Those who have followed MTV over the years know about our storied tradition of photo booths. Well, we're bringing it to Sundance where we're talking to the biggest celebs in Hollywood. So remember to check back on the blog daily as we add to the photo booth gallery. First up? Actresses Amanda Peet and Rebecca, who co-star in the Sundance flick "Please Give," and who decided to ham it up for the camera with wacky filters. Once you're through looking at that, click here for the rest of our MTV Photo Booth pics.

Amanda Peet and Rebecca Hall

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Bill Murray in 'Get Low'Last year in "The Road," Robert Duvall appeared briefly as a decrepit old man, near death and slogging forward through the burned-out landscape for no other reason than that he hadn't yet passed away. Duvall returns as an elderly fellow in the 2010 Sundance flick "Get Low," a haunted codger pushing forward, again, simply because he's not yet underground.

It is the role of a lifetime, and the 79-year-old should expect a big sloppy Oscar kiss come 2011. His Felix Bush has been hiding out in the backwoods for forty years, a self-imposed prison sentence for sins about which we can only guess. Townsfolk have countless stories about Bush — he killed a man, he's a minion of the Devil — but no one knows for sure until the man shows up with the idea to stage a funeral for himself while he's still alive. Bill Murray, as the local undertaker who'd be a slimy salesman if he weren't so existentially exhausted, is there to assist in the proceedings. Read More...

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On TV, Don Draper is a slick, clean-cut advertising executive. The ladies love him (in real life too) and the men can only hope to emulate him. He's got flaws of course, but he keeps them well-contained. Jon Hamm, the actor who plays Draper, is at Sundance right now, to promote "Howl."

As you can see in the video below, Hamm is not so clean-cut in real life. Not right now at least. He ascribes it to how much time off he has. MTV's Josh Horowitz asks the tough questions though, probing to get to the bottom of why Hamm's beard seems to have triggered the end of all civilization as we know it. His answer might shock you. Or not.

MTV News is live at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Keep checking back throughout the week for on-the-ground reports with the biggest celebs in Hollywood, and be sure to watch our ever-growing interview show.

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For many of us, myself included, this year's Sundance Film Festival is a faraway fantasy land, a snow-covered paradise of unreleased films and approachable celebrities. Twilighters especially are feeling the burn this year, as a number of their favorite stars are in Park City to promote one film or another. The biggest of those names is undoubtedly Kristen Stewart, who, along with fellow "New Moon" star Dakota Fanning, is there in support of rock & roll biopic "The Runaways."

We debuted the first trailer for the movie back in December. And just this week, we got a batch of new publicity stills and a new clip from the movie. Today, we've got more for you. An exclusive reveal of the new teaser poster. It's a pretty sweet image, I have to say. Hit the jump to see for yourself. Read More...

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James Franco at the 2010 Sundance Film FestivalIt's our first full day at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah: the skies are cloudy, the snow is expected to fall into the night and MTV News has a jam-packed schedule of screenings, events and interviews with the top talent at this mountain resort.

As the day develops, and as we slog through the accumulating slush on Main Street, we'll be bringing you the very latest from the film festival. In terms of interviews, we'll be chatting with James Franco and Jon Hamm ("Howl"); Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Maria Bello, Chris Cooper and Rosemarie DeWitt ("The Company Men"); Amanda Peet and Oliver Platt ("Please Give"), plus many more. Read More...

The 2010 Sundance Film Festival kicked off on a blustery Thursday evening in Park City as James Franco and Jon Hamm opened the ten-day movie extravaganza with the world premiere of "Howl."

The biopic weaves together various periods in the life of beat poet Allen Ginsberg (Franco) as he struggles to find his artistic voice while American counterculture blossoms around him and then must defend that voice when the law seeks to stifle it. Hamm plays a lawyer who represents Ginsberg during the trial to suppress the genre-busting, sexually-provocative epic poem that gives the film its title. Mixing archival footage and animation with the actors' performances, it is a film about one of the great iconoclasts of the 20th Century.

And when MTV News had a chance to talk with Hamm on the "Howl" red carpet, the actor shared his thoughts on which stars might become the enduring iconoclasts of the new century. Read More...

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James Franco in 'Howl'The beats are alive and well thanks to a soaring performance by James Franco in the Sundance opener, "Howl." Debuting to a predictably packed house at the Eccles theater in Park City, writer/directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman unveiled their ode to the late Allen Ginsberg in a 90-minute mash-up of black and white, color, cartoon, and archival footage.

While not a standard issue biopic, "Howl" ably traverses some of the key points in the poet's life--namely the 1957 obscenity trial surrounding his most famous work. Zigzagging through time, the film is essentially narrated by Ginsberg himself through recreations of interviews, court transcripts, and most notably his powerful reading of "Howl." Read More...

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This year it is becoming more and more bearable for those of us movie fans unable to attend the Sundance Film Festival. Earlier this month, Rainbow Media announced that its Sundance Selects video-on-demand cable channel would be premiering three new titles from the 2010 festival while these films were simultaneously debuting in Park City, Utah. Now YouTube has revealed similarly good news: the online streaming video site will begin offering selections from the festival to rent through your Google account.

YouTube's Sundance rentals, which will only be available through the duration of this year's fest -- starting tomorrow and running through January 31 -- include two of last year's screenings (the terrific documentary "The Cove" and the acclaimed indie drama "Children of Invention") and three new films that are playing at the 2010 festival ("Bass Ackwards," "Homewrecker" and "One Too Many Mornings"). The YouTube Blog has trailers for each of these films, as well as instructions on how to rent them if you're interested. Read More...

FROM MTV.COM: Forget Christmas, Thanksgiving and Arbor Day — everybody knows that for true movie lovers, the most important holiday season of all kicks off this week. That's right, folks, it's time once again for the Sundance Film Festival — and you can bet the MTV Movies team will be in Park City, Utah, in full force, bringing you the latest from the snowy slopes and screening rooms.

But you'd never go to the supermarket without a shopping list, and you can't enter Robert Redford's movie paradise without an idea of what movies you need to target. With that in mind, here's a sneak peek at 10 films — and potential instant classics — we have in our crosshairs:

Continue reading 2010 Sundance Film Festival: The 10 Movies We're Eager To See

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Sundance is about to get underway and MTV News is converging from all the corners of the globe. Well at least NYC and LA. Today is our travel day but there's also plenty of work to be done with the opening night film being unveiled at 6pm in Park City and setting up a home base at the Bing Bar on Main.

Later on, we'll be on the carpet talking to the stars of "Howl," namely James Franco, Jon Hamm, and Bob Balaban. All three are equal in my eyes. And hopefully we'll catch the film as well. We're cautiously optimistic given the cast and pedigree (it's about Allen Ginsberg), the caution coming from the checkered opening night track record of recent Sundances. You remember "Chicago 10" and "Mary & Max," right? Right?!? Read More...


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