Paul Giamatti playing a stressed out attorney who moonlights as a high-school wrestling coach? Sounds about right. Giamatti's character suffering a panic attack while out for a run? Also not surprising. Fellow jogger Bobby Cannavale literally mounting Giamatti to warm him up after said panic attack? Well, we weren't exactly expecting that... but that's exactly the spectacle we're treated to in the below exclusive clip from the Fox Searchlight comedy "Win Win," currently showing at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Written and directed by Thomas McCarthy -- a.k.a. the guy who plays Dr. Bob from "Meet the Parents" and "Little Fockers" -- "Win Win" stars Giamatti as struggling lawyer and volunteer high-school wrestling coach Mike Flaherty, who takes on guardianship of an elderly client in a desperate last-ditch effort to keep his law practice afloat. Read More...

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Two weeks ago, news broke that Elijah Wood will be returning to Middle-Earth (a.k.a. New Zealand) as beloved Shire-dweller Frodo for a small role in Peter Jackson's two-part "LOTR" prequel "The Hobbit" -- and now MTV News has scored some exclusive details on the cameo from Wood himself.

While at the Sundance Film Festival to promote the Adam Yauch-directed Beastie Boys short "Fight for Your Right Revisited," Wood opened up to MTV about why he's excited for his "Hobbit" role, what it might entail and why J.R.R. Tolkein purists need not fret -- or snarl like Gollum -- at the idea of Frodo's inclusion in the films (he wasn't in the book). Check out the interview below.

"It's a gift to be able to go back to New Zealand," Wood said. "I mean, it's largely the same crew and the same creative team. It's seven years since we finished on the last film, and it's an opportunity to go back and have a reunion with everyone." Read More...

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Holy crap, it's not snowing! After last year's winter wonderland of a Sundance Film Festival, the 2011 fest is thus far snow-free, which means a) Main Street isn't going to be a snow bank-pocked disaster area and b) we won't have to look on jealously as skiers come off the mountain yammering about the best conditions of all time.

Yes, Friday in Park City, Utah begins with a hint of sunshine and the recollection of a truly great start. Last night we hit the teeny-tiny red carpet for "Fight For Your Right Revisited," Adam Yauch's short film that tells the story of what happened after the events of the the Beastie Boys' classic 1987 music video. We'll have a full report on that one soon, as well as what may very be the first public comments from Elijah Wood, who stars in the short, about reprising his role of Frodo in "The Hobbit." Wood was only too happy to share his thoughts on Peter Jackson's latest project.

On the docket for today -- our first full one here -- are a slew of interviews and screenings with some of this year's biggest names. We'll be getting some face time with James Franco and Don Cheadle, to name just two folks. We'll be checking out highly anticipated screenings like "Margin Call" (a drama set during the early days of the 2008 financial crisis, starring Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons and Demi Moore) and "The Music Never Stopped" (starring Lou Taylor Pucci J.K. Simmons and based on an Oliver Sacks' case study about a man with a brain tumor that has damaged his memory, making the past indistinguishable from the present).

But that's only a mere taste of what we have to come. Keep checking to MTV News for the latest from Sundance 2011.


The 2011 Sundance Film Festival kicked off today in Park City, Utah, and you've probably noticed that MTV has already been featuring clips and set visits from many of the fest's most anticipated flicks. Well, we've got another one for you, and it's a doozy: the trailer premiere for Sundance's big closing-night film "Son Of No One," featuring a stellar ensemble cast that includes Channing Tatum, Katie Holmes, Al Pacino, Ray Liotta, Juliette Binoche and -- in his first true dramatic role -- "30 Rock" funnyman Tracy Morgan. Check out the trailer below.

Directed by Sundance vet Dito Montiel ("A Guide to Recognizing Our Saints," "Fighting"), "Son of No One" follows two friends (Tatum and Morgan) forced to face the consequences of a murder they committed -- and got away with -- 16 years earlier. Tatum's character Jonathan "Milk" White has gone on to a successful career with the police force and has a happy home life with his wife (Holmes) and Child. Morgan's character Vinnie has kind of gone the other way. When Milk is assigned to the precinct where he grew up, his decade-and-a-half-old secret threatens to tear apart his life and his family. Read More...

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Even if you aren't aware of it, chances are you've seen a Roger Corman movie... and you've definitely seen a movie that was influenced by him. The so-called "King of the B-Movies" is renowned for making low-budget flicks with lightning-quick speed -- he cranked out 1960's "The Little Shop of Horrors" in a mere two days! -- and generous helpings of schlocky special effects, crazy monsters, gratuitous nudity and less-than-Oscar-worthy acting. And yet he can count among his proteges directors such as Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard and James Cameron.

