FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: Thanks to the ever-present drama of "The Twilight Saga," we'd sorta come to think of vampires as sensitive, tortured, hopeless romantics—rather than the undead, blood-sucking, squirrel-murdering night demons they truly are. But according to Elizabeth Reaser, who plays Cullen family matriarch Esme, Kristen Stewart's onscreen transformation from human to vampire in "Breaking Dawn" will not be some softhearted emo sobfest.

"There's been some really cool stuff in the Cullen house with Bella," she told MTV News when we caught up with her at the Sundance Film Festival. "There's been some interesting transformations happening."

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One doesn't typically equate fan boys and horror buffs with the Sundance crowd (heck, they've got Comic Con, after all). But when Rutger Hauer is in town, it's a different story.

The 67-year-old Dutch actor, perhaps best known for his roles in films like "Blade Runner" and the original version of "The Hitcher," came to Park City, Utah to screen his latest venture, an over-the-top gore fest called "Hobo With a Shotgun," much to the delight of movie fans with particularly off-kilter taste.

Hauer sat down with MTV News to discuss all the slaughter in the flick about a town gone very awry. "This is not that serious," Hauer said of the film's grindhouse-style violence. While he acknowledges the film's violence walks "a fine line," he argues that in the shock-value horror genre, "The buttons have already been pushed."


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It's pretty exciting for a young (busy) actor like James Franco to be asked to host the Oscars, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily going to look to his elders for advice. Well, at least not when his elder is Ricky Gervais. When MTV News caught up with Franco at the Sundance Film Festival, we asked if he was taking pointers from Gervais' controversial hosting gig at the Golden Globes.

"I haven't really read any of the reviews, but my sense is that he was not really winning in that room," Franco told us. "People were asking me, like, 'Are you going look at Ricky as a model for how you're going to host?' and I'm just not going to take too much from Ricky."

Franco went on to add that, even though the folks attending the Globes might not have been big fans of Gervais' hosting style, he knew plenty of people his own age who loved it.


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Sometimes it's hard to get a good read on James Franco. The actor is up to a lot -- I mean, a really lot -- of stuff recently, and some of it seems a little random and not James Franco. MTV's Josh Horowitz tried to get a read on the actor, who was at Sundance to promote his "Three's Company: A Drama" multimedia exhibit, and figure out whether the rumors Franco is just pulling a huge joke on everyone actually had some grounds.

At first, it didn't go over so well.

"It's no stupider than 'Jersey Shore,' okay," Franco said, half joking. "Don't act like I'm crazy or something. You're on a network that plays 'Jersey Shore,' and gets the most viewers out of everyone, so I'm not the crazy one, okay? You play 'Jersey Shore,' let's just say that."

When Horowitz tried to backpedal and rephrase his question, Franco jumped back on the attack. "[My current work] is no dumber than 'Jersey Shore!' You're presenting it as if I'm some weird crazy guy," he said, and then went for the jugular: "You guys don't even play music videos any more!"


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Paul Rudd's latest, "My Idiot Brother," has been getting a decent amount of love at the Sundance Film Festival, but one of the more surprising parts of the film comes when Rudd has to perform a nude scene. As I wasn't lucky enough to get to see the film I'm not sure entirely what it entails (maybe we want to keep that suspense alive anyways), but apparently it got pretty graphic for at least one person on the set.

Though the film hasn't been rated, Rudd and director Jesse Peretz didn't want to go all out for the film's nudity, and so the camera shot the scene from the side. That meant only place the man holding the boom mic could be and not be in the shot was right in front of Rudd's genitalia, unfortunately.

"This guy was holding up the boom mic, and he has to look at me while I'm talking, and all he saw was just a shot of my hairy ta--t and just some balls hanging," Rudd said while laughing heartily. "Also, also, it was like our normal sound guy couldn't work that time, so it was this guy's one day on the shoot. He was like, coming in and filling in. and I look at him and I'm just like, 'Sorry man!' "


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Curtis Jackson—a.k.a. the rapper known as 50 Cent—might not be known best for his acting ability, but he wants to change that. It's why he created his production company, Cheetah Vision Films, and made a deal with Lionsgate to create 10 films for them, one of which he premiered at Sundance in 2010. But while "Twelve" might not have received the recognition he would have liked, Jackson isn't giving up his dream of being an acknowledged actor and filmmaker.

