One of the first things that may pop into your head while watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance in his directorial debut and Sundance darling "Don Jon's Addiction" is "Jersey Shore."

But when MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked about the connection to the recently concluded reality show, the "Dark Knight Rises" star pleaded ignorance.

"I had never seen Jersey Shore when I wrote it, and when I became aware of the similarities, I did watch it. Sorry, I could only get through one of them," Gordon-Levitt said. "That archetype goes back way further than 'Jersey Shore,' whether you're talking about 'Rocky' or 'Saturday Night Fever,' or Tough Tony."


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At this year's Sundance Film Festival, Dane DeHaan wasn't the only "Chronicle" alum to make a big impression with the critics in Park City, Utah. His co-star and former "Friday Night Lights" star Michael B. Jordan led his Sundance entry "Fruitvale" to wins in both the Grand Jury and Audience prizes at the festival.

"Fruitvale" tells the tragic true story of a young Bay Area man whose life is cut short when he's shot by a transit police officer. The incident set off a string of controversies, calling the true nature of the shooting into question.

What Jordan attempted to do with his role as Oscar Grant in "Fruitvale" was to honor his family and the memory of the man who got lost in the controversy.


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In Daniel Radcliffe's post-Potter career of interesting role choices, "Horns" stands out particularly as the most bizarre. Your average movie tends not to include a main character who spouts horns after his girlfriend's mysterious death, and when we spoke with Radcliffe at Sundance, he wasn't after to admit his own confusion when it comes to the Alexandre Aja film.

"A few weeks after we finished I woke up one morning thinking, 'What was that? What was that film I just did?'" Radcliffe said. "It's so crazy. I feel like I have less concept of what it's going to be now than when I first started, which is bizarre, but it's very exciting."

But is "Horns" really that? From how Radcliffe describes, his new head ornaments are just the start of the craziness. "I got to have burn make-up on, and then I got to come out of the Pacific Ocean after having been burned alive and drowned—and I survived that," he said, "because I'm a boss."

How right you are, Dan Rad!

"Horns" is expected to hit sometime this year.

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Though the mystery of the "Star Wars: Episode VII" director may be solved, the future of the franchise and the talk of spin-off movies still lingers. In theory, standalone movies set in the "Star Wars" universe would be a way of attracting serious talent who would otherwise be hesitant to commit to numbered installment and who could put their own spin on George Lucas' world.

Given the chance to talk to Robert Rodriguez at this year's Sundance Film Festival, of course MTV News' Josh Horowitz had to ask if the genre director would ever like to take a crack at the world of Jedis and intergalactic smugglers.

In general, Rodriguez is definitely on board for standalone "Star Wars" movies. "I don't mind them doing more 'Star Wars,' " he said. "I also like the whole idea of them doing off-shoot films, like you just have a 'Boba Fett' movie over here."


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Considering 2012's Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner "Beasts of the Southern Wild" is now a Best Picture nominee at the Academy Awards, it's a good practice to keep tabs on which film wins top honors at the annual film festival. This year Ryan Coogler's "Fruitvale" was awarded both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award, despite films like "Upstream Color," "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" and "The Spectacular Now" all being worthy contenders.

On the documentary side, "Blood Brother" also scooped up the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award. Other films like "Afternoon Delight," "Dirty Wars" and "Jiseul" were recognized by Sundance, while much buzzed about movies like "Kill Your Darlings" went home empty handed. Check out the full list of winners after the jump.



This year's Sundance Film Festival marks the 20th anniversary of the Park City debut of Robert Rodriguez's breakout indie "El Mariachi." To mark the occasion, the director hosted a screening of the film that led to two sequels, "Desperado" and "Once Upon a Time In Mexico," and he also stopped by MTV News to share the story of his first Sundance and talk about a potential future for the series.

Rodriguez and the second man to play the Mariachi, Antonio Banderas, recently reteamed for the first time since 2011. The actor filmed a brief cameo in Rodriguez's "Grindhouse" spin-off sequel "Machete Kills." The two had so much fun, talk once again turned to returning to the character that made them.

"We forgot about how much fun we've had together," Rodriguez said. "We decided we have to do something. We want to do another 'El Mariachi' movie at some point. We always said we would, but [we'd shoot it] much later when he's older and rounder."


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By Hannah Soo Park

If you're still stuck on Daniel Radcliffe as boy wizard Harry Potter, you might get your chance to see another new side of the actor.

After premiering at Sundance Film Festival, beat generation film "Kill Your Darlings," in which Radcliffe stars as a college-aged Allen Ginsberg, has recently been picked up by Sony Picture Classics for nationwide distribution.

The story follows Ginsberg's life as he attends Columbia University in 1944. There, the poet meets Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan, who was also recently cast as Harry Osborn), who introduces him to future beat revolutionaries William Burroughs (Ben Foster) and Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston). When a murder mystery unfolds, however, all of their lives are turned upside down.


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Before you get too excited about the potential team-up of Robert Pattinson, Naomi Watts, and Werner Herzog on "Queen of the Desert," MTV News has an update on the project straight from Park City, Utah.

At Sundance promoting her new film, "Two Mothers," Watts stopped by to speak with Josh Horowitz about the upcoming project, which was supposed to begin filming last fall. According to the actress, "Queen of the Desert" is on hold for now and Pattinson's involvement may be up in the air.

"We'll wait and see. [Herzog is] obviously a filmmaker I'm completely in awe of. He's a wonderful filmmaker and documentarian," she said. "It's a fantastic character, a great story. I'm not sure when it's going to take place yet."


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Michael Cera has recently had his plate rather full of acting jobs, premiering two films at this year's Sundance, in addition to reprising the role of George Michael Bluth on the new season of "Arrested Development." When the cult favorite returned for a fourth season, however, Cera added one more job, as a writer on the show.

The transition to writer began simply as creator Mitch Hurwitz asking him to join the team in the writers' room, as Cera explained to MTV News' Josh Horowitz while in Park City, Utah.

"Mitch mentioned to me coming in one day, and I was very excited that he had invited me," Cera said. "I went in, and he said, 'Come back tomorrow,' and I kept coming back because I really wanted to stick around until I integrated with them."


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By Joel Hanek

Over the past few decades Sundance has expanded beyond a cozy little film festival to become one of the biggest parties of the year. Celebs! Music! Parties! Everyone from earnest artists to drink-toting socialites flock to Park City, Utah to take in all that Sundance has to offer.

With that rich history in mind, we social-archeologists dug back into the Sundance scene to find out what our favorite celebrities were doing way back when. Here is our collection of recently unearthed WTF moments — blame it on the booze or blame it on the early 2000’ decide.

Before he became the full on rage monster you see today, even the Hulk had his angsty phase. (2002)

Here’s Golden Globe-winning director Ben Affleck enjoying the festivities — totes sober. (2002)

In retrospect, Ben Affleck’s retro-transformation for "Argo" is a little more fashionable than his sixth N'Sync member look. But to be fair, who didn't want to be in N'Sync? (2000)

Speaking of N'Sync, Sundance was the location for the much forgotten scarf-assassination attempt on Lance Bass. (2002)

Someone please tell this girl that Sundance is in the middle of winter in Utah – and everybody knows tiger stripes don't provide warmth unless you fully button-up. (2001)

Paris, keep trying – but points for originality on trying out a shoe-scarf. (2001)

Scanning the room at an industry party - look, it's Jake Gyllenhaal playing PlayStation! Tip: "Crash Bandicoot" is a great Gyllenhaal icebreaker. (2001)

Judging by her face, I can only imagine the wrath Courtney brought down on the person who convinced her to try snowboarding. (2001)


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