Dominic Cooper might be getting a lot of buzz for his roles as Howard Stark in "Captain America: The First Avenger" and as Henry Sturgess in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," but with "The Devil's Double" hitting theaters this weekend, there are another two character we should be spending our time talking about: Latif Yahia and Uday Hussein.

MTV News caught up with Cooper at the Sundance Film Festival to talk about the movie in which the "An Education" star plays both the insane son of Sadam Hussein and the man forced to be his body double. Unsurprisingly, it was a bit of an interesting experience for Cooper to shoot.

"[Uday is] so extreme and having that flexibility and deliberation to just go as crazy and berserk as I liked was exhilarating but it was also very technical the way in which we had to film it," Cooper said. "We would film things and the camera had to be in a memory lock and reshoot the scene exactly as we'd done it for me to be able to step in as the other character and reshoot it so more often than not I'd be acting opposite no one."


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By Daniela Capistrano

Ryan Seacrest braved the brisk Park City, Utah weather to broadcast his morning radio show Friday from the Bing Bar at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Ryan Seacrest

Shortly after interviewing rock legend Steve Tyler for “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” about his first week on American Idol, the multitasking host shared this cheeky update via Twitter:

@RyanSeacrest Found my long lost brother at #Sundance in the #BingBar!!!

Be sure to keep it locked to MTV Movies Blog for more behind the scenes coverage from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival!

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Joseph Gordon-LevittIt's been some time since we heard anything about Brett Easton Ellis' script adaptation of Adam Davies' 2002 novel The Frog King, which is set to star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now, the "500 Days of Summer" star reveals to MTV News that the project isn't exactly moving forward.

"That movie's having logistical troubles," says Gordon-Levitt, "It's not worth writing about at this point." Fine Joseph. We won't.

Despite the abysmal reviews and box office take of Easton Ellis' "The Informers" last month, his American Psycho cred is still serving him well, as there are several adaptations of his other work in development. Read More...

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T-minus 24 hours until Robert DeNiro reunites on the big screen with Al Pacino in "Righteous Kill" (good luck with those comparisons to "Heat," gentlemen). Sure everyone's talking about the two headliners in this one but let's not forget about Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson who also appears in the flick. We chatted with 50 way back in January in Sundance about the film and he told us all about his extracurricular fun with DeNiro on a gun range. Of course we had to ask who the better shot was. And of course 50 answered as you might expect him to.

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buck_howardA few days ago, we gave you a review of "The Great Buck Howard" from our colleague Rachel Josue. Today, fellow blogger Josh Horowitz weighs in with his own thoughts.

On the Line: I'm attending a press screening at Sundance as opposed to a public one. All that means is the people I'm sitting with are allowed to eat in their seats and are more likely to make snarky comments about Robert Redford. I've heard about this flick for a while. Colin Hanks, John Malkovich, and even a little Tom Hanks. Doesn't sound too Sundance-y but I'm game. Read More...

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'Sleepwalking'Every few years, a film comes along containing a performance far better than the movie as a whole; some characters just deserve to have more interesting things happen to them. I'm thinking of Forrest Whitaker in "Ghost Dog," Paul Giamatti in "Lady in the Water," or Giovanni Ribisi in, well, anything.

I have now seen the Superbowl of such movies, and it is called "Sleepwalking." Read More...

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phoebeArticle by Alyssa Vitrano

On the Line: I was at a Women in Film panel over the weekend, and Patricia Clarkson was talking about how the movie had 3 really strong female lead roles (played by her, Felicity Huffman and Elle Fanning). You never know if that means it'll be chick flicky, but later an older guy was telling me he saw it and afterwards called his wife practically in tears saying how the film made him want to be a better father. Wow, ok. Was also curious to see if Elle Fanning was as freakily good as her sister Dakota.

In the Theater: The scenes with Elle and Felicity, who plays a writer whose trying to figure out what kind of disorder her daughter has, are completely heartbreaking. I was sitting next to an older man and we were both crying. But the scenes where the kids put on the Alice in Wonderland play go on way too long and feel like you're at a grade-school production--only kids' parents should have to sit through that.

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Sean Combs -- not to be confused with the music world's Diddy -- is very proud to be a part of "A Raisin in the Sun" at Sundance In fact, he all but refused to talk about anything except the direct-to-TV movie (the film isn't getting a theatrical release), and isn't partying in Park City so he can give the movie all of his attention. Check out the full text of our Sean Combs interview here or watch the man himself below.

See our complete coverage of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival — including breaking news, celebrity interviews, red carpet photos, movie clips and tons more.

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bonoU2, P-Diddy, Morgan Spurlock and Charlize Theron were just a few of Hollywood's elite who took to the slopes of Sundance this past week to showcase their films – and my colleagues at MTV News spoke with all of them.

But forget the stars. From ground zero here in Los Angeles, the bird's eye view of the Festival was full of dollars, not Cents (as in 50), meaning big paydays for the following filmmakers:

"Hamlet 2": Hamlet tells his friend Horatio that "There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in [his] philosophy." Yeah, no kidding, apparently there was a whole other story! The comedy flick with Steve Coogan as a teacher who writes a Shakespearean sequel sold to Focus Features for $10 million, easily the tops of the festival. And they said he was indecisive.

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It's got more gunplay than your local post office, enough close-ups of the female posterior to make Sir Mix-a-Lot blush, and so many dirty words it'll likely be banned before you finish reading this sentence. Quentin Tarantino and his motley crew call it "Hell Ride," and it sure is one helluva something.

What, exactly, depends on your own personal tolerance for murder, mayhem, mud-wrestling and Michael Madsen in a tree, doing an owl imitation.

The flick, which premiered this week at Sundance, follows two warring biker posses. Set in a surreal world where every woman wants a roll in the hay, and every man knows he can shoot another man in the crotch without any fear of interference from the police, it revolves around three keys labeled "666," the 1976 murder of a biker babe and a whole lot of vengeance. Read More...

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