That's right, it's yet another addition to our (quite-huge) MTV Sundance Photo Gallery, and it's actress Anne out to premiere her indie pic "Spread." Click here to see the entire Photo Booth gallery, featuring photos by Jeff Daniels, Kristen Stewart, Spike Lee and dozens of others.

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"Humpday" is the type of movie with a plot that intrigues you, actors that endear themselves to you -- and a mind-numbing lack of focus that sucker punches you in the face repeatedly until you just want to give up and walk out.

Here's the breakdown: Two straight guys get loaded one night, come up with the wild idea of making a porn film, but can't think of a taboo left to be broken. When some free-minded girls convince them that sex between two straight men is the only virgin snow left to trample upon, the two "bro-mance" buddies keep daring one another to back down ... as the actuality of the situation keeps looming larger. Read More...


Jim Carrey's been in the movie business a lot of years, but surprisingly this is his first trip to Sundance. He claims filming "Dumb and Dumber" here put Park City on the map, which may or may not be the case, but some sort of monument is in order ... according to Jim.

So, how does a festival virgin spend his time here? By hanging out with people he doesn't usually -- like 50 Cent! Check out what he has to say about partying with 50, and then watch our other celebrity Sundance interviews, including Kristen Stewart, Chris Rock, Michelle Trachtenberg and more!


If you've been checking the blog (and why wouldn't you), you'll know that we've set up the Sundance MTV Photo Booth where we've asked some of the biggest celebrities in town to pose and take their own pic. It's worked out so far, with dozens of photos in our gallery, including everyone from Kristen Stewart and Michelle Trachtenberg to Paul Giamatti and Chris Rock. Below, check out the result of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (in town to promote "500 Days of Summer"), and then click here to see all our Sundance Photo Booth pics.

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Uma ThurmanThe Sundance Film Festival may be winding down here in Park City, but that doesn't mean there aren't star-studded interviews to be had.

A bevy of celebs will be sitting of the MTV News cameras today, including beauties Emmy Rossum and Uma Thurman. But we aren't hanging out with just the girls, the guys are also well represented.

Look for interviews with Woody Harrelson, Kevin Spacey, Mickey Rourke and many others. Some of us are heading home this afternoon, but the blog never stops or sleeps.

My admiration for the comic timing of the great Tea Leoni dates back to "Flirting with Disaster" so it pleases me to learn her new film debuting tonight at Sundance is a comedy and calls for her to talk fast and funny alongside the likes of Billy Bob Thorton. That it comes from the great Polish brothers and is called "Manure" is just icing on the cake.

When I chatted with Tea this morning I brought up her reported split with husband David Duchovny as gently as possible and she admitted the year has been hard. But she's also talking like a woman whose marriage isn't quite over (or am I reading too much into it)? Does this in fact add fuel to the speculation last week after Duchovny's Globes speech perhaps?

Check out all of our celebrity interviews from Sundance, including Kristen Stewart, Jim Carrey, Mike Tyson and many more.

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Michelle Trachtenberg's in Park City to celebrate her new film "Against the Current" and took time out of her busy schedule to not only talk to us about her film and Gossip Girl, but also strike a pose for the MTV Sundance Photo Booth. Check it out below, and then click here to visit our huge gallery full of celebrity Sundance Photos, including Kristen Stewart, Michael Cera, Olivia Thirlby, John Krasinski, and so many more.

Michelle Trachtenberg

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What a difference a year makes.

Last year Kristen Stewart came to Sundance as just another actor. She was here for the small film "The Yellow Handkerchief," which has yet to have a wide release, as is the case for many films shown here. It's actually part of the charm.

Then she started working on her next project (maybe you've heard of it?), which catapulted her into super-stardom with young girls everywhere. This year, here to debut "Adventureland," a film in which she co-stars with Jesse Eisenberg, the experience is a bit different for the young actress. When we caught up with Kristen yesterday, the "Twilight" star specifically described the difference in the level of paparazzi she's noticed here on this go round.

Kristen goes on to talk more about the Sundance experience, and what she thinks about all the actors and celebrities who are here for -- or not for -- festival films. Check out the video after the jump. Read More...

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It's been a much talked-about subject: with Will Smith's interest in potentially playing our new president Barack Obama, could that lead to something real? If that happened, director Spike Lee seems like someone who'd be interested in telling Obama's rags-to-riches story.

Not so fast. Lee tells MTV News that he has no interest in an Obama biopic. "Everybody and their mama is doing a documentary on Obama," he said during an interview for his new Sundance film "The Passing Strange." Watch his comments firsthand in the video below, and then click here to read more about it.

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Arcade FireFor the first time, “Donnie Darko” writer/director Richard Kelly is spilling details about his highly anticipated collaboration with the Arcade Fire for his upcoming horror morality tale, “The Box.”

“They’re just like my favorite band, period,” Kelly tells MTV News. “And I just have always felt that their stuff was really cinematic.” After showing the “Box” script to Arcade songwriter Win Butler, the director and the band traveled to Toronto, where they recorded 80 minutes of original music with a full orchestra, including strings, brass and a rich, polyphonic keyboard called a Mellotron. Singer Régine Chassagne contributed vocal elements to the score. Read More...

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