By Aly Semigran

To say that Mel Gibson is not the most popular guy in Hollywood at the moment would be something of an understatement. The star of theupcoming flick "The Beaver" has been the center of public scrutiny ever since his infamous 2006 DUI and, more recently, those shocking audiotapes and disturbing accusations of domestic violence and anti-Semitism.

However, it seems that Gibson (who, along with other stars, was mocked in Ricky Gervais' opening monologue at this year's Golden Globes) still has a few friends sticking by his side. When MTV News caught up with Gibson's "Lethal Weapon" co-star Danny Glover at the Sundance Film
Festival on Friday, the actor had nothing but nice things to say about his pal.

Glover (who was in Park City to promote his movie "Black Power Mixtape") said of Gibson, "I love Mel. That's my friend." Glover also shared that he and Gibson (who he called "a very generous man" who is "always searching for meaning in his life") have been in touch over this last tumultuous year and that at a recent memorial in Los Angeles, "We ran up and hugged each other." Read More...

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Who knew insurance conventions could be so much fun? That's the gist of the heavily-hyped Sundance comedy "Cedar Rapids," where Ed Helms is sent to the Midwestern city for an annual trade show. He's soon taken under the wing of three show veterans including John C. Reilly, who proceed to show him one hell of a time.

In the exclusive clip below, you'll get a taste of just how tumultuous his adventures are. Fans of HBO's "The Wire" should take special note of the vehicle's driver, Isiah Whitlock, Jr., who played councilman Clay Davis in the gritty series.

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Gentle readers, here’s a word of advice: when at Sundance, it’s best not to see a midnight screening of a horror movie set within a super creepy house, then travel back to your darkened condo and expect to get some shut eye.

That’s the situation we found ourselves in on Thursday after checking out “Silent House,” the horror flick directed by “Open Water” vets Chris Kentis and Laura Lau. Not fun! But last night we wised up, hitting “Hobo with a Shotgun” near midnight. There’s a reason the grindhouse-esque has become one of the buzziest films of the festival: awesome!

Thus we woke up Saturday morning energized and ready to attack the heck out of the day’s schedule. Among the folks lined up for chats are 50 Cent, James Franco (“Three's Company: The Drama"), Paul Giamatti (“Win Win”), Terrence Howard (“The Ledge”) and Ed Helms (“Cedar Rapids”). Oh, and Elizabeth Olsen, who stars in “Silent House”; we expect an apology!

We've also got some interviews lined up that are too top-secret to discuss right now. But expect some tasty news to be flowing out of MTV News in the coming hours. In the meantime, check out some of the scoops we gathered yesterday: Elijah Wood speaking out for the first time about “The Hobbit”; J.K. Simmons spilling the beans about is character arc in the aborted “Spider-Man 4”; and a full report on “Fight for Your Right Revisited,” a fictionalized take on what happened after the conclusion of the Beastie Boys' 1987 music video.

OK, enough! It’s time for us to get out there and conquer Sundance. Keep it locked to MTV News all there is to know about the festival.


You can say a lot of things about the Sundance Film Festival, but nobody will ever claim that it doesn't have its moments of surrealism. Case in point the photo below, featuring movie star Susan Sarandon playing ping-pong against none other than Grammy winning rap artist Lil Jon. Susan's love for the game has been known for a while -- she's been seen in New York City battling in Washington Square Park, for example -- but even frequent celebrity watchers have to take a moment to drink this in...

Want more photos from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival? Click here.

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By Aly Semigran

With the recent news of a remake in the works, "Lethal Weapon" fans may be excited about the return of cop buddies Riggs and Murtaugh to the big screen, but there's one person who may be hesitant to see it redone: its original star Danny Glover.

Glover received word about the franchise reboot when MTV News caught up with him at the Sundance Film Festival. The actor responded to the news by quoting his "Lethal Weapon" character Murtaugh, by telling us, "I'm too old for this!"

But it wasn't just time passed that Glover worried about the reboots. The star cited his co-star Mel Gibson ("I love Mel. Mel's my friend" he said of the troubled actor) and their director for all four "Lethal Weapon" films, Richard Donner, for the success and "magic" in the original movies. Read More...

