I think we can all agree that Tom Cruise has had a bit of a PR problem in recent years. There's no need to rehash the details. There's a world wide web of information out there for you to look it up on your own. I'll admit too, I was one of the people who veered away from him after the... unpleasantness. I love "Top Gun," "Risky Business," the "Mission: Impossible" movies, "The Firm"... any number of his films. But it was time for a break.

Now we have "Knight and Day," an action-comedy that's out this week starring Cruise and Cameron Diaz as an unlikely spy duo. Really, Cruise is the spy and Diaz is the sweet, blissfully ignorant woman who is inadvertently drawn into a high-stakes world. I saw the movie late last week and I have to say... I really, really enjoyed it. Cruise and Diaz have good chemistry together, the writing is reasonably strong, the story is popcorn fun and the action is well-choreographed. All of these elements combine into a strong summer blockbuster, one that you'd all not be wasting your money to see.

Between this and the Les Grossman antics at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Cruise seems to be getting himself back out there. And you know what? I'm perfectly okay with that. Read More...

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"Eclipse" had its Los Angeles premiere last night and the stars came out. So that happened. MTV got to chat with franchise newcomer Xavier Samuel about his upcoming debut in the popular series, and the young Australian actor talked a little bit about one of his more unlikely influences.

"You're really good at walking out of water, by the way," MTV's Josh Horowitz commented, referring to a moment in one of the trailers when Samuel -- you guessed it -- slowly surfaces, his head rising up out of the water a la "Apocalypse Now." Only it's not the classic Vietnam film that the actor credits as his inspiration. He looked to a more recent example, a sexier example. John McNaughton's "Wild Things." Read More...

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The bulk of you aren't going to be seeing "Eclipse" until next week, but a lucky lineup of celebrities and VIPs are getting to feast their eyes on it tonight. Not only is MTV there to witness the red carpet arrivals, we're going to be streaming the coverage to you LIVE. So many faces you recognize are going to be at this thing. The tip sheet for the red carpet is staggeringly long. And it's all about to get started, so hit play, open the Hollywood Crush live blog in a separate window and enjoy the festivities!

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After more than a decade of countless spells, broomstick rides and watching the young stars grow-up onscreen, the cast and crew of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" filmed the final scene of their billion-dollar franchise last week. Star Daniel Radcliffe told MTV News that there was not a dry eye in the house when the words "It's a wrap," rang out through Leavesden Studios for the last time.

"I didn't expect myself to get particularly emotional but I really did," Radcliffe said. "As I'm sure you'll probably see on the DVD extras because we were filmed, weeping like children."

Regarding his final moments as the bespectacled titular character, Radcliffe said it was simply "peculiar," and that he had trouble finding the right words to express what he was feeling. Read More...

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HansonIt's been three weekends since we got a full, sex-drugs-and-rock & roll-fueled introduction to Aldous Snow, the endearingly boorish frontman of Infant Sorrow played by Russell Brand, first glimpsed in 2008's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and given his own movie in this month's "Get Him to the Greek." The pop culture impact of Snow's music is still being felt today.

Hanson, those loveable "MMMBop"-ers, headed into the studio recently to record a cover of Infant Sorrow's "Furry Walls," the third track off the film's soundtrack. It's a catchy tune, combining Hanson's toe-tapping pop-rock sound with Snow's drippingly absurd lyrics. "When we think of the most iconic rock bands in history, it starts with Led Zeppelin, The Who, AC/DC and ends with Infant Sorrow," the band said in a post on their website.

This morning, Taylor Hanson — still very much keeping to the "Snow is a real person" narrative — called up MTV News to talk about the origins of the cover... Read More...

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I saw "Toy Story 3" earlier this week, and left after the credits with newly confirmed convictions about the series. For me, the move from "Toy Story" to "Toy Story 2" has always felt like an upgrade. Yes, part of it is the delightfully overt "Star Wars" reference that occurs late in the second movie. Even putting that aside though, overall I've always felt that the sequel was superior to the first film's already-exceptional experience.

"Toy Story 3" does an unusual thing for a trilogy: it ups the ante yet again. The first two movies are, at varying times, hilarious and touching and sweet and, yes, a bit unsettling (I'm looking at you, cobbled-together mutant toy-things from the original movie). This final chapter in the trilogy is all of that, even the unsettling part. And then it ends, with a one-two gut punch that is roughly on par with the tear-jerking opening minutes of Pixar's 2009 masterpiece, "Up." Read More...


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