MTV News welcomes Shelly Morrison as our official Movie Awards Insider for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. From now until the big show on Sunday, Shelly will be mixing it up with the hottest celebrities and taking you behind closed doors for one of Hollywood's biggest events.

Hey everyone! I'm Shelly Morrison, and I am going to be your insider for the MTV Movie Awards. I'm 22 years old and from O'Fallon, Illinois, about 30 minutes from St. Louis, Missouri. I graduated from college about a year ago with a degree in Business Administration/International Management, and spent last summer working in the marketing communications department of a bank in Germany.

I entered the Movie Awards Insider competition on a whim, really. I wrote my 250 words, crossed my fingers and sent it off hoping for the best. I was shocked that I actually made it as a finalist, and I still can't believe that I am here in L.A. hanging out with MTV News. Read More...


Gibson AmphitheatreMark Sidlow and Rick Merrill are not only the Senior Production Manager and General Manager of Universal Studio’s Gibson Amphitheatre respectively, but they are also two of the vital vertebrae in the spine of the MTV Movie Awards. Every year, the duo are among the many who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make everything look so spontaneous on your TV screen. And with Sunday night’s live broadcast getting closer every minute, they are once again hard at work.

“This year, we finished a multimillion-dollar renovation and we got rid of a fire curtain and some ceiling obstructions that we’ve had through the years,” Merrill explained to me backstage on Wednesday as they prepared this year’s massive stage (get an insider's tour of the Gibson Amphitheatre here). “So, we’ve hung over 200 chain motors that hold the MTV set, and there’s been approximately 70-80 men working non-stop.” Read More...

Man, do I love Billy Bob Thornton. When he stopped by our spot at the MySpace Cafe in Sundance this week (he's got two flicks here, "The Informers" and "Manure"), he was exactly as you'd expect. Charismatic. Eccentric. One of a kind. So of course his photo booth shot is similarly memorable. Click here to see the entire Photo Booth gallery, featuring photos by John Krasinski, Kristen Stewart, Spike Lee and dozens of others.

Billy Bob

I'm not one to stir up controversy. All I wanted was to find out what Woody Harrelson (in Sundance to promote his role in the sobering meditation on grief, "The Messenger") thought of the shoe crafted in honor of his performance in "White Men Can't Jump." I guess it didn't surprise me when Woody hadn't caught wind of the enterprise. He doesn't strike me as a man with a google news alert set to his own name. Without further ado, please enjoy his and "Messenger" co-star Ben Foster's reaction to the sneaker inspired by his seminal work. Oh and if you'd got "White Men Can't Jump" on the brain don't miss our Sundance interview with Wesley Snipes!

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It's not every day that you get to watch a film about betrayal, carnal desire and the supposed intrinsic nature of men to think below the waist -- all at 8:30 in the morning. But on Tuesday, as the rest of the world tuned in to see a new president take the oath, myself and a half-asleep Sundance crowd shuffled into the Racquet Club theater to see John Krasinski's "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men."

By the end of the film, I considered my admission price of sleep and historical perspective well worth it. Read More...

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Zooey Deschanel is more than an adorable actress who told me she liked my sweater after I interviewered her a few days ago. Like that? It's called subtlety. Yes, Ms. Deschanel is so much more. She can sing. She starred in my favorite movie at Sundance this year, "500 Days of Summer," and perhaps most importantly for this blog entry, she's pretty damn photogenic. Click here to see the entire Photo Booth gallery, featuring photos by John Krasinski, Kristen Stewart, Spike Lee and dozens of others.

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When we chatted with Chris Rock at Sundance this week he was pretty pumped about George W. Bush's recent exit from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But truth be told besides talking politics, the actor/comedian had a documentary to promote. "Good Hair" premiered this week to strong reviews. Its positive reception had the former Oscars host likening it to, of all things, a U2 album?

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In "500 Days of Summer, a crowd-pleasing romantic comedy, stars Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt play loves who drift in and out of each other's lives. So what is there real view on romanticism? We asked them here at Sundance, which you can see below. And then click here to watch all of our celebrity Sundance interviews with everyone from Kristen Stewart to Spike Lee.

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Normally, at this part in a Sundance review, I'm supposed to tell you what the buzz was like as I waited in line.

Can I let you in on a secret? Just between you and me? I didn't wait in line. I snuck in, without a ticket or anything.

Knowing I was going to interview the stars on Saturday morning, and that I hadn't been able to secure a "Helen" ticket, I thought I'd try showing up at the screening and talking my way in - y'know, research. But instead, three age-old tricks of the trade were reinforced to me once again: Read More...

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Billy Bob Thornton -- here at Sundance to promote both "Manure" and "The Informers" -- is a lot of things, but we never really pegged him as having a clinical aversion to going outdoors. That kind of made for a slightly off Sundance experience, with Thornton describing how most of his festival time is spent. Check it out below, and then click here to watch all of our Sundance celebrity interviews.

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