"The first time I came here I was here as additional talent. Music. Now, to be here, to actually be a part of the filmmaking process, is great," Jackson said about his experience at Sundance.

Jackson's in Park City, Utah, this year to promote his production company, which still has four more films to make as part of their deal with Lionsgate, and it's likely that Jackson will try to bring one back next year as well. As for his transition into acting, Jackson said it's a constant work in progress. Read More...

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A film titled "Vampire" brings about a certain connotation in American film culture nowadays, with juggernauts like "Twilight" and "True Blood" offering a very specific vision of the supernatural blood-drinking creatures. But Iwai Shunji's Sundance submission sets out to show how ugly being a "vampire" would be if it was actually a reality in today's world.

Whether or not it succeeds is up to the viewer (though from what reviews I've read, I've heard it has), but stars Adelaide Clemens and Rachel Leigh Cook sat down with MTV News to talk about the film's upfront title and the way vampires fit in to current pop culture.

"It was a working title to begin with when we first read the script so we had the option of maybe changing it but I think it's kind of great because it lures people in and kind of twists a bit," Clemens said. Read More...

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Tobey MaguireWhere else would you see Tobey Maguire waiting patiently — just another dude in a line — to be let into a movie, slyly joking, “What, my name isn’t good enough?” Where else would you see Adrian Grenier pop into a swag store — snowboard in hand, helmet on head — and ask, “You guys got anything to nosh on?” Where else could you see James Franco in a blond wig, singing his lungs out up on stage, just because?

Nowhere else but Sundance. It’s a surreal place, a temporary movie Mecca set against the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. And that's why we don't want to leave. Luckily, our departure date is off in the distance and we’ve got another killer day of interviews and screenings lined up.

For sit-down chats, we’ll welcome Kate Bosworth and Demi Moore (“Another Happy Day”), Greg Kinnear and Jim Gaffigan (“Salvation Boulevard”), Emma Roberts and Elizabeth Reaser (“Homework”), Tobey Maguire and Ray Liotta (“The Details”), and Vera Farmiga (“Higher Ground”). Plus we’ll be sitting down to talk to the cast of “Red State,” which has been the talk of Sundance for days and which people are still buzzing about after director Kevin Smith pulled an about-face at last night’s premiere, ditching plans to auction the film’s rights and instead announcing his intention to release the movie himself.

What absurd, hilarious, only-in-Sundance situations will we find ourselves in today? There’s only one way to find out. It’s time to step away from the computer and step out onto Main Street. Sundance Day #5? Let’s do this thing!


There's perhaps nothing more intimate than the pictures that result from a photo booth, which is why we always look forward to seeing what we get from Sundance. So far we've had everyone from Ben Foster and Peter Dinklage to Elizabeth Olsen and Amy Ryan come through MTV's studio.

One such fantastic photo is below, featuring Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones, stars of the incredibly well reviewed Sundance flick "Like Crazy." Take a gander at it below, and then click here to check out all our other photo booth pics.

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There are plenty of things to be worried about for an actor when their film is about to premiere, but it's a whole different ball game when their film is about to premiere at a movie festival. Studios are there to purchase the actors' independent films, judges either criticize (or love) their film, and there are interviews upon interviews to conduct to promote the film.

The lovely female stars of "My Idiot Brother" -- Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer -- all have done their fair share of indie films, but they all admitted to MTV's Josh Horowitz that they got a bit nervous when they had to premiere their film into a large theater of people.

"I was really nervous last night," Mortimer said. "I sort of forgot to be nervous in the run up to coming. I was too worried about my outfits and what shoes to bring and what parties we were going to get invited to and then you get here..." Read More...

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