FlashForwardEpisode Title: "Future Shock"

Written By: Timothy J. Lea & Scott M. Gimple

Story: The world has finally caught up with the future. A tipsy Mark Benford finds himself in the office where he's going to be shot at. Lloyd Simcoe and Olivia Benford find themselves in the same bedroom. Aaron Stark is by his daughter's side in Afghanistan. Bryce Varley and Keiko head to the same sushi restaurant. Nicole Kirby winds up in the water. Janis Hawk is in the hospital. Demetri Noh and Simon Campos are... somewhere. Now, the future has become the past. What did you see? Read More...


Well, that was tremendously unsatisfying.

In the end, President Allison Taylor doesn't sign the peace agreement with the Islamic Republic that she worked so hard -- and broke several laws -- to create. She's overwhelmed with guilt about the conspiracy she helped cover up against President Hassan. Dalia Hassan found out about the Russians' involvement, and that President Taylor subsequently knew about it. Furious, she had threatened to pull out of the agreement, but President Taylor threatened her with a nuclear strike if she exposed the truth.

After all the lies and former President Charles Logan's plans (he shoots himself, by the way, and for some reason the show didn't entirely kill him off, leaving him ripe for more Jack Bauer torture in a "24" movie), President Taylor can't go through with the treaty under these circumstances. She pulls out. Read More...

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by Matt Harper, written last night

Tonight I agreed to participate in a pop culture experiment. I am minutes away from exposing myself to the eagerly anticipated two and a half hour hour series finale of "Lost"… but I when I sit down in front of the TV, I will do so without ever having watched an episode. Why would anyone ever willingly do this to themselves? Why would a reasonable adult immerse himself in what is arguably the most cleverly complex (or excessively convoluted, depending on your outlook) TV shows of all time at the 11th hour? Hell if I have any idea. But I've agreed to it, so let's get this party started! Read More...


Here we are, folks — "The End" is finally here. After six years and six seasons, "Lost" has finally reached the end of its epic journey. What will be revealed? What will happen to our heroes? What did all of this ultimately mean? By the end of the evening, those questions shall be answered! To celebrate tonight's series finale event, we're here to live blog you through to the finish line. Click past the jump for our constantly updating commentary, reactions and analysis, and make sure to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section!

Namaste!


FringeEpisode Title: "Over There, Part 2 of 2"

Written By: Jeff Pinkner, J.H. Wyman and Akiva Goldsman

Story: Agent Olivia Dunham and Doctor Walter Bishop continue their trek through the alternate universe to find Peter, but this time they have help in the form of William Bell. When Olivia seeks help from an unlikely ally, a series of events is triggered leading to the death of one major character and a tremendous twist with another.

Indeed, the events of "Over There" have enormous repercussions for how "Fringe" will proceed going into the next season. Read More...


FlashForwardEpisode Title: "Countdown"

Written By: Lisa Zwerling & Seth Hoffman

Story: April 29, the day foretold by the global blackout, has finally arrived. Mark Benford interrogates Lucas Hellinger, one of the men responsible for the blackout, but his unorthodox techniques get him in trouble with his bosses. Meanwhile, Demetri Noh and Zoe have a falling out that causes the FBI agent to take on a deadly mission alongside Janis Hawk and Simon Campos.

In Afghanistan, Aaron Stark struggles to save his daughter's life, while Bryce Varley gets a lead on Keiko in Los Angeles. Read More...


Last night's holy-crap-it's-almost-over episode of "Lost" gave us both welcome reintroductions and bitter farewells.

Good to see you, devilish Ben Linus! You've spent far too long boxed in as a whimpering Mr. Nice Guy and we're happy you and your unblinking bug eyes are back, shootin' dudes and making plans to off anyone who gets in your way. Just whose side are you on? Are you in the midst of a long, Black Smoke-screwing con? Are you simply fueled for bloodlust by the memories of your callously slain daughter? We don't know, and that's why we dig it: the ambiguous, diabolical Ben Linus is back, and we couldn't be happier.

And hey! There's Ana Lucia, back in the picture as a dirty cop who's gotta get paid! Also, wowee... Jack is the new Jacob, who is terribly sorry he made a mistake a few thousand years ago and created that cloud of black smoke that's been killing all of Jack's pals. Plus we got Hurley and Desmond in the midst of executing what might be a flash sideways world-eliminating plan. Is it just us, or did their whole dynamic scream, "Spin-off buddy comedy series"? Lindelof and Cuse, call us!

Of course, every door that opens shuts two more on "Lost." Charles Widmore, we feel, deserved a more momentous death sequence, following as it did on Sayid's whatever-dude-you're-off-the-show death a few eps ago. Richard, too, kinda got screwed. Can a guy get a hero's death around here? I mean really! Then again, He Of The Mighty Eyeliner might not be dead, seeing as how he's supposed to be immortal.

Questions, questions, everywhere! They kept popping up last night, and daylight didn't bring us respite from the "What ifs" and "How the f—ks?" Thus my colleague Vanessa White Wolf and I sat down to chat about some of our favorite moments and look forward to what might be coming down the line on Sunday's series finale.

We're celebrating the long-awaited conclusion of "Lost" all this week at MTV News! We'll be bringing you exclusive interviews, insightful commentary and, in true "Lost" fashion, maybe even a surprise or two. Head over to the MTV Movies Blog, where our "Lost" Awards continue all this week, and make sure to tune in on Sunday night for our series finale live blog!


LostEpisode Title: "What They Died For"

Written By: Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz & Elizabeth Sarnoff

Story: Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley have no time to mourn the deaths of their friends as they begin their pursuit of Desmond Hume, the man that Sayid identified as a threat to Smocke. Elsewhere on the Island, Ben, Richard and Miles head to the Barracks to find C4, but they find something — and someone — else.

In the Sideways Universe, Desmond continues putting the pieces together as a confrontation with Ben inspires Locke to reconsider Jack's proposal for spinal surgery. But it's Desmond's encounter with Sayid and Kate that has the most intriguing implications for the future of "Lost." Read More...

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FringeEpisode Title: "Over There, Part 1 of 2"

Written By: J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner & Akiva Goldsman

Story: Peter Bishop has gone over to the alternate reality to join his real family in a world where Walternate has great influence. In light of Peter's disappearance, a distraught Walter realizes that his "son" has the potential to bring about the end of the world, leading to a daring infiltration into the alternate reality to rescue Peter.

But the plan hinges on the assistance of an incommunicado William Bell, leading to some unexpected consequences for several characters. Read More...


FlashForwardEpisode Title: "The Negotiation"

Written By: Byron Balasco & Quinton Peeples and Debbie Ezer

Story: It's April 28, the day before time catches up with the flash-forwards. As the FBI scrambles to prevent another blackout from occurring, triple agent Janis Hawk is tasked with killing Mark Benford. But Benford is acting on some hunches of his own, one of which involves Gabriel McDowd, the autistic man with a strange attachment to Olivia and a deep awareness of the future.

Meanwhile, Simon Campos comes into contact with the head of the conspiracy and is asked to make a choice — become a part of the inner circle, or suffer the consequences. Read More...


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