you exclusive interviews with tons of big stars, and we'll be covering the hottest events. So stay tuned, and check out our Day 1 photo gallery below.


There's a lot cooking here in Park City, UT, with the Sundance film festival offering up a whole splattering of different movie genres. One of those of course is comedy, and in "Spring Breakdown," "SNL" star Amy Poehler, Parker Posey and Amy Dratch serve it up by heading down for -- what else -- spring break.

We've got an exclusive look at this "Park City Midnight Series" flick, so watch the trailer below and then click here to watch three clips from "Spring Breakdown."

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SundanceFor the vast majority of us out there who would love to go to this year's Sundance Film Festival but because of dumb things like "work" or "expensive plane tickets" can't, the benevolent technological overlords at Apple have got our hook-up!

In a partnership with Apple's iTunes Music Store, Sundance and Shorts International have announced today that they will make available 10 short films selected to screen during the film festival as free (yup, free) downloads via their online media store (available in the US, UK and Canada only). The offer will only be available starting today through January 25, so film geeks should act now.

After the jump, check out the official announcement and a rundown of the films that are currently available for download on the iTunes Music Store. Read More...


Wrestlers aren't the only tough guys getting the dramatic treatment in the film world these days. James Toback's buzz-heavy documentary "Tyson" debuts at Sundance this year, and the film promises to provide an "intimate and moving no-holds-barred portrait of a humbled Mike Tyson."

And while some might be skeptical about matching the terms "intimate" and "humbled" with the notorious former heavyweight boxing champ, Sony Pictures Classics has already optioned the film in advance of its Sundance debut -- sparking quite a bit of interest in the project.

Keep your eyes on Movies Blog and Splash Page throughout the Sundance Film Festival for more news, clips, previews and exclusive interviews from the tireless MTV Movies crew. Heck, they've already started -- check out today's initial Sundance roundup and report.

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Sundance CrewGreetings from Utah! No, the MTV Movies team isn't on a "Big Love" reality tour (though we're psyched the show is back this week). The Sundance Film Festival is about to begin!

For about a week every year, the sleepy town that is Park City is transformed into the best place for celebrity rubber-necking this side of the Globes red carpet. Oh, and they show a few films too. And so your friendly MTV Movies reporters (that's us up in the corner) have donned our snow gear (though it's currently actually colder in NYC. Who knew?!?) to bring you the very best of the fest.

We're talking to everyone from Kristen Stewart to Guillermo del Toro. From Nick Cannon to Ralph Macchio (I know!). Such is the breadth of Sundance. So keep it right here on the Movies Blog and Splash Page for breaking news, interviews and reviews, straight from our sleepless, dedicated team on the ground. It'll be fun. Really. Read More...


Sam RockwellRemember when Sam Rockwell told MTV News about his new movie “Moon” way back last February? And his basketball film “The Winning Season” back in August? A year later, he’s ready to break both out at Sundance, and he’s not stopping there. A Sundance veteran, Rockwell is bringing two films to the Utah film festival this year—and much, much more.

“A lot of condoms. Chaps. A thong. Cowboy hat. I'm ready to go!” the “Choke” and upcoming “Iron Man 2” actor said in an exclusive interview with MTV News. If anyone has been to Sundance enough times to know what the standards are, it’s Rockwell.

“This is either five or six for me,” he estimated. “I've lost track. I'm in New York, going there Friday night. Going there for a week.” Read More...


I'd never heard of "Mystery Team" before getting a few clips ahead of its Sundance premiere, and I gotta looks pretty damn funny. The film follows three high school friends who start a detective agency, and needless to say hijinx ensue. Having only seen the footage below, it looks like a cross between the more farcical episodes of "Mr. Show" and the quirky banter of "Napoleon Dynamite." I have no idea what that means but it's good stuff.

Check out the fun below (note: there are two clips back to back).


'Humpday'Lynn Shelton's "Humpday" is already generating buzz, and it hasn't even hit Sundance yet. The film will premiere at the festival (and we'll be bringing you the exclusive trailer when it does), but for now we've got an exclusive clip of this bromantic comedy and an intro from the director herself.

Lynn Shelton: "Straight guys can be funny fellows. Don't get me wrong, I love 'em to death, but the way they seem capable of turning any situation into a game of one-upmanship--even with their closest buddies--can be a pretty awesome spectacle. 'Humpday' takes this syndrome of hetero guy competitiveness to a new, ironic extreme: two straight friends outduding each other by attempting to do each other." Check it out after the jump. Read More...

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