Though the untitled "Star Trek" sequel has been tapped for an alleged summer 2012 release date, there hasn’t been much news on the development front in recent months. When MTV caught up with Anton Yelchin at Sundance while he was promoting his film "Like Crazy," we couldn't resist asking him for a scoop or an update on the film. Unfortunately for us, he knew nothing about the film. And he was very adamant that he knew nothing.

"I know we're going to shoot at some point but I really don’t know anything," Yelchin said. "You know obviously I sent people emails and say, like, 'Happy holidays,' but they're not like, 'PS, when are we making this movie?' No, I have no idea."

But he did have one thing to say for sure: he can't see the sequel not being directed by J.J. Abrams, despite previous rumors otherwise. Read More...

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Sure, Sundance has its fair share of celebrities, movies and fancy Hollywood parties. But it's also a showcase for up-and-coming music artists, who play in different venues and events throughout the festival. Case in point Caitlin Moe, who together with DJ Mia Moretti, totally rocked a stringed version of MGMT's indie hit "Kids" at the "Day & Night Sundance presented by Bertaud Belieu and Silvercup Studios" event.

It was a pretty awesome set, and we've got an exclusive taste of it below so check it out. And don't forget to check out our interview with the Hemsworth brothers at Oakley/Muscle Milk event

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By Aly Semigran

Consider yourself warned, Park City: the Hemsworth brothers have arriced. While the Aussie siblings are attending the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, neither of the actors are there to promote a film. In fact, they're just there to take in the sights and hit those famous slopes.

MTV's Josh Horowitz caught up with both of the acting sibs on Saturday to discuss their first venture to Sundance. The 27-year-old Chris "Thor" Hemsworth confirmed he arrived on the scene Friday evening and partook in some drinks and dancing, or, as he described it, "usual madness." Read More...

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Of all the cameos (that we know about) in "The Hangover 2," we at MTV were definitely most excited about former president Bill Clinton popping on to the Thailand set. So when we had a chance to catch up with star Ed Helms at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival (where he was promoting his new comedy "Cedar Rapids" with co-star Anne Hecht), we had to ask him how it was working with Clinton on the set.

"Check your sources," Helms chided us. "He came and visit us. I'd be surprised if there's a scene in the movie." Read More...

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Paul RuddWhere do you go after a day like yesterday? The MTV Movies Team sat down for lengthy chats with 50 Cent, James Franco, and Chris and Liam Hemsworth, gathering all sorts of news about upcoming projects and just generally having a freakin' wacky time. Maybe it's the thin air up here in Park City. Maybe there's something in the water. Whatever the case, everyone seems to have embraced the chaos that is the Sundance Film Festival, and the payoff is some top-notch content going up hourly all across MTV News.

And you know what? We have a feeling today is going to be pretty kick ass day as well. How can it not be? We've got chats lined up with Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks ("My Idiot Brother"), Morgan Spurlock ("The Greatest Story Ever Sold"), Tribe Called Quest ("Beats, Rhymes and Life"), Rutger Hauer ("Hobo with a Shotgun") and a many more. Later on in the day, we'll hit the red carpet for Kevin Smith's "Red State," which has been garnering attention for the director's atypical decision to auction off rights to the film directly after the premiere (or at least try). We're also very much looking forward to chatting with Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones about "Like Crazy," a truthful, unpretentious love story that is quickly becoming one of the festival's most talked about flicks.

We can't wait. The snow seems to have passed, the sun should be shining soon, and a pot of coffee is brewing at MTV Movies headquarters just off Main Street. Ready, set...let's 'dance!


I'll admit it, I have a thing for Eliza Dushku. And so does the camera, judging by the lovely photos snapped of the erstwhile "Buffy" star here at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Eliza was snapped on the streets of Park City, Utah while engaged in some hot coffee (or maybe hot chocolate) consumption.

She's just one of hundreds of celebrities sweeping through the annual film fest, most of whom we're talking to (click here to check out our latest coverage). And don't forget to click on the image below to see Eliza in all her full glory, along with other Hollywood talent.

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By Daniela Capistrano

Once upon a time, on a snowy day during the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, our intrepid and unsuspecting Managing Editor Josh Horowitz interviewed actor Liam Hemsworth.

Josh Horowitz and Liam Hemsworth

Little did Josh know, he was in for some one-on-one action. Read More...

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FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Around this time last year, Elizabeth Olsen was known — if she was know at all — as the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley. She was enrolled in NYU’s theatre program and had been auditioning for Broadway and Off-Broadway plays. But she’d made the conscious decision to avoid the career arc — filled with Hollywood highs and tabloid lows — of her sisters.

Only last January did she begin actively seeking out movie work. Now here she is at the Sundance Film Festival, about to achieve breakout status based on her two new films, “Silent House” and “Martha Marcy May Marlene.” It’s been a long time coming for the 21-year-old, but it was worth the wait if it meant not being exposed to the same spotlight that Mary-Kate and Ashley were as pre-teen stars.

Continue reading "Sundance Breakout Star Elizabeth Olsen Talks Child Actors And Avoiding The Olsen Twins Brand" at

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By Aly Semigran

This weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, Liam Hemsworth delivered some news that could very well send "The Hunger Games" fanatics into a frenzy.

When we caught up with Hemsworth (who was in town via the folks at Oakley to snowboard with his older brother Chris "Thor" Hemsworth), he revealed he's not only read the script of the highly-anticipated film adaptation, but could soon be in talks to play Hunger Games contestant/Katniss' love interest Peeta.

Despite reading the script, Hemsworth revealed he hasn't yet met or auditioned for "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross. "I mean it's pretty early right now," he said of meeting with Ross, adding, "But, yeah, I'm sure I'll met [him] on it soon." Read More...

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Early on a frosty morning here at the Sundance Film Festival, I shuffled over to catch a screening of “The Music Never Stops,” expecting a tale about how a man’s brain tumor affects both his memory and his relationship with his formerly estranged parents. That is, of course, what I got. But I also got much more: awesome music from the likes of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead and other groups busting out rock music in the late ‘60s.

I was left wondering how the indie flick managed to secure the pricey rights to those tunes. When I spoke with the cast a few hours later — Lou Taylor Pucci (who plays Gabriel, the man with the tumor), J.K Simmons (his dad) and Julia Ormond (his music therapist) — I found out the truth: director Jim Kohlberg had some major industry connections.

“One of the reasons this script sat on the shelf for so long, despite it being so good, was because people couldn’t figure out how to produce it without spending $20 million on the music rights. Jim said he knew some people,” Simmons explained, adding with a laugh. “It was a mob thing, I think, that he was connected to! He made it happen.” Read More...

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