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EntourageEpisode Title: "Dramedy"

Written By: Doug Ellin

Story: Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) continues his quest to find a new television project, but he might want to consider changing his nickname to something more fitting first. Ari (Jeremy Piven) is forced to confront the possibility of losing Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser) at his wife's urging. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) has some work issues of his own to deal with, while Eric (Kevin Connolly) watches as Vince (Adrien Grenier) cozies up to rival agent Scott (Scott Caan). Read More...

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EntourageEpisode Title: "Buzzed"

Written By: Ally Musika

Story: Vince (Adrien Grenier) finds himself in a middle of a public relations problem over his recent Nick Cassavetes-directed action flick, but it's not the problem that everyone thinks. Eric (Kevin Connolly) helps Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) on his quest to find a new script, while Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) has a bone to pick with Alex (Dania Ramirez), his recently released employee. Meanwhile, Ari (Jeremy Piven) meets up with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and other NFL officials with a major football pitch. Read More...


PredatorsSecond only to "Inception," producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal's "Predators" is at the very top of movies I've anxiously awaited all year long. Heck, it feels like I've been waiting for "Predators" for considerably longer than a year. Regardless, the Adrien Brody-starring reboot hits theaters today, with many reviews praising the film as a worthy successor to the original "Predator" thanks to its fast pace and healthy heaping of violence. What it doesn't do, according to MTV's very own Kurt Loder, is make any sense.

"'Predators' is a B movie that knows its job, and does it. Which means, among other things, that making sense is not on its to-do list," Loder writes in his review of the film. Though sense might be in short supply, Loder acknowledges that this isn't necessarily a problem. "The movie remains boldly nonsensical throughout — would we have it any other way?"

As long as there's plenty of action, memorable characters and pulse-pounding adrenaline throughout, "Predators" is going to be a success in my book, sense be damned. Check out Loder's full review on for yourself, and if you've seen "Predators," let us know what you thought of it in the comments section!


The Girl with the Dragon TattooThere's a reason that "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" has gotten so much buzz around Hollywood in recent weeks and months – it's because the source material and the original Swedish film are both very, very good. Before the developing American adaptation of the crime thriller finds its way into theaters, movie lovers can investigate the "Dragon Tattoo" hype for themselves this week as director Niels Arden Oplev's critically acclaimed movie arrives on DVD. But if you're still not sure that taking the plunge is worth a DVD purchase, check out what MTV's very own Kurt Loder had to say about "Dragon Tattoo" after viewing the film several months ago.

"The story is fat with characters, most of them various Vangers, some of them back-in-the-day Nazis, one of them possibly a murderer," he writes, adding that the film has "Silence of the Lambs" overtones. "It's a movie in which there's a lot going on, almost all of it interesting."

Check out Loder's full review over here!


I have some homework for you, Twilighters. It's totally optional, so feel free to skip it if you don't feel like doing it. But now that "Eclipse" is out, we want to know what you think. It's a safe bet that many of you are seeing the movie this weekend, whether or not you've already seen it. Write in and tell us what you thought. Use the comments section of this post. We'll go through your thoughts next week and break out another blog post highlighting some of your reviews. I only ask that you avoid any profanity -- the blog will censor you anyway -- and be respectful.

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Title: "Attack of the Killer App"

Writer / Director: Patric M. Verrone / Stephen Sandoval

Story: After an enjoyable two-episode airing to kick off the long-awaited sixth season, "Futurama" was back last night with a strangely prophetic episode commenting on the rise of social networking. Dear, old Mom is still up to her megalomaniacal plottings. This time, she's concocted a grand scheme to control consumers with a fancy new gadget: the EyePhone. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter... they're all present, accounted for and poked fun at as a story involving a "who can get the most followers" contest between Fry and Bender emerges. There are long lines, many minutes of indecipherable "l33tspeak" and a pool filled with two-headed goat vomit/diarrhea. Read More...


I started here at MTV in May 2009. It's funny looking back now; at the time, I really didn't know anything about "Twilight" outside the name. I'm still not a fan, but I respect the fanbase that's built around it and am well-versed enough in the series to talk about character relationships, main story beats and so on.

I decided shortly after getting here that I wasn't going to read the books so I could experience the movies as standalone efforts, just another average Joe plunging into Stephenie Meyer's universe with little more than a basic understanding of vegetarian vampires and skin that sparkles in the sunlight. Well I saw "Eclipse" last night and I figured I'd take some time today to share my thoughts on it. This will be more spoiler-light than spoiler-free, so consider yourself warned. Read More...

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EntourageEpisode Title: "Stunted"

Written By: Doug Ellin

Story: Vincent Chase (Adrian Genier) is doing quite well for himself, finding a role in director Nick Cassavetes' latest action film — but things take a sudden turn when Cassavetes asks Vinny to enact a difficult stunt sequence. Drama's (Kevin Dillon) acting career struggles while Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) deals with trouble at his new luxury car business. Eric (Kevin Connolly) is content in his engagement to Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) while Ari (Jeremy Piven) finds himself dealing with Vince's latest crisis. Read More...

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While so many of you were busy watching the "Eclipse" red carpet action last night, I was... well, I was watching that too. But after the red carpet, I flipped over to Comedy Central.

After seven long years of watching rerun after rerun, the Planet Express crew is back in New New York City to bring us all new adventures from the year 3000. Really, 3010. "Futurama" is now officially back on the air. And you know what? It's like they never left. Read More...


I saw "Toy Story 3" earlier this week, and left after the credits with newly confirmed convictions about the series. For me, the move from "Toy Story" to "Toy Story 2" has always felt like an upgrade. Yes, part of it is the delightfully overt "Star Wars" reference that occurs late in the second movie. Even putting that aside though, overall I've always felt that the sequel was superior to the first film's already-exceptional experience.

"Toy Story 3" does an unusual thing for a trilogy: it ups the ante yet again. The first two movies are, at varying times, hilarious and touching and sweet and, yes, a bit unsettling (I'm looking at you, cobbled-together mutant toy-things from the original movie). This final chapter in the trilogy is all of that, even the unsettling part. And then it ends, with a one-two gut punch that is roughly on par with the tear-jerking opening minutes of Pixar's 2009 masterpiece, "Up." Read More...


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