Director Alex Stapleton's new documentary, titled "Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel," hits the Sundance Film Festival this week, tracing Corman's legendary filmmaking career from his 1955 directorial debut "Swamp Women" to his most recent effort as producer, 2010's "Dinoshark" (which is just as awesome as it sounds). Above, check out an exclusive clip from the documentary -- featuring a bikini-clad beauty being chomped on by a gargantuan alligator (presumably on the set of the 2010 Syfy movie "Dinocroc vs. Supergator"). Read More...

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In 2004, the filmmaking team of Chris Kentis and Laura Lau captivated Sundance Film Festival audiences with the quietly creepy "Open Water." That film, about a couple who are left to grapple with sharks when they become separated from a scuba excursion, went on to become a critical and box-office success. Kentis and Lau are hoping the same is true for their new psychological horror-thriller "Silent House," which is playing as part of this year's Sundance Film Fest's Park City at Midnight series. Check out an exclusive clip from the film below.

Based on the acclaimed Uruguayan film "La Casa Muda," "Silent House" stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's younger sister Elizabeth Olsen as Sarah, a young girl who returns with her father and uncle to fix up her family's summerhouse after it's violated by squatters in the off-season. It's an innocuous enough beginning, but things quickly take a turn for the sinister when Sarah begins to hear strange sounds emanating from the walls of the boarded-up house. Read More...

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Tobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks in the DetailsThe Sundance Film Festival kicks off in snowy Park City, Utah, today, bringing with it the promise of high-wattage celebrity sightings, single-digit temperatures and the best independent films the movie biz has to offer.

As in years past, the MTV News crew will be on the scene on Main Street, which during the festival just might boast the highest number of celebrities per square foot of any place in the world (yes, including Hollywood). We'll be reporting back with reviews of the fest's most anticipated films, covering red carpet premieres, interviewing A-list stars and hitting up all the biggest parties and swag suites. In short, we'll be your eyes and your ears on the snow-covered ground in Park City.

Among the actors and filmmakers jetting into town to promote buzzed-about films are Paul Rudd, Tobey Maguire, Ed Helms, Elizabeth Banks, Demi Moore, John C. Reilly and Kevin Smith.


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Paul Rudd didn't look like his usual, clean-cut self when we visited him on set during his last day of filming the indie comedy "My Idiot Brother" this summer. In fact, sporting long hair, a bushy beard, cutoff shorts and a pair of bright orange Crocs, he looked like either a homeless man or the kind of guy who would follow Phish around on tour. That's because Rudd is playing the title character in the film and not, as you may have originally suspected, the idiot's less idiotic sibling. Check out what Rudd had to say about the film, which was directed by Jesse Peretz and debuts as this year's Sundance Film Festival, in the video below.

"I immediately go to jail for selling marijuana to a uniformed police officer," Rudd said of his character, an idealistic organic farmer who, in the wake of his incarceration, is forced to stay with each of his three sisters in turn. "However, the character is not dumb. The character just kind of appeals to everybody's higher angels and thinks that if he throws goodness out there, it will in turn come back." He's not exactly correct, as his attempts to sow happiness ultimately end up reaping a healthy amount of havoc. Read More...

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Falling in love isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially when that world is coming apart at the seams. But that's exactly the situation that faces Ewan McGregor and Eva Green in director David Mackenzie's ("Spread") new romantic thriller "Perfect Sense," premiering at the Sundance Film Festival later this week. Check out the exclusive trailer premiere below.

Green plays Susan, an epidemiologist recently out of a relationship gone sour; McGregor is Michael, the charismatic chef who sweeps Susan off her feet and shows her that not all guys are a-holes. Sounds swell, right? And it would be... except for one tiny problem: At the same time Susan and Michael are falling for each other, a global pandemic is threatening to change the face of humanity forever. Read More...

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The Sundance Film Festival kicks off this Thursday in Park City, Utah, which means film lovers are about to discover a whole bevy of indie flicks hoping to be the next "Little Miss Sunshine" or "Blue Valentine" or... "Twilight"?

One film on the Sundance docket that will surely catch the eye of bloodsucker-loving moviegoers is "Vampire," though upon closer inspection -- and a viewing of the below exclusive clip -- the film shares precious little in common with " Twilight Saga."

Kevin Zegers ("Gossip Girl," "Transamerica") stars as Simon, an average guy who's dedicated to three things: his teaching job, taking care of his apparently mentally imbalanced mother (unless there's a reason she has all those balloons strapped to her in the clip) and, you know, drinking blood. And so Simon trolls the Internet, looking for girls who are beautiful, shy and suicidal -- in other words, the perfect source to get his fix. Read More...

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