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One of the more interesting flicks here at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival is the Don Cheadle/Brendan Gleeson starrer "The Guard," a British cop flick that finds Cheadle's FBI agent heading to Ireland to team up with Gleeson's local constable. Both men are Sundance staples, including Gleeson's recent and brilliant "In Bruges," so you can be sure you'll be hearing about this film soon.

The two men's instant chemistry was on full display when MTV's Josh Horowitz met up with the pair for a fun, and sometimes wacky, interview. Get a taste of it below and then click here to check out our ever-growing list of Sundance interviews.

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For the past four years that I've been attending Sundance, only one thing has been slightly less noticeable than the celebrity hordes...and that's the swag suites that pop up around town to cater to those hordes. Some of my MTV colleagues have covered them in the past, but I've always been curious to see what goes on inside the heavily guarded rooms. So with that in mind, myself and my fellow producer Daniela dropped by a gifting suite run by a company called Talent Resources.

This is what we saw...

TR Suite at 2011 Sundance

This particular suite was one large room with scores of companies situated in different areas, anxiously waiting (and hoping) for a real actual celebrity to drop by to get their picture taken with their products. In this case, there was a fully stocked bar with booze supplied by the likes of Yuengling and sample martinis. Read More...

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Who says the Sundance Film Festival is all about posh parties, star-studded red-carpet premieres and the best and brightest in independent film? That's right, we do -- which is why we've been posting tons of exclusive Sundance clips and reporting back with plenty of news scoops (such as Elijah Wood talking about "The Hobbit"). But apparently, Sundance is also about getting kicked in the nuts by Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson.

That very thing happened to MTV's own Josh Horowitz, who was chatting with Cheadle and Gleeson about their Sundance drug-smuggling thriller "The Guard" when things took a turn for the painful. Perhaps Cheadle and Gleeson weren't too happy with Josh's questions, or maybe they just needed a little bit of exercise to keep warm in the cold Park City, Utah, temps. Whatever the case, the end result was the two stars delivering a simultaneous swift kick to Josh's groin region... and we captured it on film just for posterity's sake. Check out the photo below.

Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson kick Josh in the nuts

What would you do if Cheadle and Gleeson kicked you in the groin?

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Submarine posterWhen you're a 15-year-old kid, your perception of yourself is rarely the same as the way the rest of the world views you. Such is the case with 15-year-old Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) in director Richard Ayoade's feature film debut "Submarine," playing at this week's Sundance Film Festival.

Based on the 2008 novel by Joe Dunthorne and produced by Ben Stiller, "Submarine" follows the aforementioned Oliver, who fancies himself a cool, well-liked literary genius but in reality is socially awkward and unpopular. With his 16th birthday on the horizon, Oliver wants to do just two things: lose his virginity to his arsonist girlfriend Jordana (Yasmin Paige) and prevent his mom (Sally Hawkins), whom he suspects of banging her New Age life/dance coach Graham (Paddy Considine), from leaving his depressed father (Noah Taylor). And so he sets out to break up his mother's affair and save his family... all while pursing the seemingly impossible dream of cashing in his V card.

Get your exclusive first look at the "Submarine" poster below! Read More...

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If you think the premise of "Kick-Ass" -- a normal teenager suiting up to fight crime as a masked vigilante -- sounds preposterous, perhaps you'd be interested to know that there are currently 300 registered superheroes living in the United States. That's right, there are no fewer than 300 (who knows how many aren't registered?) actual human beings who don masks and elaborate utility belts, wield clubs, crossbows and other weapons, and roam the streets looking to put the hurt on any criminals that cross their path. Below, check out an exclusive clip from the documentary "Superheroes," which is currently showing at the Sundance sister festival Slamdance and which follows the exploits of some of our country's most famous (and badass) true-life superheroes.

The clip introduces a crime-fighting quartet known as the New York Initiative, a group of four Brooklyn-based vigilantes who live and kick bad-guy ass together. The group -- kind of like a real-life Fantastic Four but, you know, without the ability to spontaneously burst into flames or stretch like plastic -- includes one butt-kicking female and a tatted-out, muscle-bound guy who goes by the handle "Lucid" and whiles away his days taking bow-and-arrow target practice on his roof.


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