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Over the course of three (soon to be four) "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, we've seen the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow, his merry band of pirate pals and even his most cutthroat foes battle their way through extraordinary circumstances involving undead privateers, legendary sea creatures and man-eating tribal warriors.

So, really, in the grand scheme of things — Sparrow versus the wonderful world of Legos? Piece of cake.

For your viewing enjoyment, MTV News has created a fantastic stop-motion recreation of the "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" trailer using — you guessed it — Legos! Every scene from the action-packed trailer comes back to life here, albeit in a significantly more yellow and blocky flavor than you're probably used to.



Yesterday, we brought you a shiny new trailer for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland." It's filled with tantalizing, fan-pleasing moments, images of as-yet-unseen characters and all sorts of other new hotness to get you unbearably excited for the March 5, 2010 release. I'm here to raise the stakes, with a set of images frozen in time and pulled from the trailer, served fresh for your viewing enjoyment. Just click the image below to check out the full glory of our "Alice in Wonderland" Stop Motion gallery.

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We've teased the new "Avatar" trailer for you. We've given it to you in Freeze Frame. And now here it is again in Stop Motion, 40 images, frozen in time and captioned for your reading enjoyment. The first pic is below. Click it to be whisked off to the shiny, new image gallery.

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Last night's "New Moon" trailer debut gave audiences an action-packed glimpse at some of the goings-on in director Chris Weitz's follow-up to the 2008 hit, "Twilight." Of course, with so much material flying by, it's very easy to miss things. Like ghostly Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) appearing on the roadside as Bella (Kristen Stewart) cruises along on her new motorbike. Or the Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) and his Wolf Pack taking on Laurent (Edi Gathegi). Or, of course, the many gratuitous shots of a shirtless RPattz. There's a lot of him though, and he's kinda hard to miss.

To aid you in your gawkings and trailers analyses, I have here a Stop Motion image gallery featuring a whopping 70 stills pulled directly from the trailer. Click on the image below to enjoy the goods or hit the jump to watch that trailer in full one more time.


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Welcome to Stop Motion! AKA the column formerly known Freeze Frames. In this landmark first edition of the re-branded column, I give you the brand new trailer for James Cameron's "Avatar" in a series of photo stills. Click that image down there to check out the full gallery.

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